Saturday, December 4, 2021

Oh My Heart! Frank Capra's 'Meet John Doe' (1941) ...Our Little Town Peeps are Angels Right Here

 Meet John Doe  (1941)


Yesterday I found myself wandering through our little town Walmart...Oh.  My.  Heart.   I love it there.  Memories of yesteryear are there.  My little girls were very small, my friend was their piano teacher who has gone to be with the Lord.  My friend was a dear friend who had landed from the city in smalltown years before, she had looked like Greer Garson in her younger day in the 40s, she loved the Lord and I loved her.  

I would wonder the aisles back then...It's a tiny little Walmart and there have been recent times I'll hear a very sweet but astounded suburban woman with an artificial Christmas tree in tow in whispered voice wide-eyed...This Walmart is so tiny!  I smile back knowingly.

Yes, that is what is so wonderful about it.  It's pretty close to wandering the aisles of an old five and dime store, it has that most wonderful smell to it...It has the old heater and air conditioning system coming on and blowing that most wonderful airy sound vibe into the air if you hear it... You must hear it though.  You must *hear* it.  You must see the sights there.  You must feel it.  

Among the goodies there are the people.  The people who work there have worked there for years.  In fact they have worked there  before my youngest was  born.   I know them decently well, they'll ask one of my daughters where I've been if they haven't seen me in a while...Oh Mom? she's fine.  Her and my dad have been going to USO town and stopping by that Walmart.  (I'm sure that's almost like a mortal sin to these folks and they are probably praying for their wayward sister).  *big toothy smile*  I've made skirts and a tote before and drawn a fashion illustration I framed simply with a God loves you written on the back for one of the checker's grand-daughter as she didn't have a mother and needed some feminine influence. 

Well yesterday I was back in a most glorious way.  Conversations with a worker, on my maxi skirt I was wearing I had sewn, made with 'A Day at the Museum" fabric.   I gave her some tips on sewing.  Just listening to a workman and his wife in the Christmas department...I later hear him say...They have a lot of Christmas s*it.   Oh my, but it tickled me, he was just  being honest in his own funny little way. ...I also am pretty sure I saw two neighborhood forest ladies at the store  but not sure, we all smiled but none of us were sure.  It's kind of funny where I live...We know each other  but we don't.   Usually we see each other from a distance, either they are taking a walk or we see each other through a car window driving down these roads, we all live in the forest on property and like our quiet, we have all kinds of folk, quite a few police, a geologist...a U.S. Army General...all kinds of people and stay at home moms.  Yep, I admit it really should be better than that as far as knowing each other but.  I digress.  It's a great area to live and a privilege and Gift from God.   In the burbs I knew the faces but the faces would usually take a quick turn because most of those folk were too busy to talk or even smile at all. 

On to positivity here...The small town people are the salt of the earth many times.  They are my angels and it seems as if many times God sends these most wonderful people my way on the most needed days ever!  These people are the best fellowship ever, the best sermon ever.   I'm still building memories right here in small town.  I'm back to the forest, been back for over ten years and it feels good.  Pity those who haven't tasted that nectar of the simple life and the most wonderful John Does. You can even live here in the forest or any other sweet place but still not appreciate the beauty of smalltown and John Doe. It's got to be in our hearts.  If we can just lay down labels and talk with each other we can see.  *See*.  The beauty in one another.  There are far too many judgy armchair psychiatrists out there and far too many insecure people who behave as bipolar nutcakes, far too many ungrateful and plain rude people to not *see* beauty in the folk that may be right under our very noses!   I guarantee you there are people trying to analyze what I just wrote at this very second!  *smiling away!*  (It really is funny on people)  Oh dear me.....  

I hope you enjoy the movie above.  Meet John Doe (1941)   Directed by Frank Capra, the same Frank Capra from the same village in Sicily at the same time my Grandpa lived there.  My Italian family name is mentioned in one of the Capra biographies.  Yes indeedie. 

The first time I saw this movie was the night I came home from the birth center in '93 with our little baby girl, our youngest..  



Oh please enjoy the movie, and you will see wonderful life lessons on the materialism and how it can sneak in, and even a beautiful reminder of what Christ did for us over 2000 years ago as Barbara Stanwyck's character relays... Oh you must all see this movie!    Wonderful actors, Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck and what is there not to love about Walter Brennan?  


Enjoy friends.  Enjoy.  When you're out, notice everything.  Everything.  The sounds, the smells...The look on a child's face and even just enjoying the face of a child....Everything.   Let that child remember your face that is kindly smiling to them.  They'll remember it. ....I can almost guarantee.

Life is a Gift.  Live the Life.  Remember what Christmas is all about...Jesus is that Life born in that stable on that holy night. 

Love, Amelia


Liesl, one day this past week, I think this is such a pretty photo of Liesl just enjoying life.  She is truly a big colossal wonderful angel in our lives.  Many times I affectionately call her My Angel Girl as she lay her head on my lap in the evenings...



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Michelle said...

Small towns can be so wonderful! We went to our small town Christmas parade the other night...such great memories were made and the local churches and parks had festivities and live manger scenes to walk through and of course the park down way had a country singer singing Christmas Elvis Songs. 😄 We didn't get to participate in it all this year, but I love the small town feel of it and just driving through. We see our neighbors, and people standing by are so quick to be kind or give our toddler little goodies. There truly is something special about small town, slower paced life people. 🥰

Amelia said...

Oh yes Michelle, such hidden treasures...It's a great place to raise children and even beyond those years, it's a great place to live true life. *happy sigh* Isn't it sweet that people give your little toddler little goodies? Oh my goodness! That warms my heart. It is slower paced and that is a Blessing and Gift. I'll never forget us going to the local privately owned fast food joint and it was raining something fierce a few years ago one Sunday near Christmas. The place was decorated and lit up for Christmas so the lights they decorated with were even more dramatic with the tinsel everywhere...There sat the hostess from another local restaurant that was closed on Sunday and she patted her booth seat saying..."Yall want to sit with me?!" Oh yes please, and we did! Such a neat rainy day, we watched as she enjoyed her weekly booth and table hopping a little and we talked at our little booth about all kinds of things and God as she knew the Lord too. Little did we know she would go to be with the Lord the next year...God bless her. <3 Thank you for your precious comment Michelle.

Marianna said...

I so agree about taking time to soak in what is around us. It’s so very important! Love that small town Walmart and I miss going there on a regular basis! Small towns definitely have their own charm. I know you’ve met some special people out there.

I need to watch Meet John Doe again — it’s been a long time since I’ve seen all of it.

Sweet Liesl! She sure is a wonderful dog!!

Amelia said...

Yes, Marianna, I know you so get that and treasure the small town wonders as I do, little hidden jewels, remember the teeny tiny little flocked animal figures from the gum machine at the grocery store? I still have mine because I knew one day I would be showing those to my grandchildren and they would get a kick out of them. I write this as I listen to sweet piano carols being played, so reminiscent of those times. Well, you're just going to have to take a trip to memory lane one day and revisit the little walmart, tea at the drive thru, maybe Clifford the horse, lots of Christmas stuff too. *big smile*

Lots of special people indeed, I don't see some any longer and I wonder where they are, on this side of Heaven or have they crossed over? Since I am an old fashioned girl many of my friends have passed to Heaven.

As you can see "Meet John Doe" is in entirety right online if you don't already have it on dvd. The 'Movies!' channel played it last May if it happens to be on your list.

Liesl truly is a Gift to me! You put it perfectly..."She sure is a wonderful dog!!" Amen to that. Amen.

Little Mama Mia said...

What a great reminder... God has been reminding me to be thankful *always*. He even lead me to a little gratitude journal at Marshalls this week :) I have realized that a big factor of being grateful is simply noticing all the small little things around us. You probably remember the quote, "wake to the wonder of the small". We can find so much to rejoice in and appreciate, if we take the time. What you shared are wonderful examples of that and inspiring for me to do the same.

I love that part in Meet John Doe where Barbara Stanwyck is sharing about the Christmas story... that is so powerful! So many other good reminders in that movie too.

Beautiful, touching last pic of Jesus reaching out for the lamb <3

Amelia said...

Lea, yes, Jesus' hand reaching out to the little lamb so touched my heart. I was looking for some kind of picture of Jesus and I came across that and that definitely was it for this blog. I know He cares for us as He does for that little lamb in the picture.

Oh that movie...Yes. Isn't it amazing that part with Barbara Stanwyck? Frank Capra movies are so wonderful in that respect and just showing common humanity and the greed for power in this particular movie. Jesus Christ, what He did for us over 2000 years ago. yes.

That's so wonderful you are keeping a gratitude journal, so many, many, many, many Gifts every single day if we will just notice and be thankful for each and every one. From the fragrance of hibiscus tea to my morning coffee to the deer in I was able to see this morning...Oh thank Him, thank Him. If we get out of our heads as you once said...Oh the Blessings we will see! : )