Thursday, November 2, 2023

God's Comfort for Grieving Pet Parents, Sharing Some Things That may Help (Edited)

Today is a beautiful day outside, I just witnessed Jem quietly (unannounced to me), taking down Muffie's little yard where Muffie would roam around safely.  Many thoughts in the theatre of my mind...


God's Comfort for Grieving Pet Parents 

Losing a pet can be an incredibly painful experience. God created domestic animals to meet a purpose in our lives. Those who have never bonded with a pet, do not understand the depth of the connection. Sometimes a grieving pet parent is trivialized by other believers, making it even harder to process our pain. God cares about our animals and expresses it in Scripture. In fact, He cares about anything that causes us pain. He is the God of all comfort; it is an expression of His nature to comfort us in any type of pain. This video will provide you with some Biblical basis for looking to God in your time of grief and loss...  (partial description of video)


This video just popped up last Sunday on my screen, of course we know it didn't just "pop up"  it was God.

The above is a heartfelt message by Dr. Jim Richards, a pastor and operates a free clinic from what I understand.   He had just lost his beloved pet when he made this video and it's one of the best I've seen as Dr. Richards is clearly grieved and explains things so beautifully and God honoring, keep with him, there will be a video within the video after the first ten  minutes or so.   This video is good for anyone who has lost their beloved pet, or anyone or anything...



If you read the entry below from October, you will see that we lost our little Muffie, the third one of our fur babies in two months.  Yes, heartbreaking.



Last evening I passed by his wicker bed on my side of our bed and oh it tells such a sad story...Both Jem and I still go look at the wicker bed when passing through to check on our little guy.  Sadly, he's not here with us any longer, as Muffie has passed to Heaven.  The baby blue blankets are just as they were left on the morning of Oct. 13th as we had left for the vet's.


When our precious large dogs, Liesl and Gracie and our daughter's little dachshund, Atticus bark...I tend to wait for little Muffie to start barking too.  It wasn't even a few weeks ago that little Muffie would rise up to still bark when his fur angel siblings would bark at something suspicious.  Our little guy.

He would bark in his later years, sometimes I think since he was blind he was out of sorts... And I would pick him up holding him against my chest as he would stretch his little head back and then he would wiggle after ten minutes or so and I would gently place him in the living room dog bed by my feet, he knew even though blind that he was with me, he even loved laying on Jem or my shoes.




The video above explains quite a bit, many don't understand because they have never bonded with any of God's creatures, many have somewhat of an emotional deficit and it affects reactions and really affects lives and that can be a sad thing. 



I just bought this book for myself and one for each of our grandchildren:

This contains an image of:.

Piggy in Heaven

I purchased the books from  These are sweet little books that explain our pets going to Heaven, maybe you would like the book too?


EDIT 1.13.23   I just shared with our daughter, Zuzu a remembrance of little Muffie that is so cute.  I'll write here what it is:       

He would roll around on his back on a carpet rug and jerk all around on his back and then 'freeze' on his back still, perfectly still...and want us to look at him and give him pets...He could be such a little character... He would do this often in our room on my bedside and give out little growls playfully as if to say..."Look at me!" "See what I'm doing?" "Aren't I funny?"

Thoughts of Christmas and Thanksgiving...I even wrapped our grandchildren's Christmas gifts yesterday in the quiet and stillness...It felt strange but a good thing to do.  

Pasta gravy will be simmering soon.  

Just stopping in dear friends, wanted to share that timely video with you all.    

I cherish your heartfelt comments, they are a Gift.  



Cheryl Kimbley said...

Just HUGS! I understand and my heart hurts for you all.

Amelia said...

Thank you Cheryl, I appreciate you...

EM Griffith said...

You and your family are in my prayers, Amelia. I'm glad you have Liesl, Gracie and Atticus to look after your house and heart, as well grandbabies to brighten your days, although it doesn't remove the hurt. (((Hug))) --Elise

Amelia said...

Thank you Elise, yes, those pups definitely do keep me company and give so much love, thank God we have them, they are so precious to us. We pray that the good Lord will send others to us out here as He sees the need in His time. And the grandbabies are so very special, precious blessings from the Lord.

Thank you Elise for your sweet and understanding comment, (((Hugs))) to you as well, I sure hope you are getting better. ~Amelia

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