Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rainy Morning, Rainbow Included. Bonus: How to Climb a Fence in a Skirt

Hi-do-ho! It's been interesting here at the Forest Cathedral lately...We're just loving it here. It's different at times but different doesn't mean bad, just different. It's always something going on, from Mr. Greeky's cows in our yard helping themselves to our pond and garden again. : P (One of these days we'll get the fence fixed properly) All the way to some delightful trips to Smalltown and Hubs praying with the driveway material man. We had quite a storm the other morning...Wonderfully enchanting I say. And a special added bonus: How to Climb a Fence in a Skirt.

Here's some pics for you to perhaps enjoy of it all...

A Capture of Prayers Between Christian Brothers in the Lord

I love this shot Marianna captured. Hubs and this precious man praying together in our driveway. The man is a precious Christian man, the sweetest thing. He had delivered driveway materials that afternoon from his gravel company, thunderstorms were expected so this was an answer to prayer for us. His daughter was so very tragically thrown into a coma in the process of delivering her baby. Please pray for this young mother and baby. This grandpa had the best attitude and clearly loves the Lord, so humbling to see such a beautiful attitude. He tearfully shares with Hubs he would give his home, everything he owned if he could see his daughter out of that coma.

The Cows are Back

The cows are back in town and this time taking a morning swim in our pond! Oh my! These black ones are ornery little friends, and quite vocal too! ; )

Storms Arrive
Remember the thunderstorm expected? It is arriving here...The view from my front door.

And this is our little Muffie looking out the window to all the action outside, between the cows and the rain there was a lot to look at for this little guy. See the spray bottle? It is filled with water and a few drops of cedar oil to keep the little buglets off of our doglets.

This is our Charlie-dog. He's also a cow dog. Yep, Charlie can dance a jig around those cows!

I love these shots, this is of a very contemplative Marianna that morning, right after the rainstorm, rainbow was out in full force, you can see our lives there. My sewing project out, Charlie dog on the Duncan Fife chair peering out looking for action, Complete with Norman Rockwell plates on wall. Marianna is sitting where I normally sit to pray in the mornings...

I loved this shot of Marianna's pretty little feet with the pink robe...Charlie keeping vigil over her...

My oldest daughter Lea once courted a sweet math professor, an actual doctor of Math. Bless his heart, he would try to tell me:
"Mrs. Italiana, I think a woman's feet are so pretty, I just don't understand why they want to wear those high heels." He would then put his hand upwards fingertips down to illustrate the point making his hand hop around on the table like a geisha girl foot. What happened to the math prof? He later got married to another homeschool gal since Lea didn't have peace about things. Courtship works even when a courtship doesn't work out. God knows what He is doing. : )

Ya know? I think he was very correct. Since my back injury I have a love for ballet flats and birkenstocks. I actually wear black patent or silver birkenstock madrid sandals on datenight...It works. Not too shabby either. I will start buying my birks without leather footbeds now that I am a bit more educated on how leather comes in many cases. It is a humanitarian conviction, one of mercy for me and a strong one.

I think Charlie is such a handsome dog, I love his silver hair. He was rescued by Rebecca several years ago from the pound with her birthday money, when she saw him she cried and said she loved him clinging to her tattered birthday money envelope in her still little-girl hands. Charlie is said to be part poodle and part terrier.

He is so very dramatic...Sometimes his eyes are so soulful they will frighten you they are just so human-like. Sometimes we call him "Carlos" like the humerously dramatic character in the old late 30s movie, "My Man Godfrey". Charlie is a trip, and yes he smiles too. He is a very happy go lucky, spunky little doglet when he is not protecting us and contemplating deep doggy thoughts.

Little Muffie trying to see if the coast is clear, and the storm passed. He is so very afraid of rain, when Marianna found him in the intersection his collar was rusted shut and he was so very matted. He is my hubby's right hand man. He thinks he is ten feet tall! He is a darling.

What storm is complete without a rainbow?

Rainbows are very special to our family. Vivid signs from the Lord.

After the rain and the rainbow the rain glistened everywhere...From the back...

The front....You can also see what the drought has done to some of our trees...

A little reminder from my back door near my kitchen...It sparkled in the glistening raindrops...

What Kind of Shoes are Those?
My new Earth shoes. They are pink and rubber soled. This skirt is something I made myself, the print is called laughing leaf. My girls looked at these shoes with the extreme negative heel and the big pink straps....As if I was from another planet. "Where did you get those?" I reply, "I took them from a hobbit." ; ) Ha! No, I got them from ebay. I needed the negative heel, I needed rubber in the great outdoors and this fit the bill and the price was right. They work!

How to Climb a Fence in a Skirt.

Okay, this is a series of events I caught on my handy dandy red camera. Marianna going out for the mail, not just any mail mind you but mail worth crawling over a fence in a skirt over! Out in the country, you just never know what might be out there and plus...It's not every day you can try climbing a fence with a skirt on. It is a denim skirt like a real cowgirl? This is so very Marianna... : )

Uh Huh. I see you Miss Marianna...Mama Mia sees you....I just happen to have my camera handy too. Yes Indeedie. ; )

Careful Missy...

Very graceful Marianna!

Easy does it...

Calm, cool and collective...A cow girl in skirt with trusty dog returning from the mailbox. Who would have known?

All in a normal day of a lovely cow girl...Marianna.

She has some fun and meaningful blogs right now on Smalltown and life in general with the Father above.

All in 24 hours at the Forest Cathedral...

Today for supper I'm cooking up a wonderful red bean soup, with onions, fresh garlic and bell peppers sauteed in olive oil to artfully simmer all together in vegetable broth. Will be served over rice coupled with corn muffins.

I'm wearing a white collared cotton knit top and a long light green summery tiered gauze skirt with white rubber flip flops, hair back in a clip.

I am reading: My Bible and The Girl from Montana by Grace Livingston Hill. That was the book of the month for July in the GLH club.

Listening to Nat King Cole, Love is The Thing and More cd.

I'm thinking I'm tired and my back is paining me a little, so I need to go put my feet up for a bit.

Blessings to All, Have a nice evening! ~Amelia


Unknown said...

I'm enjoying your posts! Glad to see them more often : )

It's surprising how much a girl really can do in a skirt! And I love you're leafy skirt. I'd love to see more of your sewing projects!

Marianna said...

haha! I didn't know you had your sneaky red camera out that day! Very sleuthly indeed! ;) Oh dear, I can't get away with much these days, can I? Well, I would be more than happy to give anyone instructions on the art of climbing fences in skirts anytime- I've gotten quite a bit of practice since moving out here. haha!

Well, this was a lovely post about the happenings around these parts. I enjoyed it very much and sure do appreciate all your kind words both here and on my blog. It makes my day! I loved the rainbow and doglet pics... it does take a storm to have a rainbow- I really love that perspective!

I like your pink shoes too (it's hard not to like pink shoes), even though they are amusing.

You do so well at journaling every day life- that's so important and I always enjoy them.

Love you!!
~Marinna (the skirt wearin', fence climbin' coffee drinkin', jam makin' cowgirl wannabe? oh dear... haha!)