Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Of Christopher Robin and Batman...Liesl too. A Wonderful Movie, Most Appropriate for Holidays Coming Up.

 Sometimes...When I watch children play...I see what is right in the world...

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The world of two, four and a half year olds, cousins...We have Christopher Robin here, reminds me of a young Elmer Bernstein in the way he appreciates music and already composes in his own way, dancing around waving his arms to the music...Christopher Robin loves the theme to 'To Kill a Mockingbird' like Mimi. (by Elmer Bernstein).  We even had one of the beautiful scores entitled, Boo Who? from the movie, To 'Kill a Mockingbird' played at Batman's mommy and daddy's wedding.  It was played as I was walked down the aisle as mother of the bride, we even did congregational singing at the end with a famous hymn...it was surreal.   Batman is an extrovert, and has the ability to be an encourager.  Once Batman and Christopher were playing a game in the back on a holiday, Christopher Robin's mommy heard Batman say...You can do it Christopher!   I tell you, you can do it!    Little Batman was so funny this day...I so wish I could have gotten a shot of his feet, he had one rubber boot on one foot and a sandal on the other foot!   That is just what he wanted to wear this day our daughter tells me.  Little Batman is a hoot.  This day, he would have made the perfect children's book illustration, the both of them would have.  They cover their sweet little mouths and giggle, like two little cherubs.  Mimi had bought them Christmas sticker coloring books from Dollar Tree and it was so cute them holding the books facing each other and giggling covering their mouths...Just so innocent and sweet.

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Christopher Robin and Little Batman having the best time every blowing up balloons!   So fun.  It doesn't take much for children to have simple fun.

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 One recent day, Christopher Robin's daddy had to go to the emergency room with a possible broken ankle and we gladly took Christopher with us this Sunday as our daughter could only handle one of the toddlers at the er understandably.  We had just lost our Missy and I turned and looked at this sight in our car...And I saw what was good and right that Sunday.  A Blessing.

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Sometimes when I see our fur angels, I also see what is good and right in the world...

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This is sweet Liesl.  She is half Shepherd and half Lab and just a colossal ball of love.  Our daughter living at home caught this shot of her on the landing.  She was very upset because it had started to rain and Mimi and Popo were not home yet. 

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She had been laying here for around an hour very upset with the situation I must say...But alas we were soon home.

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Liesl now loves to ride in the cart with Popo (Jem).  For several years when we first had her she simply would not get into any moving anything.  I think she was afraid she would be abandoned again, poor thing.   The cart is fun, Jem bought it used from an elderly man who fixes them and resells them.   The man was so funny...He had a golf cart in his living room he was working on!  

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Sweet Liesl, when you look into her dark brown sweet eyes with those blond eyelashes, you see a beautiful soul, almost human like. 



I remember what was good and right in the world when I see this portrait of my parents in a happy time that hung in our living room when I was growing up.  The portrait looked lit up one afternoon as I was rather upset one day recently, after our fur angel had passed away and I looked up over the computer and saw this sight...It was as if God whispered a breath of Life shining on the portrait.  Very unusual because this normally did not catch this kind of light in the afternoon.  

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When I see little Elbee, one of our little kitties laying in front of a music station on our television, I smile and appreciate this little fur angel's quiet spirit, it too reminds me of what is good and right in this world.  He has bright blue eyes and is a tiny little white cat.  Joycie rescued him as he toddled down a busy road one day back when she was single, it looked as if a hawk had dropped him, there were talon marks on his back.

Elbee makes his appearances in interesting places.

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Sweet Elbee.  I think he likes pretty vintage music and sometimes Bossa Nova jazz too.   


Walks outside are good for clearing our heads and hearts, talking to God.  Sometimes I say...I need to get out of my head.  This was taken on the day of the partial eclipse and we had just lost Muffie the day before.   Do you see the little crescent moon images on the ground?

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A distant shot of Gracie our precious hound dog.  I'll have to post more of her at a later time,  she's a very sensitive dog as well.

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The Holiday and Christmas Season is approaching and this movie is just wonderful to keep things in check.


Meet John Doe (1941)  What is there not to love about Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck?    ...Who are the Heelots?   Watch the movie and find out.   This movie speaks multitudes of society, materialism and the beautiful common man.  Oh the messages in this movie!  There is one part that speaks of that Common Man, Jesus Christ two-thousand years ago...   It's interesting, you will see many of the same parallels we see today going on with corruption and power.  

Meet John Doe, directed  by Frank Capra, one of my all time favorite directors from Bisaquino, Sicily where my Grandpa was from.  This girl is half Italian and half German...Imagine that.






The other day, Jem and I were riding in the car and this song came on...It really touched my heart.  In these days of elderly moms and everything else this just really touched my heart. 




Time to go finish up supper, I hope all is well with you sweet Readers and Friends.


...Surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my Life...   From my most read Psalm these days...Psalm 23.


Let me know how you all are too dear Friends.    Signing off from My Forest Cathedral....    ~Amelia 

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Cheryl Kimbley said...

You have such a way with words. Lovely post.

Amelia said...

Thank you Cheryl, that means so much. I appreciate you.

Anonymous said...

Just what I needed today,a little reminder that there are still some very right things in this world, especially the innocence of children. Seeing Christopher Robin and Little Batman, and well as Liesl. Last night we watched "A Dog's Way Home." A really touching movie that brought tears to both Hubs and my eyes. I hope you liked the almond stuffing as much as we do. Mine is already in the freezer and I'm going to make another batch tomorrow. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Cookie

EM Griffith said...

What a wonderful blog post, Amelia. Your grandchildren and fur babies are beautiful! Thank you for those links. I love old movies and that song is amazing and oh, so true. Love the way your describe Christopher Robin and Batman! Yes, those are the pure joys of life. Those moments you capture so well in pictures and write about so beautifully. Sounds like you're feeling a little better, which is an answer to prayers. (((Hug))) --Elise

Amelia said...

Hi Cookie, How good of you to take the time to comment and let me know you were touched by this blog entry, it means so much to me. I will have to look into that movie, that sounds so good. I love movies about dogs. Dogs are such precious, sensitive creatures aren't they?

I took a little bite of the almond stuffing yesterday for a taste test after I had put it into the freezer, it was worrying me that I hadn't tasted it, and yes, it is very good! I may make another batch too to make sure there is enough, next time I will use a sweet onion instead of such a strong one but still delicious! Thank you so much for cluing me into that site, Cookie!

Blessings! ~Amelia P.S. The easy shortbread cookies are wonderful too! Will definitely be making more!

Amelia said...

Hi Elise, So sweet of you to offer such encouragement. Thank you so very much, it touches my heart, your sweet words on our grandchildren and Liesl...They are a blessing to us that is for sure and I try to drink up what I see and take a photo in my mind of their little goings about. : )

I am feeling a little better lately, thank you so much for the prayers, I feel them. Isn't that song so beautiful? I like Steven Curtis Chapman, he seems the real deal to me and has had a horrible heartache and tragedy in his life. The Companionship of Brokeness.

Thank you so much sweet friend for the encouragement in my writing, sometimes I just post the photos and let the words flow from my heart as God gives. (((Hugs)))to you sweet friend. ~Amelia

Sandi said...

A seeet post, Amelia, full of the things that matter. We just had a visit from little nephew and niece (7 amd 1) and their mommy, my niece who is all grown-up and married now. These are glorious days. Despite the goings-on in the world, life blooms here. God bless you and keep you, my friend.

I saw your comment on Howard Pittman. I had not heard of him before. What did you think of his message?

Amelia said...

Hello Sandi, Oh it sounds like such a sweet visit!

I haven't heard all of the video you have on your site but I'm half way through it is very good. I do remember some of his descriptions from the early 80s and it is sobering indeed.

God bless you too dear Sandi! ~Amelia

Anonymous said...

What a precious post this was to read and brought a smile to my face multiple times. Christopher Robin and Batman crack me up! What a duo. 😀

The pictures of Leisl cracked me up too. Especially the one of her waiting for y’all to get home and then riding on the golf cart. 😂

Beautiful post and I need to watch Meet John Doe because we haven’t seen it in so long.

Amelia said...

Hey there Zuzu. : ) Yes, those little men crack me up too. So darling, just so darling.

Liesl is such a sweet little (big) soul...A Gift, she is very expressive! She's like a hooman riding in the golf cart isn't she? It looks like a Richard Scarry illustration doesn't it?

Thank you Zuzu. Yes. You all *must* watch 'Meet John Doe'. You will see sooo much in what goes on in our society and culture back then and today.

Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it very much. xo

Cathy said...

You find good in so many things and that is healthy mentally and spiritually. Sometimes we must fight hard for it though because "the world" seems to want us upset, don't you think? And of course, in this world we do have trouble as Jesus says, but we are to take heart in Him.
I like how you suggest good movies to watch.
I totally agree, walks outside are good. I walk daily if I am able.
Thank you for commenting on my post. Blessings!

Amelia said...

Hi Cathy, Oh it's so good to hear from you, your encouraging comment did my heart good.

You are sooo correct, yes the world does want us upset I think sure enough. Yes, it's good to keep informed but then pray right? We must take heart in Him as you write, what a comfort.

Those 40s movies...Oh there's nothin' like them right? : )

Your blog is a blessing, Cathy, I enjoy it! ~Amelia

Cheryl said...

Indeed, it is good to look for the things that are good and right. It is an exercise in gratitude, I believe. It is quite easy to see the sad and the dark, but the good is always there because His mercies are new every morning!

Thank you again for visiting my blog, Amelia! I have enjoyed my visit to yours!

Amelia said...

Hi Cheryl, so very nice to meet you! I so enjoyed your blog, and I enjoy meeting new blogging friends too. : )

Please come back by and visit and I'll visit your blog too again, thank you so very much for your encouraging comment, it is a Gift to me this Sunday afternoon.

Blessings! ~Amelia

Terra said...

How beautiful of you to notice that watching young children play reminds you of what is right and good in this world, plus being in nature, and enjoying the company of a dog and cat. You asked today in your comment on my blog, where I bought the collar, the brand is Novkin and I bought it on Amazon, actually a two pack. Now I am going to listen to the worship video you linked to.

Amelia said...

Terra, thank you so much! I so appreciate your encouraging comment, I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it. : )

That info is very helpful, Terra! I will look that up, I would like to get those for all of our pets! I hope you enjoy the video, Steven Curtis Chapman actually had a beautiful Christmas concert with a large orchestra, it was so good, so touching. It was on tbn, I'm hoping they play it again, he has some poignant things to say.

Blessings to you, Terra! ~Amelia

Little Mama Mia said...

What precious pics of the boys! Little children definitely remind us of what is good and right... they fill our hearts with such joy and peace, don't they?!

Such cute pics of Elbee ! lol

That's really neat how the light was shining on the pics of Gma & Gpa <3

That's such a good song from SCC...! I hadn't heard that one yet

Amelia said...

Awww....Yes, children are so special. I looked up and that light was so beautiful on grandma and grandpa's portrait. I've not seen it like that again. The song by Steven Curtis Chapman is a good one. Thank you so much for coming by and commenting, so sweet.