Monday, January 24, 2011

Plugging Along...Counting Blessings...

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I loved this shot from Robert Stock. It reminds me of some of our Italian relatives...So funny.

My hubby has quite a sense of humor at times.

He was at Home Improvement store last week buying our vanity sinks, pretty ceramic sinks with a beautiful decorative raised border. The young man working there was high on the ladder getting one of the boxes down. Hubs tells me he could hear little tiny pieces clinking around. (Not a good sign) The worker opens the box at Hubs polite request.

The poor little sink was broken in little tiny pieces....Just as Hubs suspected.

Hubs with a straight face to the young clerk:
"Do you think you could give me a discount?" ; )

The poor little worker:
"Oh sir, I don't think you would want this sink"

Hubs laughed, the clerk laughed and all was well and it sure makes for a cute story.

Oh it was so nice going to the country yesterday to see the new house. We had a sweet picnic dinner outside. Hubs has been working alone on the house lately, he loves working with his hands and we want the home to be our very own, I do believe it's like a giant hobby for him. It's going to be a little different and a bit unconventional but "Us". Us. Our family represented in this home.

The wood countertops in the kitchen are wonderful... Hubs may buy one small can of marine varnish to swipe over the already shiny tops of outdoor varnished oak.

The master bath was a wonderful surprise for me...We found black granite squares on clearance for $3 and something a piece. We did the countertop in that, and then lay the two pretty white bordered sinks into that. Hubs had bought two vanity faucets several years ago and wouldn't ya know, the handles are a beautiful white, a very pretty sculpted white that matches beautifully with the white sinks with the raised sculpted borders. We're doing marbled look white tile in the bath and backsplash with tiny black diamond shaped cut-outs every now and then. I love it. It reminds me of the feel I used to get when I was a little girl and would go to downtown for hospital visits to see our great aunts & uncles or perhaps grandparent's doctor's visits... The black marble etc. in the beautiful downtown buildings...The cool young nuns stuffed in a station wagon going by my family; me, my mom & dad on the freeway smiling and waving to me as a little girl as they passed...Such a neat time even in an urban place!

I'm like that. I remember feelings and memories, the look and feel, the atmospheres... and I try to recapture the good ones. I do think mission may be accomplished in that bathroom! For the back of the woodburning fireplace I want a zoo-look. (It's another story of fond memories)...I've always loved the natural look of our city zoo, very artsy, natural stone but perhaps some modern twists as well...I'm not sure but I'll know it when I see it. Yes indeed.

I'm decluttering too. Decluttering is a big deal for a creative mess like me. I'm getting ready for the move. Excitement and expectancy are brewing. I'm looking forward to seeing the new people the Lord will cross our paths with.

Here's some pics to update my memory here from several weeks ago:

Our kitchen, the tops are shinier now, the sink is in. It is looking nice.

Another view, you can see the cabinets on the island. The dishwasher was bought a couple of years back on clearance. Are we not brave? ; )

Our view over the kitchen sink. We put the kitchen on this corner of the house so we could enjoy the old oaks, so fanciful...

Hubs getting ready to experiment with some stain. We finally chose the Gunmetal shade from Cabot.

Our sweet Dd21 enjoying the work in progress! If I know her, she's thinking up some good things to cook in the kitchen!

Tis I...I think I was saying something or thinking something one.... My smile is just not norm here. Oh well, such is life eh?

Just being. Enjoying God's Handiwork.

A neat little photo Dd21 put together. And it says it all...

Bye for now... The Last Child in the Woods... ~Amelia

P.S. You can see the beginnings of this journey for our family here:
"My Journey Begins"

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