Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Things Life Is Made Of

Woke up this morning and went outside to pray on the front porch...I love the sound of a small airplane up in the sky with engine barreling. Our area is a playground for playful pilots.

When you read this part just imagine the opening of the 1962 movie, To Kill a Mockingbird, it describes my solitary childhood very much...a little girl drawing with her cigar box of crayons and such....

Here is the hauntingly beautiful theme.

Gregory Peck giving an introduction to the movie. It's so nice to hear his voice...Oh what a gentleman...What he describes here in the beginning is such a parallel to the way life was and in many ways still is for me. Is it any wonder I call Hubs and I, Jem and Scout on certain days now?

The barreling, gunning airplanes I hear here in the blue country skies remind me of when my dad used to fly for a hobby when I was a little girl, Mother was swinging me in a little toddler swing out on the green grass, she had a white sundress on, it had colorful flowers, green leaves and red flowers, multi primary colors, it was a 50s style waisted and belted dress with a full skirt, and she was wearing higher wedge heeled white slip on sandals. Usually she didn't dress up that much but that evening she was. I still have the dress and Rebecca uses it for photo shoots. Up above that evening was a little plane, we hear a man's voice bellowing down....


It was Daddy. : )

This morning it was nursing home day, as you can see above I donned my pearls, pulled my hair back in a ponytail threw my new skirt on and away we went ready to visit, minister and be ministered to.

I rather like this new skirt, it has fish on the border. The pattern reminds me of the old bathing suits from when I was a little girl, when they would make them out of cotton. I remember being out on the pier of a bayhome when I was little, my mother and her friends with their children at the end of the pier. I remember Natalie, her children and Barbara. Barbara was a particularly beautiful woman, she died of brain cancer soon after leaving little boys. It bothered me as a little girl thinking of that woman suffering like that. It still brings tears to my eyes, it didn't seem fair to leave her boys. I'm reading Catherine Marshall's book, To Live Again in bits and pieces...she has some interesting stories of people who have crossed over to Heaven in one of the chapters...Some returning after meeting God, but some leaving with such joy as they met their loved ones and God. One story was of a mother with several young children. She screamed and screamed in the hospital that she did not want to die. Her family gathered around. A doctor came in and gave her a shot of sedation medication, she slept for some time and awoke to her concerned and praying family. She told them:

"I'm sorry I acted so badly," she said. "Everything 's all right now. I've seen Dad. he came and told me that there's nothing to be afraid of . (Her dad had died several years before) I've seen Dad. He came and told me that there's nothing to be afraid of. He promised that he'd stay with me every minute and hold my hand. Don't worry about me. I'm all right now."

There were no more hysterics. That night the girl slipped over into the next life. There was a smile on her face and one hand was outstretched.
~ To Live Again, Catherine Marshall

Going to the nursing home we are reminded of the brevity of life here on this earth. I refuse to buy sympathy cards though, I just won't do it. I buy them as I need them but never ahead of time. That just does not set well with me, I don't know why, I guess because I've been surprised by death and disappointments before and I don't believe in planning for them in such a way. That's just me. One of the worst things that ever happened to me in my life was when my step-daddy suddenly died of a heart attack. I felt so alone...just so alone. My friends really didn't understand because none of them had lost anyone. Little Marianna and Lea were in tears, they had lost their best friend. Michelle was wee baby, Al had carried her on his shoulder. After he died my little Michelle would run up to silver haired men in the grocery store reaching her little arms to them. My pediatrician was even moved to tears when he heard of this. Rebecca was yet to be born...So sad Rebecca never knew her Pa Pa Al.

Oh me oh about a bunny trail.


One of my favorite little guys at the nursing home is Calvin, he is a darling black man, not very old at all, he may only be in his 30s for all I know. He has some bulk to him, a round baby face and a darling smile. He can't hear hardly at all and cannot speak very well if at all. He is so darling, he smiles so darling and laughs so darling...He reminds me of an innocent child. He puts his cheek up to me to kiss, I always kiss his cheek. He is a darling! So glad to see the nurses taking good care of him today. He's in a wheelchair and needs their help to go to the bathroom and sometimes I worry they don't get to him in time, I hate suffering. I let him leave a message on my cell as he laughs and tries to talk for Hubs, Calvin wants to communicate effectively so badly. I want Hubs to meet him...I know Hubs would be touched by this sweetheart. Marianna got a wonderful shot of Calvin today, I hope to post it soon!

When Hubs came home he had heard the messages and was clearly touched by them, especially Calvin's labor of speech.

Alton and Howard

Another older man who fought in the Korean war leaves a message too, He says to Hubs on the message..."Hello Sir". Another? His name is Howard, never married, no children, he was an archeologist years ago. He has a cute German face. Michelle, our daughter brought him a Bible one day, we remind him to read it. He wears a large cross around his neck now.

After the nursing home, we get a quick bite at Taco Bell. Yes, these are the things life is made of...I found a great little trio. The burrito fresco with sides of guacamole and rice. I can eat without guilt and with mercy (you can see my Vision for a Godly home blog to see the video on factory farming). After this we go to the nearby name brands for less store, something tells me that is a good thing to do. So we girls sachet on over there, I found two pair of flats. One black patent pair with an enormous rose on each shoe. The toe is nice and round. (No pinching of the toes! Yay!) Another versatile peep toe flat in a mild metallic beige. I can wear nothing but Birkenstocks, Earth or totally flat ballet type shoes. So glad to have found those two pair today for reasonable prices.

On the way home we see this cotton pretty.


Last but not least, this is Marilla our kitten. She is peering over my computer. I think she wants to tell everyone hello!

Well I must go now...Lea cooked some wonderful enchiladas tonight and they are ready to eat.

Goodnight. Be blessed, live the Life. Every day is a journal page what will we compose?


Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...
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Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Mrs. Amelia, I always love reading about your day. Oh, those precious friends and their stories that you share. Always wonderful to stop in here.

Amanda said...

my dear,
You look lovely!

So, so lovely.

I've enjoyed catching up with you here. It's certain you are enjoying your new life in the country:)

Everyday IS a journal page and I'm going to remember to compose something beautiful tommorow:-)

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing all that. I never thought about buying sympathy cards ahead of time being sort of planning for it! That's true! (I never buy cards ahead of time, either, but not for any reason.)