Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meet Mr. Sparky!

At our house we have names for everything.  Pretty much.  Some things even have faces...I sometimes will draw faces on the tops of vitamin containers and such along with the "C" or "B" or I may draw a pretty eye with eyelashes on my Bilberry tabs.  It's art.  I'm an artist of sorts and I like to make people smile.  Why not make myself smile?  Why not make my family smile and they will also remember a fun mom who drew faces on everything. : )  There are enough draggy people in the world... I don't want to be one of them.  Yes, I really want to make my family smile.  They do put up with my sensitive meloncholy side too from time to time but that's not always bad.  We need to convey sensitivity too....sweet music and prayers.  .....and hope. A sweet meaningful mood. A contemplative mood.  How does the Lord use this or that...   I have a strong faith in the Lord and He is so patient with me. When I do become upset He will send the most pointed, most beautiful encouragements my way privately!  Sometimes not so privately but trust me the shoe will fit for all if you know what I mean. : )

Back to those little faces...

Little Becs has always drawn faces on things too. She used to play with pretzels like they were peoples.  Mar?  Just the other day in her court reporting class she referred to her "n" steno key as he.   The prof asked her:  "Who is He?  Mr. Scott?"   Mar said: No, He is the "n" key.   (Mar gets home and shares with us, because everyone should know everything takes on a personal pronoun at our house).

All of that to say, we have a little mini utility vehicle we bought from Craigslist. He is so darn cute, he is around 25 yrs. old or so and Jem has lovingly repainted him.  His name?  Mr. Sparky. : )  Mr. Sparky was retired from a highschool.  Mr. Sparky was used in sports games out on the field.  I just know Mr. Sparky is way happier here in the country under his own little sparky-port under the stars at night deep in the heart of Texas!

Meet Mr. Sparky!  Muffie & Jem just love Mr.. Sparky.


 Let's go Sparky! 

Away we go!

Where did Sparky go?  There's Sparky by the garden.  And...more importantly there is Li-Li helping Jem-Dad unloading some type of mulch or something of the sort.  It was quite a chilly eve, the wind gusts this day were actually gale force.

Time to go in now...

Coming in through the utility room..A yard hat and raincoat hanging amidst a formal ballgown...This shot tells a story of our family with four daughters in the country.

It gets dark quickly...This was way after suppertime.   Time to rest and turn down the covers for the evening.  To All a goodnight.


The Saxophone Player's Wife said...

Oh, I love Sparky! Such a handsome little cart/truck. Smart idea to get one of those.

Amelia said...

Isn't he a cutie? I have to laugh with glee everytime I see him go!