Monday, February 3, 2014

The World's Entertainment...Louder, Flashier, More Bizarre verses God's Wonderments and Gifts

Following excerpt from Common Sense 101: Lessons From Chesterton

There is no excuse for being bored.  The world is overflowing with more then enough beauties and fascinations and mysteries to fill several lifetimes.  There are always more books to be read, and amazingly enough, still more books to be written.  There are more problems to be solved and more solutions to be celebrated.  And there are endless games to be played.  And yet the modern world is bored.  Modern art reflects the boredom.  So do the people who patronize it.  No great literature is being produced.  And, if it is, certainly no one is reading it.  On the social front, most of the injustices are being fought by just a few lonely voices, while the rest of us languidly turn our heads. And games are something we hire professionals to play for us, while we merely watch.  Our entertainment grows louder, flashier, and more bizarre in ever more desperate attempts to keep our attentions.
     As G.K. Chesterton proclaims:  "The world will never starve for wonders; but only for want of wonder."  There are no dreary sights, he declares, only dreary sightseers." 

It's true isn't it?  And what is even more true and troubling is we see many churches participating in the boredom, participating in the bizarre sights ignoring the bizarre, (sin) many times right in the church itself, sometimes outside the church walls with movie choices and more...Justice issues?  They many times turn their heads or rather their souls and hearts as they then make obligatory brief eye contact with a blank walking dead people.  Notice pinterest boards, you'll many times see what people care about and sadly what they don't care about.

*I was very encouraged reading the following blogpost last night, I had felt impressed to withhold posting my particular blogpost of mine (above) until Sunday eve. and when I read the following blog last night, I knew why...

I hope you too will be encouraged by this kindred spirit:
Redeeming the World... 

An Excerpt from 'Redeeming the World...'  by Josh Isaacs

 "It's no coincidence i'm posting this on February 2nd, 2014; the Superbowl is airing. And churches around the nation are 'redeeming' this event.*
So have your fill, hollow buildings full of Christians, of sports (need i mention that any outspoken Christian athlete will be mocked?). Have your fill of scantily-clad women thrusting their chests and pelvic regions. Have your fill of these things so ardently of the world."  

The entire blog entry is excellent and one I can say Amen to.  So needed in this age of churchdom.  Some very good insight I must say.


Please allow me to share some true and real fascinations and wonders I've noticed this past week, God's lovely Handiwork, His ever-Present Peace, Love and Sweetness that only the Father can give, we must stop and take notice...These moments with the Father beat any synthetic thrill, be it sports events or fashion statements of any kind...

A couple of shots I would like to share...

Winter Evening Here...God's Handiwork

Muffie the Littlest Fur Angel in the Morning Light, a heartbeat at my feet...

I love the wonderment of the sky...I love the wonderment of our fur angels...Heartbeats at our feet from God...His Creatures...

More Gifts...

...More Simple but Lovely Gifts this week from the Father, some make me laugh, some make me ponder the Father in His Greatness...Some give me quiet solace of the Father's Love.  But never the less...They are all from God. The Father. They all touch my heart, the Father's Heart with mine.

-The vet's office, love the sweet staff and the beautifully imperfect but love-filled clinic there along with a sweet younger vet cleaning up after an operation, he smiles as I walk through that operating room to the bathroom, shotgun layout in this great. : )

-The vet's bathroom.  Yes, I see God the Father in the vet's bathroom.  It reminded me of a male-me.  Cluttered etc. but clean toilet and Charmin bath tissue. It made me *smile* and almost giggle to myself. 

-Guisseppe did have his stitches removed from his eye. Please pray though, his eye has had significant nerve damage and is pointing in the wrong direction. Wisdom and healing.  The vet's staff calls him that baby...I do too.

-Handsome Jem. Our pretty daughters.  All sweet.  All love God. God's Protection is amazing.


-Hens, our sweet hens.  More pets to us, wonderful eggs.


-A burden for Justice in this world, thank God we feel pain, I'd rather feel the pain then not. I'd rather feel that mercy and care that God feels then walk around as the living dead.

-Grace.  Crying out for God's Grace and receiving it, privately many times, a sweet secret between the Father and I.

-Protection.  God's protection.  Protection at many angles. 

-The companionship between my husband and I... Running buddies.

-The sweet smiles and love from people at a church Jem and I visited last Sunday.  I was starting to wonder if this existed...

-99 cent store and Dollar Tree for saving money in a bind and any time.

-Being able to share here.  Amen.

I do hope to share some 99 cent only store finds soon, have you tried going there and planning meals around your finds? So fun!  Stay tuned. : )

That man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.  ~Henry David Thorough

I hope you all are having a cozy winter as we make our frugal soups and sip on our fragrant coffees...So much beauty in the simple, is there not?  

The Good Lord is there...

 Til the next time...   Amelia

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