Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Very Tired But Seeing Oh So Clearly

Oh I'm so tired, so very tired out...A big fun day in the metro. Things started out with a fun bang. : ) A great day in all. So thankful for my family.

Psalms 91.

Pondering what I spend my time on... Wondering if God is not pulling me into a quiet season, closing the doors on some things...

God is good.

When we came home, I went into my room and lay down and just listened to sweet Christian music on our old fashioned Christian radio station... I just lay down and rested and let the sweet spirit of the music sink in.

My dad had made some wooden crosses a while back to wear with a ribbon as a necklace. After being in the huge city today. I'm thinking I need to wear one. They are large crosses similar to what a nun or Fransiscan would wear. But I'm thinking they need to be worn publicly by people like me, by Christians like me after seeing the spirit that is taking our country over. The country is destroying itself from within...The spirit of something very different than our sweet Jesus is taking over, it's manifesting itself in different ways. It's everywhere I look. It seems people who once were strong are falling so quickly. People, many homeschoolers who were viable. They aren't the same... They just aren't the same. So many false gods... gods of academia, gods of materialism, gods of new age, gods of religions who call us infidels... gods of doctrines, strange doctrines, intellectual doctrine. No one hardly talks about Jesus anymore.

The Bible tells us, it warns us. Brethren do not be deceived. That tells me it is possible to be deceived.

The cross. The Cross. May we keep our eyes on the empty Cross. The power of the Cross. Jesus our Lord. Do not be deceived.

Allow me Lord Jesus to soak in Your Sweet Presence.

For an Audience of One. Our Father. amelia


Cass Griffin said...

Your blog so many times totally encourages me- not just in an "amen, sistah!" kind of way...but in a "oh wow. You need to take a deep breath and ponder" sort of way.

You're always a blessing. ;)

Jane B. Gaddy said...

Amelia, dear! Oh, how I needed this tonight. I love that you just lay across your bed and listened to an old fashioned Christian station. My husband and I do that every night. Just the sweetness of old hymns lulling us to sleep without the head banging stuff that sweeps our country and, yes, greets us at church on Sunday. I'm so uninspired by it all. But you... you have it so right. We are in those perilous times and we need the sweet words of Jesus in our heads, in our hearts, all around us. I love the old song... "Give me Jesus, give me Jesus. You can take this whole world... but give me Jesus." The longer I live, the more I realize that this old world is not my home. I'm just a pilgrim, a stranger, passing through. Hasten the day when Christ shall come and take us home. Praise Him!

My best love to a friend I've never seen, yet whom I know, without a doubt.
In His great love,
Jane BG

Maxine said...

Amelia, how beautifully you've expressed this. I know exactly what you are feeling in this post. These are words that need to be spoken, you never know how God will use them. It's really painful and sad to see what's happening around us, I do agree. But let's keep pressing on as best we can. Raising our children and speaking for righteousness when and where God allows.

God bless you, Amelia. One of the reasons I'm so thankful I started blogging five years ago, is that I have "met" people like you.

The Saxophone Player's Wife said...

I am hardly blogging these days, and so rarely at Blogger, but tonight I was here to help my sister with a project and I noticed this latest blog, and have caught-up on your adventure. I sure do miss you, Amelia! I'm so glad I found this blog tonight. I am just so out of sorts right now. I won't go into, because it is so late now and I doubt there is any profit in it, but please know how much I appreciate you and miss your posts on Xanga. I am so lonely for spiritually mature women of God, for people whose hearts are also all twisted-up over the state of church today---people who understand that cross between heartache and frustration. Well, I better go. I am delighted to see your house coming together so beautifully, by God's design. Bless His name!

with love, from your Xanga friend,
Caroline (BooksForMe)