Monday, March 31, 2014

Home Sweet Home Quiet Times and a Sweet Valentines or Anytime Craft Gift

Teach me, Father, to value each day, to live, to love, to laugh, to play.
~Kathi Mills

God is not in the vastness of greatness.  He is hid in the vastness of smallness.  He is not in the general.  He is in the particular.
~Pearl S. Buck

Two of our daughters...the kitchen...the afternoon light...

A few weeks or so ago I looked up one afternoon and noticed a most beautiful glow in our kitchen...The day's activities are evidenced clearly.  Joycie is here doing some stretches after a run on our property. 

Here comes Janie to give some good cheer as things wind down before supper preparation begins.

Some of you may wonder; where are all four of Jem and Amelia's daughters?  What are they doing these days?  Well, let me tell you...Trying to capture them all in one photo at one time is now like herding cats! *big smile* Joycie is taking classes at the community college in court reporting, not a legal assistant but to become a court reporter. This is the person that types on a special machine with special code at the front of the courtroom as the trial goes on and testimony is given.  Much, much tedious memorization and skill goes into it. The account of what is being heard in testimony must be near perfection as you can well imagine.  The drop out rate is high.  Joycie is on a mission, she is doing well and on the dean's list and has some most wonderful teachers.  God is good.  Very Good. 

Thank God all of our daughters are serving God and involved in His work, whether it is in the art of photography, counseling women in a prolife clinic, delegates in our party to further fight for our unborn, defenseless animals and our liberties...or at their present occupations when not at home.  Life goes on. : )  We certainly can't complain! 

Here are some shots from Valentines I would like to share with you:

I made four of these little rings for our four girls from buttons! 

My gift bags for the girls I used what I already had and I think they turned out cute!  Brown lunch sacks and paper doilies are the cat's meow. ; )  I love this ballet-pink tissue from Dollar General.

Originality is not doing something no one else has ever done, but doing what has been done countless times with new life, new breath.  ~Marie Chapian



A most precious morning sight, quiet time:

God looks at the world through the eyes of love.  If we, therefore, as human beings made in the image of God also want to see reality rationally, that is, as it truly is, then we , too, must learn to look at what we see with love.   Roberta Bondi

Two of our sweet daughters with our precious, precious buddy at the nursing home.

Well friends, I'll close now... Today I'm making Italian stuffed bell peppers with lentil and brown rice stuffing topped with a nice veggie-cheese. 

I'm working in segments on a Collette beginners blouse pattern.

Decluttering: Joycie and I brought a big bag of clothing to the Christian center last Friday in smalltown.  So fun!

I am at present and have been listening to: 

This music is the background music soundtrack to my life lately, seriously. 
It is! : )   It is sooo beautiful.  The 40s movie is grand.  Modern music?  A lot of it is okay...but the sweet and calm spirit of this is soooo much better, just sooooo much better.

Have a sweet day everyone, signing off from The Forest Cathedral....    ~Amelia


Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

I enjoyed reading the update on the girls. I hope all is well.

Little Mama Mia said...

Wow... looks like I've missed a good number of posts....! Hadn't realized I'd been away for that long.

Those Valentine gifts were just beautiful! Thank you so much, Mom... I know you put a lot of thought into every detail. It means a lot.

That last pic is awesome, btw...

Amelia said...

Hi Carmen, so glad you enjoyed the update. : )

Amelia said...

Hi Lea, Yes, Mom's been blogging. : )

So happy you liked your button ring! I thought they would be so fun for you all to wear...

Isn't it neat the last pic? That was just a week or so ago! As you know, the look of the light is different almost every day this time of year.

jennipoo said...

The Best Years of Our Lives is my all time favorite movie. The musical score is simply heavenly and I love to hear that others love it as much as I do!

Amelia said...

Hi Jennipoo! : ) Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. Oh yes, isn't this movie divine? I just love those 40s movies...Nothing like them! : ) So nice to meet another blogger who also loves those great movies. Blessings!