Thursday, March 27, 2014

They Call Them Radicals

There are those who have contrasted the halfhearted and apathetic by becoming radicals. We call them radicals, at least. These are, simply put, those who have conceded to the fact that they're remade, reborn, and reformed in His image. These radicals are those who, when they walk into a room (or a church), every head turns. The mutterings of various conversations become hushed tones. They bear an image unlike anything commonplace, they exude something like conviction but also like love. And everyone notices how drastic the difference in these people is. Before a word is spoken by them, people say in their hearts, "I want to know what that peace and grace is like."

 An excerpt from Josh Isaacs from his blog: I Am A Seeker

And now for a topping...I ran across this on youtube...Please take the time to watch and listen, your time won't be wasted....

"'Be ye holy as I am Holy..'  Those are God's Words not mine...."

"If your going to get serious about God, they will sneer at you...All the dwarves will say... So you are trying to be holier then the rest of us eh???" ~Leonard Ravenhill

"I don't care if you like me, but I'm a surgeon and I'm going to get the sickness out"   ~David Wilkerson

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Photo by Robert Stock


Anonymous said...

Love you, Amelia and your stance for TRUTH. It does grieve my heart that so many churches are all about entertainment and bringing people in by promising a raffle for a big screen t.v. or some other silly, shallow lure.
It's a rare thing anymore that the Bible is even cracked open from the pulpit. I'm so thankful we know of at least two churches that teach the scriptures exegetically and expository and the one we are involved in teaches truth straight from God's Word. Times are getting darker and we need to warn people. Thank you for your voice. (((hugs))) to you, Jana

Amelia said...

...and thank *you* Jana. I know you are a great support in the Lord.

I thank God for you dear friend!

A supertight hug. : )