Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We Are So Preciously Loved by God

We are so preciously loved by God that we cannot even comprehend it.  No created being can ever know how much and how sweetly and tenderly God loves them.  ~Julian of Norwich

I think about this one particular photo a lot...many times as I am doing things around home, puttering, thinking as only this introvert with extrovert tendencies can do not to mention a sensitive, merciful artist, with that pepper speck of prophet mysteriously mixed in...

To me, this photo shows God's love to His Children in such a sweet way, a candid shot that captures God's Love so very vividly.  Isn't this the way it should be?

The photo above is of Rebecca holding our sweet buddy's hand at the nursing home. Love, concern and a "You are safe with me" expression is conveyed here.  Michelle looks on with that same love as only God can give.

Jesus with skin on.  

Sometimes when we'll visit a church and we try to enter in, join in as little girls who would like to also play the ball & jacks game with the other little girls, we miss the Jesus with skin on, instead we feel like outsiders and it is very disturbing to me as well as my family, I think it makes Jesus sad too. I don't understand why they feel as they can ignore people.  My daughters wonder if people are intimidated, I don't know why because to me?  I'm just a little girl, I'm a Scout of sorts but not so tough.

An artist-Scout who needs a gentle touch. In these times I think of my sweet nursing home friends, their attitudes are of angels to me...Perhaps this is Church?  : )

Some may say, "But I'm just not a sensitive person."  Well, as I've said many times over in our Vision for a Godly Home workshop we had done for years:

 Perhaps you should pray to BE more sensitive.  

I'll admit, I'm not an anointed housekeeper, I'm clean sanitary-wise and I can cook a whirl, but you will find things out of place etc. in my home major.  You will find dust here and there, or laundry baskets with clean clothes or towels in them, perhaps I didn't put my clean clothes from a days wear up, my theory is, I'm wearing them again tomorrow!  But they are clean in a laundry basket that sets on top of my dirty towel hamper, it's the way I roll.  A little clutter really doesn't bother me, nor do dishes in the sink.  I have to have help in the way of wisdom from others to keep up in a gentle balanced way, I have to pray about that little thing, I try hard and I find people like flylady who have the same tendencies to help me.

Sometimes I wonder if people who just sulk-off saying with a flip of the curls, "I'm just not sensitive"...maybe it's they who need help of the heart.

We must always remember no matter what, no matter how we are treated and made to feel, We are preciously loved by God.  : )


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Oh this is such a lovely quotation you have shared 'Preciously loved by God'.. I love that, I will remind myself and others today that they are preciously loved. I am sorry I have not commented for such a long time. I have found little time to blog this year but the sweet ladies I have met thanks to my little and sadly neglected blog who are kindred spirits I am so grateful to the Lord for and I have not forgotten them. One reason I have been away from the blog is because we have been busy with hospitality to Chinese students this past year and in recent weeks we have befriended so many and welcomed them into our home. It's been a ministry our whole family can join in together and it has been a delight. They have responded with so much joy to the invitation to come and spend time with a family and one sweet girl told me I reminded her of her mother who she is missing so much. My heart melted!
Oh yes Amelia, I know what it is like to walk into a church and have no one speak to you. At one church we visited we went and had a cup of tea in the hall at the close of a service and even then people just stared at us and ignored us. It was a long time ago but the memory of not feeling welcomed remained with me and needless to say we did not return to that church! I am also glad you shared about your home. I think it must be difficult for some younger women who visit the 'beautiful blogs' where every picture is styled and it all looks like perfection - not a laundry basket in sight, not one with laundry in anyhow. I do hope they realize that they are only being given a glimpse of a life, that in reality we have laundry piles and things out of place - well I do for sure!
May God bless you and your beautiful family. Your girl's sweet and Godly spirits shine through your blog and I enjoy reading about your life at home.

Amelia said...

It's so good to hear from you Ann! What a gift to my heart. : ) The Chinese people are so wonderful, I can certainly see why they would feel the way they do towards you and your family! They know the real deal it seems. There is a Chinese mission in the city and it is such a blessing. It's so wonderful what your family is doing!

I'm so glad you could relate to what I was sharing on the churches. Our hearts are broken, I think mine is the most, we had so much hope for this one place but it seems they are all filled up, they have no room for new people so to speak. It's a cliquish town in this particular spot it seems and I'm sure we are perceived as outsiders. I understand about the tea time your family experienced, there was a ladies banquet and two of my daughters and I were at a big round banquet table all by ourselves while all the tables around us in this huge activity room were filled and rolling. I knew it was going to be an odd experience when we were signing in and the young sign-up girl loudly said to the other end of sign-up girls.. "They're write-ins" ...and that is just what we felt like. Oh there are other things too we aren't understanding at this place, but I won't bore with detail. I just pray that hearts will be changed. I suppose time will tell but we are prayerfully studying other options until God shows us further. It's a toughie but I know God will show us what to do eventually, in the meantime I just talk to the Lord about it. I think maybe some saints of God aren't listening to His promptings sometimes? Sometimes church people are so busy evangelizing they aren't ministering or welcoming those right under their noses.

I'm so glad you enjoy the imperfectness of my little blog here, you said it right, I too fear for young women who are even unconsciously comparing their homes to others "perfect-beautiful" homes on those blogs. When we were first married I would beat myself up thinking there was something wrong with me, that I couldn't keep things "perfecto". I had inlaws who seemed so very perfecto with their homes, and I would overhear them speak of other people who's homes were not up to snuff, I would think to myself.. "oh my goodness, mine looks the same!" Perhaps that is why I major on that dust and dirty dishes as a blessing, perhaps that dust and leftover dishes will minister to a sweet heart out there and they'll let go and enjoy life a bit? There are so many things young ladies aren't being told and my heart breaks for them. I know there is a remnant that want the Truth.

God bless you Ann hugely! Your comment here ministered to my heart greatly. Greatly. <3