Wednesday, September 21, 2011

He Didn't Know He Was Going to Get Tofu

I'm still here and the birds are singing, there are bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover. Oh friends, it's been one attack after another lately on our entire family...Clearly attacks of the enemy, and we're trying to learn lessons from it all....Photon missiles as my friend Gwen calls them. So many families suffering with husbands not leading etc. and worse...I had committed to pray and fast for some suffering families at a church we are privileged to attend when we are able. Is it any wonder the attack of discouragement I was suffering? As my friend Gwen pointed out.

Also, you know? Blogs. Blogs can be misleading to many. Many think lives are just so perfect and no one at our homes ever shed a tear. So I'm thinking maybe it was good I let my hair down once again.

Okay, enough of that, ; ) You all who take the time to read here, dear friends who caught the last blog and left the sweetest comments ever are blessings to me! Things just need to be real sometimes and it starts with me. Real life coupled with discretion.

Without further ado here are pics from life fresh off the press! I'll be out of pocket next week so I thought I'd put these up this evening.

Here are some pics from last night date night. Do you like Fernando Ortega? We do! My hubby, Jem likes the song California Town about Fernando and his wife Margi traveling the roads of their loved town for a date time. Now Jem and I? We eat at sensible restaurants with good food and a nice ambiance. It works and it's just a good time to put on a cute skirt and a spritz of good perfume.

The pic here is of my trusty black cotton layered skirt with my new bargain shoes with the enormous roses on the shawl too. (Notice the cracked ground?) The drought here in Texas is very serious. Serious indeed. Another prayer request. (Many have lost their homes in wildfires) Animals are suffering.

You can play the Fernando song, California Town HERE and come along on our date
I just had to run over and get this shot of the evening sky as Hubs was going to the car. So you've got the above, upward view of God's handiwork in the sky and the bottom view of my feet! ; )

"You ready to go?" Hubs (Jem) was in the car wondering whatever I was doing over there taking pics. Yes, normally he opens the door but time was a wastin'...I hopped in and away we went around those trees down the long bumpy driveway.

Little did this man know he would be eating tofu for supper. LOL I was so tickled, I told him I loved a certain dish and he was brave and tried it too!

We even saw an Elvis impersonator there at the restaurant! He was a very authentic one too! Elvis likes Asian food! So does his wife! (I would have gotten a shot of him but I did not have my camera in my purse!) I would have asked permission of course. : )

The Drive to the outskirt of Midtown, enjoy!

Back Home! A spider had done her art here...Neat?

THIS MORNING! Back to the nursing home.

Do you remember my nursing home friend? I was able to see him again this morning...Hubs even came too for a few minutes to meet our friends at the nursing home. So many stories to tell...This little guy is a darling though. His family member who is in charge of his room has taken special pains, a darling stuffed Christmas moose on his bed, several pictures of Jesus too. This sweetheart can't talk well, he can't hear well of course, oh he is so precious. I offer to walk him down the hall in his wheelchair, he sweetly says no, I lift my arms up in a muscle man position he laughs so cute...What a love. He had been on my heart and I was relieved to see he was okay.

One of our special friends, born in 1924 showed us this photo of he and his big sister and little brother. Is this not beautiful? He also shows us photos of his adventures in Africa in the desert with camels and such, it looked like a scene from the movie, Lawrence of Arabia. A darling man, he used to be an archeologist, never married. A sweet man, he does not brag at all, Michelle brought him a Bible recently. He wears a cross around his neck. He was so darling, he tells me when I expressed interest in seeing his photos, and was concerned perhaps he may be late for his lunch.. he whispers "It isn't very good anyhow" I thought it was so funny the way he said it with his nose wriggled

Our sweet thirdborn daughter Michelle and our adorable sweet friend.

That's the latest. Praying for all and we always, always covet your prayers too.

xxxooo ~Amelia


The Coderlambian said...

Beautiful pictures! Wow..that cracked ground looks....parched to say the least! Your shoes make me smile - so pretty!
We love Fernando at our house too. I am not familiar w/ that song...yet!
I will continue to pray for you and your family! Remember that even though some of our situations are shocking and surprising to us, they are never a surprise to Him!

Mary said...

Love the skirt and shoes. The little man int he wheel chair looks so sweet. How nice of you to visit him. We have so much water up here people are having to abandon their farms and move into town in apartments -- their basements are filled up like swimming pools and there are moats around peoples' houses. Too bad we can't pipe it down there! So sad people have lost their homes and animals are suffering.
Hope those nasty attacks stop very soon.

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

It's such a lovely skirt and pair of shoes! Simply black -- a favorite of mine!

Such sweet stories of your friends at the home. Have you been taking the girls along with you since they were very young?

amber said...

love your heart for people! AND your sense of style~ :) great shoes!!

Amelia said...

Hi Keri On! Thanks so much for coming by and for those prayers. A family we know with 10 children lost everything in a wildfire. Every tree on their property is gone. Our smoke alarm went of several times in one night because of a near wildfire.

I'm so glad you liked my shoes! I was starting to wonder if they were a wise choice but they are fun with the right skirt especially knowing you gals liked them too! : )

It's so true, God knows the actions and is watching our reactions. He is good!

Amelia said...

Hi Retro Rocket! I sure hope you are feeling a bit better? I've been praying!

So glad you liked the skirt and shoes! They are fun to wear, and I think will be a soon g-to outfit for me!

Isn't this crazy in our country? Droughts and floods. I know I read more disturbing things too. Lord be with us in these times. May we stay close to the Father!

Amelia said...

Retro Gal, One more thing. Yes, that man is so very sweet. A great attitude too. Calvin is something too, he is very innocent, it almost makes us want to cry. I think they both have the nurses hearts too!

Amelia said...

Hi Beloved's Bride! I love black too, I probably have too much of it at times, but I feel so much more confident in it. It's slenderizing too! ; )

Ya like my slippers too? They are fun, I feel better knowing all of you gals like them so much. A lady at a church gave me an odd look one day when I wore them. Oh well, we'll just think she liked them!

The nursing home? Yes. We have been visiting the nursing home since the girls were tiny. Probably over 20 something years at least. It's a huge blessing for our family, the sweet friends there end up ministering to us more than we minister to them! : )

It's often a forgotten mission field. The little man in the bottom photo? We are the only people who visit him beside an occasional visit from his family's church over 100 miles away.

Amelia said...

Hey There Amber! What a blessing to see you here! Yay!

Thank you Amber, these people are so sweet, I bet you go the nursing home too? I can see you doing that with your family.

Wow. I think all you gals must be kindred spirits indeed! We all like my shoes! (They were one of those things I was wondering about)