Sunday, July 31, 2011

Christmas All the Time

Hello All, I love this Christmas song, "Away in the Manger" sung by Nat King Cole.

In our home, we've been celebrating Christmas in July. Please listen if you can, this song really puts things in perspective. Sit and enjoy just quietly listening to the sweet words and sweet spirit of yesteryear...In this day and time we need it so, so much worldliness and busyness surrounding us. Not only can we have Christmas all the time but we can instill that sweet spirit in our homes too. Yes, it is obtainable with the Lord's help. We don't have to go with the culture.

The other morning Hubs and I were in the kitchen getting our coffee and such and we were asking each other how the night's sleep went...I reply with a wrinkled nose,

"I had weird, silly dreams."

He replies he dreamt of Mrs. Hobbs. He tells me he misses Mrs. Hobbs, she was an older lady from uso town the town who has the magnificent USO center. Mrs. Hobbs for Hubs was like Mrs. B for me...Both are with Jesus now.

I love what Hubs shared with me in an unusually introspective mood after I told him I too missed Mrs. B and Mr. Meadors too....I still love smalltown but I fiercely miss the Mrs. Blounts and Mr. Meadors...and yes, the Mrs. Hobbs. I told Hubs how sad it was for me to see Mr. Meador's little red and white gas station painted over in a brown color and how it's some auto detail shop now.

Hubs sighs and tells me:
"Yes, I know...Those people were the salt of the earth"

He is so right, yes Hubs, you are so very right.

May we be the salt of the earth now. May we hold on to the beauty of the Lord, hold on to what is right and good, pleasing in the sight of the Lord. And I have a feeling there may be more Mrs. B's and Mr. Meadors there in Smalltown.

Here's a little picture of my youngest daughter's stuffed snowman from when she was a little bitty girl , his name is "Samoni" pronounced a bit like Spumoni desert. I was getting him all clean from the move, he had acquired a bit of mildew on him of all things. I thought this pic of the stuffed musical snowman was just perfect for today. At one time his hat revolved to the sweet music box. He's a treasure!

Be near me Lord Jesus I ask Thee to stay, close by me forever and love me I pray...Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care, and stay by my cradle til morning is nigh...

Goodnight All, ~Amelia

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