Monday, December 14, 2020

List of Christmas Movies to Enjoy!

 A real-quick post!

I know many of you love good old fashioned Christmas movies so here is a post from last year with Christmas movies we enjoy!

There is a very sweet movie also playing on Movies! channel.   It's called  Big City  (1948)

This is such a sweet movie, it has Margaret O'Brien, Danny Thomas, George Murphy and other greats!

Excerpt from Wikipedia:  "An abandoned infant is discovered in New York by a cantor, David Feldman, and a minister, Rev. Phillip Andrews, who consult police officer Pat O'Donnell about what to do. Taking in the baby girl and naming her Midge, the three unmarried men seek legal custody in the courtroom of Judge Martin O. Abercrombie, who is agreeable on one condition—the first man to marry will become sole legal guardian of the girl." 


I still love toys....I saw this little fella at Walmart and he looked at me with those big brown eyes and he went home with me!




Little Peanut, he is so funny, he loves to cuddle under blankets...


Liesl, our sweetheart, she was waiting at our bedroom door, her head cocked so cute.  She heard her Popo tying his shoes and was eagerly awaiting!


Life is crazy and sometimes the holidays are tough.  We recently had a broken engagement when our sweet, oldest daughter, Janie realized the two were not spiritually aligned, she was having a time of it but things are looking up this week so thank the good Lord for that.  Prayers are always coveted for our family.  Jem and I picked this cute little shirt up for her at Walmart, it was just hanging by it's lonesome, we thought it would be a good reminder for our daughter, Janie at this time.


Many have loved ones who have died and it is shocking and it seems so cruel, I understand the hollow feeling and I know grief but God is with us as you know.  We are part of the Companionship of Brokeness I do believe.   You are so in my thoughts and prayers dear ones.


Another blog post to come soon.



A recent  early evening.


Sandi said...

Janie will one day be so thankful for this "no" now.

Amelia said...

Yes, you are so very correct. God is the Revealer.

Sherry said...

i'm so thankful this earthly life is but a whisper in time compared to the glorious eternity with the Father. the groanings of this present age are deep - our Lord's love is yet deeper.

*praying for your precious daughter*

Patti said...

First of all, my heart hurts for your sweet girl. I know that having no spouse is better than having a wrong one, but I'm sure ending things was not an easy thing to do. Next, your sweet pups are adorable. How I love dogs!! Also, I have not seen nor even heard of that movie, but it sounds lovely. We watched an old "sort of" Christmas film last night. Good Sam, from 1948, starring Gary Cooper and Ann Sheridan. I love those golden oldie films!!

Love and hugs,

Amelia said...

Dear Sherry, thank you so much for those prayers.

I love what you wrote....*love* *love* *love* Amen. Truth.

Amelia said...

Hi Pattie! Dogs. Are they not the most precious Gifts? True fur angels...What would we do without our fur angels? : )

It was a very difficult breakup, especially as our adult kids are approaching middle age and they aren't seeing much in the way of a godly people out there and the condition of the churches. (Oh dear me).

Oh thank you so much for the movie recommendation, that sounds right up our alley! (big smile!) I do think you will like the "Big City"...It is darling. Have you seen "Little Nellie Kelly"? (spelling?) It is also very uplifting and truly adorable. Oh those golden years of Hollywood...What a different world. I hope you're having a sweet Christmas time. Love and a big hug to you too sister.

Barbara said...

Continuing here to pray for your dear Janie, for God's will to unfold right before her eyes into incredible beauty, love, and a bright future. Thank you for your dear sweet heart, especially for those like me. Yes, God is with the brokenhearted. He is faithful.

Amelia said...

Thank you so, so much Barbara for your prayers, what a beautiful prayer too.

I'm so praying for you too, I know the sudden loss of your Beloved is a huge, huge, huge loss. We know God is carrying you through. Words are just not adequate and seem so canned but my heart is with you dear one.

Praying hard for your, (((((((supertight hugs)))))))