Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our New Sink, a Blessing in Disguise! Really!

It is so hilarious the sense of humor the Lord has. I've never thought I would ever want a granite sink, for some reason they were strange to me...For one thing I didn't know the positives of them and had no idea they actually are heat & scratch resistant. I also didn't know these poly/granite sinks had real granite particles in them, I couldn't figure out what they were made of, they were just new to me.

Last week Hubs and I were trotting through Lowes and checking out the scratched, dented, clearanced selection and there was this sink on the floor. It was one of those weird granite ones. It was marked up on the edges from being on display undermounted and really... when Hubs asked how about that one for $50 I actually said... "Gong!". And laughed. But the more we looked at it, and the more I envisioned it with our wood countertops the more I thought...Ya know? This isn't so bad...

Never say never folks! Ours is similar to this one but a little lighter and even sides. It's a nice 9 inches deep which I so love! We took the little marked up sink home, (it had been a display and undermounted) I took some moistened baking soda to it, and we have a like-new sink that would have normally been $220.00.

My oh my, the Lord works in mysterious ways... : ) He is a much better decorator than I...

Next is the septic system...Hubs has a great experienced little man who has agreed to do the job for us. Hubs waited over the phone as the sweet man figured up the job over the phone thinking out loud as Hubs listened and prayed! The price was more than a good deal. God is good.

I hope to post photos soon, if not photos perhaps a worded update.

Blessings to all! That's the wrap on the house for now, I'm decluttering like mad, and will start packing too soon. I figure everything I declutter to donate to bless others we won't have to move and find a place for.

Please pray for us as we are making decisions and such.

Blessings! ~Amelia

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