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'Tenth Avenue Angel' (1948) More Wonderful Exerpts From Roy Rogers and Thoughts

This is one of the sweetest movies ever, talk about true Christmas.  There is a precious, precious Christmas miracle at the end.  


A Few Clips.  At around 3:00 you will see the sweet spirit of Christmas,  (spoiler alert). 


 ...if you've got a heart, it breaks. ~Roy Rogers, My Favorite Christmas Story

 Movie in entirety:



What's there not to love about Phyllis Thaxter, Margaret O'Brien and George Murphy? 


In our home when it's our birthdays we usually pick a favorite movie, this movie is one I've picked more than once!

These old movies, many from the 40s are so much more substantive and wholesome, done in a time in our country when the majority of people had a healthy fear of God.

I try hard to keep our home a sweet place, a refuge and insulation from the world as it is now.   Why not?   I'm sure most of you do too and that may be why you read here.  We can keep our homes in the spirit of that 1940s home, with that healthy fear and love of God.

Love in Action

Christmas, my child, is love in action....  When you love someone, you give to them, as God gives to us.  The greatest gift He ever gave was the person of His son sent to us in human form so that we might know what God the Father is really like!  Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas.   

~Dale Evans Rogers


 When we go out we try to talk to people.   My daddy was like that, many times I may pick up on an accent, so....I ask....So.  Where ya from?  Most people are glad to talk about that.  You may notice a young lady's makeup, how pretty she put it on, her pretty hair, you may notice a man's kindness and you can say that, you can tell that girl how pretty that makeup or her hair is or to thank them for their kindness and how you appreciate that.

Here's an idea for this Holy Season...Put some Christmas cards, really pretty ones in your purse or pocket and hand those out to sweethearts, those people who need a little extra thank you.  You can even whip a pen out and write a little personalized message or thank you in one before handing it the person.

Tracts.  Tracts are a good way to share the gospel. 

Sometimes we can be a tract. 

Every day is church.   We are the Church, whenever we are out and about we carry sweet Christian tracts, we can hand those to checkers or waiters and say a sweet God bless you with a big toothy smile!   Just the other day we were having trouble getting a gift card loaded and it took a while to get it straight, at first the checker was defensive she was so used to people getting on her case but Jem just kept smiling at her and being kind, he even told her  I'm not trying to get on your case.   When we left with our finally loaded card, (it took a long time to get it straight) that checker said....Ya'll are the most nice, most humble people I've ever met.  Ya'll can come to my counter any time ya'll come here!   Wow.  Talk about a Gift!   We both smiled hugely at her and said GOD BLESS YOU!  She made our day.  ...And we may have just made hers too!

Now don't get me wrong that story's not meant to be a back door compliment to us but just wanted to share and I bet you have stories too!  You can share them here!


Enjoying the quiet of Christmas...Still gleaning from 'My Favorite Christmas Story' by Roy Rogers.


An Excerpt:

That's Christmas, to me:  standing at the manger. . . .

It was a stable, yes, a mean place for a baby to be born, a mean place even for animals.  It wasn't nearly as fine a stable as Trigger has.  it wasn't the light, shining place the artists have painted; it was a dark, damp hole in the ground.  Here He was born.  You don't like it?  You think the Son of God should have been born in a palace, or at least in a place where there wasn't any dirt or darkness?  But that wouldn't have been right, because God was sending His Son into a world that was a filthy stable, a world dark with pain and hatred and dirty with sin.  It was right for Him to be born here, for He had come to make men clean and to bring a light into the world that would drive away the darkness in men's minds. I'm no theologian, and I haven't had an education in theology, and I know this explanation of why He came may not please all the theologians, but that's the way it looks to me.  I can't put it in fancy language, but I can say that He brought light and peace and something new and clean and fine into my life, and that's all the theology I need....

~Roy Rogers 'My Favorite Christmas Story'



One Morning this Week

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I love seeing cattle...Once a huge white curly-looking bull was startled and started trotting from me, he had a sweet face, he really did.  It was the neatest thing...I just quietly said in the best Snow White type of voice I have... Please don't run from me, I won't hurt you, and ya know?  He stopped and turned around.  We had a nice chat, he turned around and just listened so sweetly to my pleasantries.  God's Creatures.  Seriously, that did happen and I'll never forget it. 

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Yesterday, Jem, (known as Bobo to grandbabies) with one of our little grandsons.  Our daughter, Zuzu is making plans to deliver a little  baby probably this week and was at an appointment.

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I went with a smaller 4 ft. table top tree starting last year.  A satisfying decision.  This year I did put ornaments and my signature vintage icicles on it, I just felt like it this year.   Last year, I kept it very simple, only lights.  Grace's special friend bought her the snowman canvas art behind the Christmas tree from Hobby Lobby.

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Old-fashioned icicles.  My ornaments are from Dollar Tree, I purchased  entire dozens for a dollar each dozen.  I have a huge amount of original vintage 40s and earlier ornaments in our attic, I just haven't been able to go get them so this is fine for me this year.  I try to keep things somewhat simple, if something requires me a ladder then I'm not doing it!  lol


This Morning

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A big popcorn tin for our pick-up friends!  (I love popcorn)

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This morning Jem will get our little gift to our trash pick-up friends.  I put some tracts on top with a bit of tape.  Jem gingerly sets it on top of one of the trash cans as nicely as possible.  

Our daughter, Zuzu who is visibly about ready to deliver ran some cookie tins out to her pick up men the other day...Who would not be touched by that?  A petite young woman very great with child running cookie tins out to you! 



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The  breath and the warm bodies of the animals warmed Him, in the little room.  If they could have talked, what would they have said to Him?  What would the lambs have said to the Lamb of God who would be sacrificed on a cross?

The animals--then the shepherds from the hills.  The shepherds were the first men to come.  The people in the courtyard may have looked in at Him, and smiled, and gone away never knowing what they had seen, but the shepherds came, and they cane because they knew, and they came to worship.  Out on their hillsides, watching their sheep, they had heard a great strange music.  If you will go out this Christmas Eve and stand still and just look up at the stars, and listen, you can hear it, too--the music that comes from behind the stars, from another world.  You can hear it, if you'll listen.

Excerpt from Roy Rogers from his most wonderful book, 'My Favorite Christmas Story'



As Roy wrote....You can hear it, if you'll listen.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week sharing and being Jesus to others.


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