Tuesday, March 4, 2014

RuN For YOur LiFE!

I've been pondering a lot lately, I do that don't ya know.  So much to life.  So much to Eternity...God put this short video on my heart from my late blog, it's still alive just asleep but not asleep...It's so NOT asleep.  I've tried to condense to one blog now days that's all...

Here is the page I retrieved it from, you may enjoy some of those blog entries as well.  http://visionforagodlyhome.blogspot.com/2012/03/run-for-your-life.html

I think about my precious step-dad Al lately, especially when I see anything from New York like the Time Square Church video..I miss Al, he was from New York.  He took such good care of my mom...life changed drastically the day he suddenly passed away from a heart attack.  That night as I hung the phone up with my poor mom, she was sent home from the city hospital in a taxi with Al's clothes on her arm. (I was the one to bring his suit and tie to the funeral home, not a pretty memory.)

That night after receiving the horrible phone call I ran out to the front yard, it was dark, the children were asleep. I ran out to the front yard in a long, baggy yellow Garfield tshirt nightgown. I looked up at the sky, the stars, and I cried out to God in a silent scream...I cried out to Al in a silent wheezing cry.  I knew he was on his way up there to God...but it didn't make life easy for me after that.  My little girls, Lea and Marianna, my little baby, Michelle lost their best friend.  I could write uncanny things I've seen of Al but I'll save it for another time for the mostpart.  I will mention I saw his face when I was delivering my youngest, Rebecca.  The chief midwive at the birth center tell me I scared them to death, I had turned grey...

There are so many things to blog about, there are money saving tips, there are fashion tips for simple elegance and sewing...there are natural medicine tips I could share. But all in all, I'm a child of God in this nutso world.

We visit churches and I sit there.  Yeah...Call me a whiner, a complainer...Call me a griper.  I don't apologize for speaking truth here.  No fake-jake here.

Enough now.

loading ... ~photo by Robert Stock

I just felt led to post this in this world of non convicting sermons, canned emails etc.

I. Just. Felt.  I had better post this, things are rough out there and if ya don't think so maybe you better come out and take a look?  Ya know?

loading ... ~Photo by Robert Stock

We are doing fine.  Many times when I share my wee prophet's heart people think I must be going through something, that something is wrong here.  No, not at all...I just see things very clearly and care enough to warn.  You may ask Jem and our daughters, those daughters who probably still miss their pa-pa Al.  Our Rebecca who tried to come way to early if the midwives didn't save her, if God didn't save her.  I've told her many times... Rebecca.  God has His hand. on. you.

Life has changed immensely since '91.  Al always said we had that pioneering spirit, whether it be homeschooling or moving to the country... Al, you would love it here.  Our artists hearts could sit at the table and we could drink coffee together...we could laugh and smile quietly, boisterously...

I do hope the short video was a good challenge in a good healthy way.

A smile and heart of love, blessing and prayers coming your way,   ~amelia


Amanda said...

It's a good thing that you share. When you share. Your right. We could write about plenty of things, bust most importantly, to glorify God, that is the most important.

I always.
always glean and share a sense of commonality when I read here.


Amelia said...

Thank you Amanda...Thank you soooo much. What a breath of fresh air you are dear one. A blessing.

Love, amelia

Michelle said...

Wow. Such a powerful video. I am going to have to share on FB too.

I wish I would have been older when Grandpa Al passed away. <3 I miss him even though I was so young...but rejoice we'll get to see him again one day!

Beautiful post. <3

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Aww! I would love to hear more stories about Al. He sounds like a sweet man.

Beautiful Post!
I finally have my blog and computer up and running again. It was so sporadic and I was having to use my Beloved's computer there for a bit when my computer crashed.

Thanks for the sweet email on the subject of Children's devotion time. It blessed me.

Amelia said...

Awww... Michelle. Yes, Al would carry you around and you would look over his shoulder, just a little baby you were. You would sing going "Aw aw oh, aw, aw oh".. very cute. Al would sing with you.

After he passed away you were walking and would go up to silver haired men at the grocery store wanting them to hold you. Broke my heart, it even made our pediatrician cry when I told him.

Yes. We will see Al again...and that comforts me greatly. He would be so flabbergasted in this nutso world but I know he would still speak softly and kindly as always...as always...It took a lot to miff him bless his heart...Most of the time we really got each other but I'm sure there were a few times he must of thought I was a young-dumb-dunderhead.

<3 Love him dearly.

Amelia said...

Oh thank you so much dear Carmen, yes, he was sooooo sweet. He was generous and humble although one of the most talented sculptors and artists ever. He sculpted Dr. Denton Cooley's monument, ironically he never did one for himself so we had to pick one he had already done that we thought he would like. Life is so crazy Carmen.. Just so crazy.

I will have to write some more Al stories because I know you for one will love them.

I appreciate you Carmen so very much, I'm so sorry your computer crashed, I didn't know it crashed. That is so aggravating when that happens.

So glad the devotion time info helped, there is probably so much I could write on that too, maybe I should write more on a blog one day! : )

I hope you are doing well, I need to get over to your blog!

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment but I'm not sure if it worked, so just in case it didn't, I'll try again. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your posts. This video is spot on....powerful, and what we need to hear and you are so right. People need to be warned! Thank you for speaking out and sharing this. I appreciate your prophet's heart very much. It's so true that most churches don't even crack open a Bible these days. They are so shallow and entertaining and it's grievous. It hurts my heart. This is a wicked world in which we live and there are so many lost in it that need to know the truth. Bless you, my sweet friend! You are truly a blessing and I'm so grateful to have reconnected with you. Love and (((hugs))) to you,

Amelia said...

Hi Jana! Oh my, no the first comment never made it through so I'm so glad you saw that and commented again! It makes me wonder how many times that happens to people. Oh the joys of technology! *big smile* Thanks so much for re-commenting, I hope you copied and pasted. It seems everytime I forget to copy and paste, *poof* goes my comment! Aagh!

I really appreciate your comment and what you have to say here, it really is frightening sometimes isn't it? I sit in these churches and look at the light show type of atmosphere, or perhaps the cool-cat dress of the pastor...and it really makes me sad. It makes me sad because of the *reason* they are doing all of it, to fit in with culture, a culture that is not good! We did attend a sweet little church last Sunday I must say, there are a few (very few) that are holding on it seems thank the Lord but then we deal with doctrines and such. But if they really love the Lord and love God, hate sin then maybe???

I'm so glad you *see* it too. The video clip makes me want to tear up almost everytime I see it. If you go to sermonindex.net? You can find lots of good sermons by Carter Conlon and others, they even have some old Tozer and Ravenhill.

You are a precious gem to me Jana, what a sweetheart you are! Great to connect like old times! Yes indeedie! : ) xxxooo Love, Amelia

Laurie said...

What an awesome video! It IS a scary world our there. We hear stories from new people at our church about how they are so relieved our pastor preaches from the Bible, because the churches they have been in didn't! As many times as I've heard that now, it still is flabbergasting to me!

And how lovely to read about Al. What a dear man he must have been and what an impact he obviously had on your lives. God is good.

Love you! :)

Amelia said...

Oh my Laurie, no Bible used in the sermons at all. Oh my. What in the world do these places use? That is crazy. I too am flabbergasted! That is one reason why I make sure and bring my Bible in to church even though they have outlines and overhead projections etc. I want to hold on to the rope so to speak and make that statement, plus there is just something about holding and reading our own Bibles, underlining and taking notes if we're able.

I'll have to share some stories about Al and how nurturing he was, he was soooo precious, many a day I miss him.

Thanks so much Laurie for stopping by...I enjoyed your comment, it's sad but true...I've heard similar and seen the symptoms, oh it is frightening.

Loves to you dear Laurie!