Monday, August 8, 2011

See the Art in Me

Have you ever tried to make a 20 minute skirt and it turned out to be a 120 minute skirt?

Here's mine, I won't do this particular skirt method anymore...I might as well have stuck with my trusty Simplicity 4881 in the below the knee length look for coolness. This thing was so billowy it made me look like a Russian cleaning woman. No offense to the Russians or cleaning women but I imagine this big burly woman with a giant mop and bucket ga-lumping down a dark hallway... ; ) I should have known when Marianna tried one of these *eh hem* 20 minute skirts and had the same problem. I had to keep cutting down and cutting down to keep it from looking like a mile of swarthing material around my hips!

I do like this fabric for a cool summer skirt. I found it at Hobby Lobby. I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg and I wanted this cool skirt to be versatile and go with a lot of tops for traipsing about our land taking walks by the pond etc. Right about the time I was getting frustrated in the fabric department I spotted this simple chambray cotton poly mix for $2.99. A lightweight blouse type material. Perfect for my skirt. I sewed it right on a 1 inch wide elastic stretching the elastic unlike (20 min.) directions gave. I did it their way first and had to rip it out (boooooo). Oh dear me, I don't think I give myself enough credit to my own judgements on sewing sometimes...

The above is taken last week, a bit after noon...the shadow tickles me.

What do I sew on? I sew on a simple Brothers from Walmart, I bought the bottom of the line in the store and it is a dandy little machine, it has everything I need for around $60.00 with a few little extra stitches. I also bought the pink and purple Brothers from Walmart later online with straight and zig-zag stich for $50.00 delivered. With four sewin' girls we needed two machines. No need to spend big money on a machine, but I do recommend buying good thread, oh boy-howdy does that make a difference on a machine. Cheapie thread is fine for hand sewing but not on a machine.
My next sewing project? The simple #4881 in the longest length. You can also go to my thats_italian for an easy top to make.

This is what I'm wearing today, the longer #4881 with my black patent Birkenstocks. Birks help my back immensely.

Hope everyone has a nice evening, Charlie says Hey!

So that's the art in me today. I wasn't able to sew but I was able to cook a new veggie dish and blog here this evening...Live, laugh, love, create and pray hard. Very hard.

God is Just. He is good.

Love to All in Jesus, ~Amelia


Unknown said...

Gathers look awful on me. I can't have the bulk at my waist. A-line skirts, or maybe pleats, and sometimes a flounce at the hem, but simple it best when it comes to skirts I've found.

I agree about a simple machine. They're easy to use and have what you need : )

The Coderlambian said...

Skirts seem to be a tricky contraption....
Hope you have a lovely day!

Marianna said...

Haha @ the Russian cleaning woman... I have to say, it kinda did! But, it looks much better now... :D This was a fun post- enjoyed it!

Jane B. Gaddy said...

You made me smile tonight, Amelia! Thanks for that. I can't imagine you looking anything but gorgeous. And I can't imagine wearing a thing I would sew! However, a wonderful friend of mine GAVE me an old beautiful Singer in a beautiful cabinet. I can't wait to learn how to thread it! I'll be sure to get some good thread. That may be as far as I get.
Nitey nite!

auntie said...

I have that pattern but have not made it up yet. I never seem to get to making something for me.
You are right about good thread and may I suggest good needles and to change yours every other project depending on how frequently you use your machine? I use Schmetz and I have not had needle trouble since.
Love to read you and see your pics dearest Amelia. I am so thankful that you are happy on your new property in your new home.

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Love the shoes!!! Cute. Cute!

And that material for your next project is so cute! I can see you wearing it. You really are doing so well at keeping up with your sewing. I have to admit though, it is good to see someone else have a good little struggle with a pattern! (just teasing you)You can't imagine how they vex me as a novice sewer! I would do anything to divorce my ripper!!! Unfortunatly, we have a really close co-dependancy type of relationship!