Wednesday, September 14, 2011

40s Night and Favorites Galore to Share

Our little family decided to have a last minute informal 40s dress up party and then watch a good ol' 40s movie.

The movie? Well that was quite a feat to decide because we have quite a collection of 40s movies.

Now the perfect choice would be The Best Years of Our Lives but we just saw that one. So, the next one that happened to come to our minds was...Kitty Foyle. See trailer.

I get tickled with Kitty Foyle. The voice in the theatre of her mind is played as she looks in the mirror. Kitty reminds me a bit of myself...Yes, if you could be seated in the theatre of my mind on many a day...You may get a kick out of it, that is for sure, for sure. And I love to see her tell those snobs off in the trailer above...Oh wow, how I would so love to say some of the same things to people in various arenas!

In the movie, Kitty Foyle it's so nice the way it opens up with the fallacy of women's rights, even back then in the 40s the enemy was at work in homes, men overstepping what should be gentle leadership and women taking huge bites of Eve's apple.

Kitty is perhaps going to marry a doctor, a rather nice doctor, the kind of doctor that is treating people to actually help people...She is swayed this way and that way, tragedy and triumph...There are some major twists in the movie that I should not tell. I will say the ending is a nice one, I breathed a sigh of relief. (I just love those doctors) ; )

So the above was my outfit for our little 40s party. Pearls, pearls and more pearls with a black ribbon in my hair with a red and white every day frock from Eva's blog and as you'll see below my simple black flats.

Lea has her black cloche hat even in the kitchen, even with rubber gloves mind you! I see a pretty reflection of Rebecca too.

Marianna above has her flower in her hair true to vintage 40s hair style. Michelle? She had already gone upstairs to change back into everyday clothing. (We'll get her another time) : )

A walk to the back of the property after dinner of course. And the sky is lovely back there, so very lovely, this sky reminded me of an old fashioned western movie.

A cup of coffee? Do you have favorite coffee cups? Marianna brought this one home to surprise me a couple of years ago from the resale shop, it's someone's nice china cup leftover from an old, old set. Perfect for me to enjoy a nice cup of afternoon coffee with some whipped cream on top...

What afternoon is complete without an order of wonderfully real retro fabric delivered to your door? This fabric is from the 40s or early 50s, I just love the print and have already made an skirt out of it with enough leftover to make a blouse. The fabric is 36 inches wide and is called "Old Rose", a regulated cotton. "Never Misbehaves"! (That just really tickled me!) The quality of this material is so very nice. It has been perfectly preserved.

Into the washer it went, oh this pained me to put this beautiful material in the wash. Poor material. I washed it twice, it's amazing how strong the coating on this fabric from years ago was. I wonder what they used back then?

This is my skirt I made paired with dark brown faux suede flats.

The skirt went well with a casual knit top I already had; belted with a dark brown soutache belt that had been sleeping through the summer.

Okay, ready to go out. Do you like my outfit Jem?

Speaking of date night...Do you have favorite outfits? For outings or at home?

I thought it would be fun to post our favorite outfits. Leave me a comment if you want to participate. I got this idea from the Opulent Poppy, Eva and thought it sounded like fun!

Would you like to join me?

I hope so! : )

This is one of my favorite tried and true date night outfits. I love this basic black v-neck ruched neckline top with printed skirts or even a solid black skirt with a scarf belting the top. My tum looks like it's pooching here but I do think it's the sash attached to the skirt! : P Oh well such is life, photos have a way of doing some strange things do they not? ; )

This is one of my favorite beginning of fall outfits for everyday. I love these vegan Earth shoes, they were a blessing. i needed some earth shoes, vegan. I cannot pay the amount for new earth shoes right now. I found these on ebay almost like new for a fraction of the price. God sure knows what He is doing!

I had a ball the other day in Smalltown by the way...I have had a lack of fellowship lately. There have really been some surprising lack-of it seems (people behave so strangely, just plain weird). Sometimes I feel like the old movie director Frank Capra, he would be so very hurt by people misjudging him to be conceited etc. so he would retreat, and then when he would try to be friendly people thought he was eccentric! Poor Frank Capra. I'm not sure if I'm eccentric but I love to laugh, talk and ponder...Do you know Frank Capra was from the same village as my Grandpa? Bisacquino, Sicily. Frank Capra and my Grandpa even looked alike, they were born three years apart.

..But the Lord is so good. I went to our sweet little smalltown tinyWalmart and it was like walking back into time... I almost teared up there in the store I did as I was standing in the baby department scoping out cloth diapers I buy from time to time for various things. It was just such a perfect picture of yesteryear in so many ways...I was loving it there. I moved on over to the canned goods and there was my Master Chef coffee. A large can for only $5.29! It's just like Maryland in case you're wondering. A lady my age came and talked and talked with me. We talked about the drought and how she was saving food and how awful the now tv programs are...and she also warned me there are fish dying in the river by the thousands! We are not hearing about this on the news! The fish are not getting enough oxygen! This is going to affect our food chain, things are not good folks. Pray hard, I do believe God is trying to get our attention!

All in all, the lady was precious. Then I mosied on over to the vitamins and lo and behold I see a lady built much like me on a Dr.Scholl's foot machine. I couldn't resist. I asked her what that machine was for? We had a lovely conversation.

Both conversations from these Christian ladies were so uplifting for us all, and the Lord was paramount. Fellowship at Walmart in Smalltown. God loves me and He loves those ladies too. Divine appointments...

And here is a great shot of the huge-huge longhorn cow and the horse behind the drive in we stopped in for some good ol' iced tea before our grocery expedition. Yes, expedition. We walk out with two filled carts and lots of amused looks. : )

Notice this Longhorn is larger than the horse!

So here are some closing shots, these are from our date night last night...Hubs took a pic from his cell of me across the booth from him in the dim lights. We went to a wowie green restaurant in Midtown. The food and atmosphere were GREAT, the people were so sweet there. I couldn't resist going back into the lady's room and getting this shot of the painting of Ray Charles, this made me *smile*. My husband was amused, I told him "Oh this is fun!". I'm a little girl at heart. <3 He is a little boy at heart... Jem.

The above is from the back of our property...Nearby wildfires. Our smoke alarms went off several times that night. Pray for the great state of Texas. Wildfires and drought. So many have lost their homes, animals are also suffering greatly.

A deer coming to our pond in the middle of the day for relief.
That is all, the underline is sticking so I think it's the Lord's way of whispering to me It's time to get going on some other projects. : )

Bless you All, let me know if you're posting outifts or coffee cups. I know clothes and cups are not the most important thing but it is fun to do and it may just help us simplify some things too by finding out what we truly like and use.

Joyful fall blessings, ~Amelia
(Jem & Scout)

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Unknown said...

The 40's evening sounds like such fun! I've put both of those movies in my queue (I have a lot of classic movies to catch up on). The dress looks lovely on you! Love your hair and pearls too ; )
You and your girls are stunningly beautiful!

I love coffee, I have all white dishes in different styles. Not very exciting, but I like the look of them all together:

Your skirts are lovely and you have an eye for putting together graceful outfits! The new fabric is charming. My favorite outfit is my Khaki Shirtwaist:
and my Black Shirtwaist is great for date nights:

They've had such flooding in PA... and you're starving for rain...God bless us!

Amelia said...

Hi Eva! I can't wait to see your favorites and the white dishes all together...I have several white figurines around the back of my white bathroom sink, I love the all white look on black granite tiles. They are all old Avon perfume decanters with perfulme still in them! Two kitties and a sweet little dog.

Put some coffee on, I'm coming over to see your favorites! : )

I have heard that there is flooding going on in other parts of the country, isn't that something? Yes, God help us all. The other night a church held a prayer time for the community in the city to pray for rain. A man was crying. When I see the animals it makes me so sad, and many of our trees are dying.

Enjoyed your sweet comment Eva. Thank you. (((hugs)))

Blessings to you sweet Eva!

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

OH, I love the dress up 40's evening! Very fun indeed! I have dress up guest at my dinner table often. But, mine are of the pirate and ladies in waiting with the occasional bunny costume. ;) I suppose you can serve guest popcorn no matter what the attire! ;)

Love all those skirts and shoes! They all look extremely comfy cozy.