Thursday, October 24, 2013

Made For Each Other (1939) and a Sweet Spirit, Why Not?

 Lea, Rebecca and I watched this most rare litle gem of a movie Monday:

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This is one of the sweetest, most poignant movies ever, I actually saw this movie as a newlywed years ago.  This movie has some of my favorite actors, Jimmy Stewart, Charles Coburn and Carole Lombard.  Do you know Charles Coburn started acting late in life?

This movie has romance, humor, idealism, and sadness -- things that make movies of the black and white era watchable and enjoyable.

There are some precious scenes in this movie...In just one of those scenes Carole Lombard cries out to Jesus in the hospital as their baby is fighting for life, it will touch your heart.  So many scenes will!  One scene is Willie the maid tearfully understanding that she will have to be let go...finances aren't allowing the luxury of her any longer.  Oh her sweet response!  If you like my blog you will love her response.  Sooo...pure, so sweet - oh that I could have a friend like Willie.

There is a meddlesome mother inlaw but there is also a bridge that mends that is one of the most touching scenes ever. You will laugh, be on the edge of your seat at times... you may cry, you may relate.  There is hope in the end and sweet optimism.

They just don't make them like this anymore...

I was just talking to my longtime friend, Sandi.  We both treasure those WWII years and the sweetness of them.  We also both keep our homes in that atmosphere.  Why not?  Why should we give our kids cheapo street talk when we have beautiful old movies that can bring back that sweet atmosphere?  If our kids know the Truth, and true beauty they will recognize the counterfeit culture quickly.  I can testify to that, my girls know the difference! : )

Yesterday I left my front door wide-open inadvertently when I went chasing after one of our wee little doglets. While I was on the back of our property, our sweet fellow-Christian postlady had come by to deliver a package, she saw the door open and had carefully placed the package just inside the door by my dining room table.

I saw the package, and as I stood processing I thought for a moment, realizing the postlady saw the inside of our home...What did she see I thought as I re-enacted her short couple of steps?  She didn't see the most decluttered neat-freak home, she did see autumn decor here and there scattered over the table along with Mar's court reporting stuff, even a porcelain manger scene out...paper towels soaking up a spill on the floor as I had hastily ran out.

...More importantly I think she heard Glenn Miller music perhaps eerily but soooo sweetly playing from our kitchen; another world, another time... I hope she sensed a Sweet Spirit.  It was kind of nice seeing things from another person's perspective.  I explained to my daughters, I really don't care that she saw the clutter, we don't live in a museum, but I do care about the Spirit of our home! *big smile*

I hope you too will enjoy this sweet movie and music as much as we do!   



Barbara said...

I love Glenn Miller music and have a playlist of all or most of his songs. Didn't know about this movie, however. I watched it long enough to see the MIL faint upon hearing the happy news. Will watch all of it later when I've got some hand-sewing to do and can easily sit with that in front of my computer. Thanks so much for posting this!!! WHAT A TREAT!

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

OH what a sweet, sweet movie! I watched it all. I am so glad you shared it with me.

Cinnamon said...

I love the spirit of your home and I've never even been there :-) What a sweet mail lady too! I'm sure she was blessed and wished she could stop in for some tea :-)

The movie sounds wonderful. I will have to watch that one. I'm not a big "old" movie watcher but there are some I just love like: It's a Wonderful Life. Love that one!

Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed my visit here.