Monday, February 24, 2014

The Invisible Woman and Christian Soldiers. You and I

This will speak for itself...

Yeah...We all feel like this at times, no matter what season of life it may be for us.  Just think though of the's only what will last for Eternity that will last.

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At 53 and a veteran homeschool mom I'm seeing changes in society and the homeschool community.

What follows here is not only applicable to Christian homeschoolers but to any Christian group, church or individual.

Several years ago I felt rather put out to pasture when the support group our family has shared at yearly was taken over by another workshop leader with what seemed to be of a very different heart.  Our workshop named, 'Vision For a Godly Home' was shelved, it wasn't even shelved politely...and actually God was shelved.  The support group had closed all Christian classes down at the workshop and every year...little by little academia has taken the throne.  That Tower of Babel ...once again...the Tower of Babel.

Now don't get me wrong, in a way it was a relief, I'm like Moses, I don't like speaking in front of people, maybe that is why the Lord selected us, because none of us like getting up in front of folks and speaking.  Only God knows the prayer and hours of putting together a talk for people so people could get a glimpse of what God wanted them to *see* in homeschooling.  I knew.  I knew that I better have it right, it was huge.  Not huge for me but huge because I did not want to misrepresent God. 

My husband and I were watching the Homestead Blessing ladies, the West ladies in a gardening video the other night.  This is one precious family by the way...the young ladies have sweeping long hair and long cotton romantic skirts...earthy, sweet, Southern enough to charm the daylights out of you.

My husband remarked...My, my how the homeschoolers have changed.

Yes, you can say that again.

I first saw it over ten years ago when I sat on a panel with several other homeschool moms.  I shared how our daughters and I had afternoon tea and solved the world's problems, God came first, beware of youth group pitfalls and etc.  All I will say was I was attacked by some of the other moms on that panel.  I've also been attacked on our homeschool loop on email.  Yes, I made one suggestion that people keep their comments to homeschool comments and questions instead of "Can my Freddie play with your Susie?"   Several who were not walking with the Lord or on the same page took it as opportunity to attack me publicly online.  This support group had over 300 families in it.  I had a handful of women come to my aid, they tried they did.  I was accused (accused) the father of lies accused me of trying to close down the loop, isn't that funny?  Just the dumbness of it all...This was back in the day when inboxes only held so-much and if your inbox was clogged you may just miss the information that a friend has cancer.  Yes, that is just what had happened.  Long story short, my husband got on that loop.  He said his Peace in a respectful way.  Before I had posted the suggestion I had asked him what he thought!  Thank God I had saw the safety in asking Jem's opinion!  He said ..Go with it, it's a good suggestion.  Thank God for that one question of safety to my husband.  It was a good example despite the pain and depression these loud mouthed women caused.  Did it stop?  A little.  God used the situation, we spoke in the "big room" the next time...God used it all.  Me?  It had been devastating for this merciful artist infp. ...but God used it.  He is the Revealer, He is Justice and Mercy.  He still is and always will be.  Amen.

Today.  Unfortunately there are some homeschooled young women who are now married who have useless degrees and don't even know how to cook a nice dinner for their husbands. There are young men who don't know what the strange-woman looks like let alone what a godly young lady resembles.  Academia.  Academia.  Off-balance academia.  God?  God is here, He was there.  Those parents left, God did not.

Jem and I will trod on.  Our daughters will trod on, there have had to be adjustments, and that is okay.  Because God is here.... He is here and that is all that matters.

The culture is warped, it's eeking into our churches and I am grieved.  You see, we've homechurched for at least five years now and my husband feels like it's time to venture out a bit...It's not doing me that much good but I also realize it may be a matter of me reaching out to some precious elderly people in one of those churches or perhaps something of the sort.  I can't help but wonder what these ladies who in the 1950s as young brides in the old engineering town we visit must think of this whacked out culture.  It's just sooo very sad to me.. Just. so. sad.

My daughter Marianna reminds me that some of those women, those 1950s brides, could have been part of the problem... We notice some of the WWII generation definitely have their heads in the sand as they have also bought the lies of compromise in our culture and the way they perhaps raised their children.

I'll close now.

The following clip from the poignant old movie Mrs. Miniver, (a must-see) as it progresses is how my cathedral may look these day...but the people inside?    They are strong.  Strong in the Lord.  ....You see...They.  It is They who are the great Cathedral.  We stand strong in You Oh God.

Onward Christian Soldiers.  Stand strong... in God stand the name of Jesus stand strong...Your fellow Soldier in this weary world...    ~Amelia


Anonymous said...

Wow, oh wow, what a post! Excellent! Thank you so much for sharing from your heart. I couldn't agree with you more. My daughter, Brandi and I are home schooling our children together. It seems there are not very many "like minded" home schoolers out there these days who want to do more than just academics. :/ We are having such a great time together, brain storming, praying and teaching our kids...loving on them, and enjoying them. I'm so sorry you were hurt so deeply. It seems that when we speak up for what is right, it can hurt, yet the growth from it is amazing and God works behind the scenes, I am sure. (((Hugs))) and prayers for you, sweet friend

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Amelia I understand what you speak of in this post and thought I would share with you a story of when I was very much in the same position and finding myself the only one in a group who thought differently. It was at a ladies' meeting where a Christmas function was being planned. I had been asked to do a spot on setting the table for Christmas which I was happy to do. One woman wanted us to do a song/skit based on a song from a movie that had some very ungodly themes. Everyone thought it was a great idea except for me. Apart from not desiring to make a fool of myself on stage I was just appalled at the fact that quite a number of them had seen the movie and thought it was 'just fine'. On this occasion I decided to speak out... I explained my reasons, it had nothing to do with Christmas and the birth of our Saviour, that people now associated the song with the movie which had many unsavoury elements - I mentioned what they were (I had read the review on Focus on the Family). Well I was just shouted down. I knew what they were all thinking because I was told 'not to worry, to 'lighten up' and 'it's just a bit of fun'. No one came to my defence. I was very much alone. By the looks I received I just knew they thought I was plain weird and that hurt. After the meeting I spoke to the leader. I told her I would not be participating and if the skit went ahead I would not be attending the ladies Christmas party. I challenged her on what exactly we were standing for and promoting and guess what? .. she agreed with me! The skit never happened and the Christmas party was on the whole a very pleasant affair. My Christmas table was received with great enthusiasm and when I spoke with some of the women later I could just see that desire within them to be better homemakers.
Please take encouragement in knowing that you are not alone and that others have faced similar situations. I for one would love to attend a group that had a class/talk entitled 'Vision for a Godly Home'... so sad that this sort of teaching is neglected. I am with Spurgeon who said ' let him put forth the sweetest fruit of spiritual life and testimony in his own family'. How much powerful would our witness be if we as Christians all did this!

Amelia said...

Oh thank you so much Jana, that means the world... The Lord had the words that evening as I typed this up in an hour. It wasn't what I planned at all but it's what God poured out. : )

Oh what a lovely, lovely situation of you and Brandi homeschooling together! Excellent! That sounds. so. fun.!

I bet you girls have a blast together with your precious children, wow, you just can't get much better then that! : )

Bravissimo! Love you! ~Amelia

Amelia said...

Hi Ann, what a blessing to hear your precious thoughts! : )

It truly is unbelievable at times, because so much of this is not 'grey' at all... It's sooo black and white. People kid about things that God hates, they watch at the movies, and on tv what God hates, and on and on it goes...A sweet man standing behind me in line at the grocery a few months ago told me the last straw for him was his church played the theme music to Saturday Night Live for opening church service! It reminds me of the new Titanic movie craze, all the Christianettes went in droves to go see that movie, homescholers with long skirts included. I was so happy to see that year when Dr. Dobson printed an article entitled: "Why I Don't Do the Titanic". Bravo!

What a breath of fresh air you are, I so agree with you Ann. My school record book was from Rod n Staff and on the front of it was printed: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom". Oh Amen!

As my husband says... Most want God but they want some of the world too... It's the old..."a little dab will do ya" way of thinking.

What's so funny about it all, is if most people were to come to our home, they would see we probably laugh and joke and love more than almost anyone! : D It's very hard to understand the blatant compromise of the churchies these days. I guess they are just not sold out to the's sad.

Oh well, I know the Lord has a Remnant of those who love Him sprinkled througout our world, our nations. He brings us together in the most delightful ways! : )

Thanks so much Ann for stopping by! : )

Love, Amelia

Laurie said...

Hi Amelia!

I understand that feeling of being attacked for backing what's right, and it stings like crazy! It's especially worse when it's people who should know better than to act that way. I'm sorry to hear what happened to you!

I loved that video! Thanks for posting it! And that movie is a great one--I need to see that again sometime. I think you might be the one who told me about it to begin with--wouldn't surprise me! :)

Love and hugs,

Amelia said...

Hey there Laurie!

So glad you enjoyed that video!

Oh don't ya just love that movie? It's one of those we can see again and again..Oh Greer Garson, soooo beautiful. She reminds me of our sweet piano teacher, my friend and confidant' Mrs. Blount whose gone to be with the Lord... I miss her! You would have loved her too.

The movie, just popped into mind as I wrote, that very scene. I had no idea I was going to write these feelings, it was the Lord for some reason.

I love you! ~amelia

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Mrs. Amelia. I wish you would shout from the mountain top about this issue more! My generation of homeschool Mom's need to hear it and I want to soak your wisdom in!


Amelia said...

Thank you Carmen! : ) I will have to do that, especially if you see and feel the need in your season of life and area of the country, and feel it will be heard.

I really fear and am so very disappointed on the spiritual state of homeschooling...You would not believe the spiritual fruits I see at times. I know there is a Remnant out there sprinkled across the country though.

God in His Word even says, His eyes run to and fro, seeking those whose hearts are fully turned to Him.

If God's eyes run to and fro it any wonder we feel the way we do at times... : )

xxoo mrs. amelia