Monday, September 19, 2011

A Poopie Misunderstood Day but the Birds Still Sing

Do you ever feel pooped out and unpopular at parties? (Think I love Lucy commercial for vita-meata-vegamin) Oh woe is me day....Think Eyore.

Today is a bummer day, jezebels and witches flying around on their brooms velvet claws ready to sink in. Scary. It's been that kind of a day for my daughters as well, it's like all hell let loose today.

Hubbies that are too buy looking for a styrofoam cup to take to work for their coffee to listen to what that manipulating creep woman did to me (again). Thoughts flying around my head like...Should I call my friend who I really don't talk to that much anymore and ask her about this seemingly creepy person we both are acquainted with and how do we handle such person? Or should I stay smart and shutteth uppeth. Something tells me to husheth and stay smart until further notice. Usually the messenger gets shot yes they do.

All in all, I have a lot to be very thankful for. Maybe if I would stop talking and listen I might hear the birds sing. Isn't God bigger? He knows it's been a poopie-misunderstood day for me and my girls. But God is bigger.

I do wish some of the local homeschool support groups would write back soon. (Edit 5:56pm: Oh yay! one did and they sound so very nice. Halelujah!) It seems gone are the days when we would sit around picnic tables and talk about sweet subjects, perhaps decluttering and the latest homeschool magazine. A glimpse of an English homeschool girl running up a hill barefoot with a guitar as my daughters were clearly amused back then.

There was no talk of degrees and such. That was not the thrust or heart of homeschooling back then 22 years ago, even just ten years ago.

I first noticed things were changing when I sat on a panel with three other homeschool moms at a homeschool workshop and one (unbeknownst to me) liberal one turned and attacked me in front of everyone because I was too homie and Jesus talking for her. Yep, think of a homie Sarah Palin being attacked by a mean suburban Blondie.

Time went on and another year I was attacked publicly online via our homeschool "support " group loop while over 300 families gawked. There is nothing worse than mean women they say and I believe it. If you ask me those attackers should be sent to help fight the war. The terrorists would run screaming to their mamas. Just kidding. Our soldiers are doing a fine job with very little appreciation or perks it seems to me. Yep, that season of the internet attack deal put me in a depression of sorts...Who wouldn't be? My oldest daughter Lea even took me out for Chow Mein lunch one day it got so bad. The birds still sing, and there were some who came to my public rescue including my hubby, yep, the same one who was looking for that styrofoam cup this morning...not listening. I'll always remember those who came to my defense and I do tend to have remembrance of those who sat on their hands and lips as well. My old pastor always said..."Those who remain silent might as well be on the other side."

But the birds still sing, and the next year the Lord used our family to speak in front of the broad assembly on the big fat podium platform. It was funny. About the time they were announcing our names, I look down as I feel something swarthing about my ankles. Hm. Horrors. It was my black half slip that had fallen down. Yep, a potentially rather embarrassing moment there. I was standing in the back of the huge room and took off to the back exhibit hall and hid behind a display and pulled that baby up and went trotting up to the front! Wow. I wonder if God did not allow that to happen to take the edge off of my nervousness. There were a couple of the attackers present as well as many encouragers there that day. The birds do sing and laugh too. God is faithful. I still receive blessed reports usually every year of mommies who tell me they were in the audience, and some of later years who were in our classroom, they tell me what we say sinks in and stays on their backburners. Some buy it at first and some don't but God finishes the speaking gig I have found. I love Him so. *tears*

God is faithful, He has allowed our family to share at this workshop in a classroom for over ten years. This year? We were edged out for a class from a community college on how to double credits. We were asked and then edged out. Who knows what went on...It could have been pure disorganization...They wanted my girls on a panel so I couldn't complain much because our girls have the same hearts we do but boy did it sting, it hurted. The younger homeschool mom who has homeschooled around 3 or 4 years or so years tell me..."maybe in the future"...."I didn't know how long you have been sharing"....That was the month this summer when I felt like a poor pitiful horsie put out to pasture. Hubs even had a message too that was not given. The birds still sing, and it did rather give me a stress free summer. I think God calls us to hide in the Kerith Ravine to rest. And I better rest in that if I know what is good for me!

At our home in the burbs we've had a Vessels of Honor Bible study that Marianna or one of our girls would teach Bible and then a homemaking lesson. We moved here to the country and for many reasons it would not be do-able here. Mar instead has it at a burb french bakery restaurant in their meeting room...a very homie place ...gee, they even have french lessons playing over speakers in the bathroom for pity's sake. Mar asked the families to please write her mom thank you notes to thank (me) for opening our home for those years. It broke my heart, we received one. Two complaints. The birds still sing, God knows my heart and He knows how it feels to be treated in that way too. Anyone remember the nine? How about the one who did give thanks to God? May we be that one!

Well, that goes for me today. I've been wanting to get some of this off my chest for a while, and today seems like the perfect poopedie doop day to do so.

I'll be fine, I just do not like manipulative people, some women think they can go stick their fingers in people's eyes and then lick their lips and ask what they did wrong. Some of them are plain mean. Unthankfulness and ungratefulness are also just too prevalent in today's society and church from what I'm experiencing lately. I suppose it has to do with the epidemic of busyness? Let me tell you, I grew up in a home, where thank you notes were written and written beautifully by all. I have boxes of letters written by my father throughout military school to his parents with the "V for Victory" stamps on them. I also recently came across a letter from my grandma written to my mom and dad upon marriage. Today? I cannot even expect a thank you note for a graduation or wedding gift half the time.

I'm thinking these nutty people can just shadow box by themselves and the rudies, ungratefuls and busies can just whirl in their busyness like flying durbishes. God can handle them, why should I bother?

Praying for the country, the nation, what is called the church.

If you've read thus far you are a friend in need indeed.

This post may soon be erased as I come to my senses. ; )
My Greatest Friend

My Greatest Friend by John Drysdale
(I love this print, I saw it in a hippie pizza place restaurant bathroom in an old two story house in midtown.) I'm going to get me one of those prints to put in my bathroom by George! I love black and white. I love this message.

This could be me today...Sometimes we just need a hug.

Michelle is cooking dinner and hubs came in and says, "What'r you doing?" (That's Jem's way)...I half smile saying "nothing"...I don't want to toss my curls. I'll hide in the Kerith Ravine and let it go...The birds sing beautifully there.


Mary said...

Sounds like you've had a bad time of it; I'd feel bad, too. Please pray for my sons that they will get their accredited degrees late this fall. Some glitches there.

Jane B. Gaddy said...

I'm so thankful for those birds that still sing and the sun that still shines and the loving hand of God who gently reaches over and closes the mouths of those who can't seem to behave for any good reason. I have all kinds of labels for these mean-spirited Jezebels, but wait... I am not allowed. Sometimes it does feel good just to speak it, get it behind you, and move on. I have to ask, "Is it worth compromising my sanity to answer the ugliness?"

Amelia, I think few people have the sweet walk with the Lord like you and your beautiful family. Sometimes people just get jealous over that and try to interfere with daily blessings.

Just turn the volume up on the song of the birds and enjoy the lovely rays of sun that God sifts right down through those trees in your Forest Cathedral.

Praise God for his presence! Here's a hug for you and those precious girls!
Jane BG

Amelia said...

Thank you Mary, I appreciate you so much coming over. I'll sure be praying for your sons accreditation. That is just awful the way the college seems to have changed things. I don't blame you for being upset on it and just the time you all are having to spend trying to get things straight. You can count on me to pray.

Amelia said...

Thank you Jane, how sweet of you to come by. It really did my heart good to see you and Mary here this evening!

Yes, sometimes it feels good to let it all out, I hate to do that most of the time, but today? It was just one of those days.

I know you must well understand, I'm sure you have quite a few stories to share too on people who do these kinds of things. And some of them are so clean about it. They seem to think everyone is stupid but them. ; )

Sometimes Jane I wonder how these people sleep at night? Hubs many times quotes: "Jealousy, who can stand against it?" He has seen so much involving our girls and such.

We'll all turn the volume up on those birds singing. Perhaps the old song too, "There'll be Bluebirds Over the White Cliffs of Dover"?

Take care now Jane, it's so good to hear from you, a real blessing.


Mary said...

Also requesting prayer for my husband's niece, who admits she is very close to salvation!!! A miracle!That she would surrender all, and a find a good church. Our Air Force son has been witnessing to her. Also, I am in pain with a tooth/jaw/ear/throat type proglem. Went to the ENT specialist today but he doesn't know what is wrong; neither does my dentist. I'll be getting a super-duper x-ray Monday to look deeper. Scary, to say the least. I can't eat properly or brush my teeth. The hurting tooth is not sensitive to hot or cold, so it is not acting like has an abcess.

Mary said...

Also, pray for conviction on those who have been mean to you. Pray that God will grant them repentance. That is the best thing you can pray for them -- it has eternal value.

Amelia said...

Oh Mary, you poor thing! I will pray.

Praying for salvation too, and yes, I have been praying that these people would truly be convicted and realize what they have done.

Please keep my updated Mary.

The Coderlambian said...

Sorry for your sadness...
Keep listening for those beautiful birds!

Maxine said...

Oh, Amelia. The birds do help. I know. Oh you poor thing! Isn't this the way it is sometimes. There will be brighter day. Honest there will be. Tell me about it. I know all about how mean people can be. Especially females. We can be vicious. Keep doing what you know to be right and relish only the opinion of our heavenly Father. Seldom are we popular when we have conservative and biblical values. And I have seen with my own eyes what has happened in homeschooling circles.

Oh that incident with the slip falling. That was so funny!!! I always worry about that happening to me at church!

auntie said...

I know how you feel. I'll tell you what my priest always tells me. "There but for the grace of God..." It is true and so I bite my tongue give a bright smile and remember that they may not have what I have (not with pride but with a prayer).

Amelia said...

Thank you Keri, : ) Today is looking like a nice one thank the Lord! Hope all is well with you.

Amelia said...

Hi Maxine, You ain't just a-kiddin. It used to shock me when I would run across such people in a Christian support group. I used to think all homeschoolers (in a Christian group) were courtship minded, more conservative sweet thinking people. Now, nothing surprises me.

Oh Maxine, when my slip was down on the floor, I laughed to myself thinking ... Only me! Only me! LOL

I am so glad you understand, I always remind myself what they did to our Lord Jesus.

Amelia said...

Auntie, I like what your priest says. So true.

I'm glad you know how I feel, sometimes we feel like we have a target on us on certain days. Like I was telling Maxine above, just look what they did to our Jesus.

(I received my skirt book) The girls and I are enjoying looking at it! How did your skirt turn out? : )

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Hugs and prayers as always!!

Anonymous said...

Ilove this blog. I really do. I can't stop reading once I begin.
You need to write a book.
I am inspired, I laugh. I cry.
I see my own heart here.
You put my thoughts into words.
You are special Amelia.
Hugs from Shirley

Amelia said...

Dear Shirley, Your comment here is a Godsend. Thank you.

Thank you for being you and taking the time to encourage! We need more encouragers in the Body of Christ, especially here in blogland. How nice it is to have a kindred spirit friend here in the blogging world. Your sweet comment touches my heart.

A book would be a neat thing to do, maybe one day I will compile the thoughts here into one? Another friend of mine mentioned the same thing.

I SO appreciate you! You are a blessing! (((super huge hugs))) ~Amelia