Monday, November 11, 2013

God Bless Our Vets, Thank You. Two Movies to Help Celebrate our Vets, Our Country

Yesterday we attended a downtown church...oh so refreshing the tradition and old feeling from that WWII era that still lingers in that place. Our veterans were honored and encouraged to wear their uniform. The choir sang beautifully in all of God's glory.

Below are two of some of our family's favorite patriotic movies, keep in mind, our family consists of Jem, myself and our four daughters so these two movies would definitely be suitable for girls too, both very poignant and well done movies:

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo  (1943)  a grand old movie  that beautifully covers The Doolittle Raid

"The amazingly detailed true story of "The Doolittle Raid" based on the novel of the same name. Stunned by Pearl Harbor and a string of defeats, America needed a victory - badly. To that end, Colonel Jimmy Dolittle, a former air racer and stunt pilot, devises a plan for a daring raid on the heart of Japan itself. To do this, he must train army bomber pilots to do something no one ever dreamed possible - launch 16 fully load bombers from an aircraft carrier! Remarkable in its accuracy, this movie even uses film footage from the actual raid."

Another movie great from those glory days gone past is:  Destination Tokyo (1943)

Oh my goodness, this is another good one.  The young men on the sub along with Cary Grant's part as a dedicated and loving father and husband is just so wonderful.  Will pull at your heart strings.  The fella that plays the appendicitis victim on the sub was a darling actor who actually replaced Jimmy Stewart as Stewart was away at war!   


...The appendectomy surgical operation done by the pharmacist and med student underwater in the sub actually happened!

....All men on the subs were strictly volunteer according to The Nation Museum of The Pacific War.

There is one part that I would give a little heads up on, at Christmas John Garfield opens a gift and it's a ladies nightgown, he remarks he wishes it was filled.  It's only a few seconds and easily preview-able.  So be ready for that.

On a most positive note, the prayer scene as the operation is getting ready to be performed is beautifully poignant.

These are wonderful most beautiful movies that capture that patriotic and God fearing spirit that our country had back then.  I hope you too will enjoy them as our family does!

If you are ever in the Texas Hill Country I would strongly suggest the National Museum of The Pacific War.  Jem and I visited this museum and couldn't get enough!  Oh such a well done museum!  Fantastic!  

God bless our Veterans, you are heroes to our family.  To say our hearts are filled with grattitude by what you did and do for us is an understatement.  

Destination Tokyo

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