Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Now Edited and Updated: Old Christmas Movies of Excellence Not Mentioned Much

I don't know about you, but hubs and I really enjoy relaxing in the evenings watching a good ol' wholesome movie, when Rebecca is home she too likes to cuddle with a blanket and the threesome of us enjoy these kinds of wonderful movies...   These are very good movies that the entire family will enjoy from a beautiful time in our nation as far as the nation retaining a healthy fear of God.   I hope to add more movie suggestions as time progresses towards Christmas and the entire Christmas season and beyond so if you get the druthers, you may want to check back. 

'Come to the Stable'   (1949)
 Come to the Stable VideoCover.jpeg
I'm watching this poignant movie at present and am so enjoying it.  Both of these women had turned their backs on the world of fame to serve God in great humility in their own way.  I'm in awe of some of the sacrifices I see made not only from the sisters but of a tough mobster with a tender heart too. 

'Tenth Avenue Angel'  (1948)

My last few birthdays, the above has been my choice of movies.  You will see why if you watch, there is a Christmas miracle.  What a winning combination, Margaret O'Brien and Phyllis Thaxter.

Precious movie with Jimmy Durante in one of his best performances.

It Happened on 5th Avenue (DVD)
I had sent the above two movies to my dad several years ago, the last one in particular, 'It Happened On 5th Avenue',  I was hoping he would catch a hint about family concerning he and mother.  A most wonderful movie.

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EDIT 12.2019:  Here are some additional movie greats also wonderful for Christmas time, I will update as I think of them.

Bells st marys.jpg   Bells of St. Mary's  (1945)
What's not more Christmas then Bing Crosby?   Especially playing the part of endearing Father O'Malley.   Ingrid Bergman is just quietly beautiful here...See the clip of her as a nun playing baseball.  Who doesn't love that?

 GoingmywayBing.jpg  Going My Way   (1944)  
Nominated for 10 Academy Awards;  this movie goes hand in hand with Bells of St. Mary's.  Our beloved Father O'Malley played by Bing Crosby, so sweet, so poignant.  I actually knew a priest like Father O'Malley as a little girl, he would braid my long hair in one long ponytail as I waited for my mother to pick me up from c.c.d. class.  There was nothing creepy about the man, but a man of honor and care.  

Whether you're Catholic, Protestant, or like me, a simple follower of Christ, child of God.  These things matter, Oh God help me to never blaspheme the name of Christ by my actions or lack of actions. 

Poster - Meet John Doe 01.jpg  Meet John Doe   (1941) (The cover artwork isn't fully representative of movie in my personal opinion.)
Anytime you can find a movie by Frank Capra, you are pretty well guaranteed a GEM.  This is one of those movies.   You couple Capra's expertise with Gary cooper and Barbara Stanwyck?  You have a masterpiece.  This is a beautiful movie and the ending is stellar, if you are looking for a movie that speaks of Christ and what He did on that cross over 2000 years ago, you will be in awe in the end...  This movie has special meaning to me because the first time I viewed the movie was on a cold winter's eve in 1993 after delivering my fourth little baby, our fourth baby girl, Rebecca. 

loading ... These old movies are tried and true, they are sweet, moral and have wonderful life lessons in them.  I usually sense a comradery with those who also appreciate them and cherish them.  Why wouldn't we love these old movies?  In many cases they feed the soul...

All photos in this edit are by Robert Stock.  

Christmases Past
My daddy when I was almost born into this world, my mama wisely put up a small Christmas tree that year and of course the little manger scene too.
 My mama and me.  She made this jumper for me and I remember being so fascinated as she painstakingly ironed on the tiny pieces to form a Santa Claus on the jumper, she is an artist and a Godly one.  She called me 'baby' the other day, it was cute.  She's almost 90.

This is my daddy, I love this picture of us.  I miss my daddy sooo much and I'm still so grieved in my heart at the tragic loss of my dad a couple of years ago.  The other day I was crying quietly in the kitchen asking my dad why and our new little fur angel ran up to me, what a Godsend.

This is me as a wee little gal in ballet class at a Christmas party.

God be with you in this Holy Season.  God is with us.   May we quietly plod along being the best mom, the best daughter or the best wife or husband etc., whoever you are, whatever season you are in.  Let's be content in the quiet of the Season.


A box full of goodies for our delivery people I quickly made and placed in our drop-off bin, it was fun to do.  I tried not to get too matchy-matchy poo-poo with it.  I want to bless others not drive myself or others in my family crazy.  (big smile)  This worked and worked quickly and accomplished what it needs to accomplish. 

Our delivery people often don't get here til dark and my husband was reading that some have 300 stops and no bathroom breaks.   Can you imagine?

Mixed Emotions at Christmas:

The video following my short treat box video above;  I posted the clip last January when we lost Charlie.  It features the little boy at Boys Town, Teddy weeping and just sharing his little heart on pain from 'Little Men of Boys Town'.   This exchange is soooo beautiful I think especially Spencer Tracey playing the part of Father Flanagan.      Be prepared especially if you are going through any loss or feeling any pain. It's a good clip and Father Flanagan has some beautiful, sweet, sweet godly advice.  Oh give us more Father Flanagans!   Give us more Pastor Flanagans!   May *we* be that Father or Pastor Flanagan, or Brother or Sister Flanagan. 

Video clip HERE

May we exhibit Justice and Mercy all of our lives, may we have discernment and boldness, saturated with Love.  


Patti said...

Such great childhood photos! It's such a treasure to have photos from our childhood, isn't it? What a cute jumper your mom made for you! Your childhood Christmas tree looked much like ours---loaded with icicles.

I also love the current picture of you. You are gorgeous!!

I, too, am an old movie gal and would go live in the 1940's if I could. (Maybe even the 30's, despite The Great Depression. I truly love that era!)

Anyhow, Gary and I watched a Loretta Young Christmas movie tonight. Not Come to the Stable and not The Bishop's Wife, but Christmas Eve. It was a made-for-TV movie from 1986, when Miss Young was in her 70's. To say she aged beautifully is an understatement! It's a sweet film which always brings a tear to my eye.

It Happened on Fifth Avenue is one of our family's favorites. Really cute movie. I don't think I've ever seen Tenth Avenue Angel. We, too, choose a birthday movie to watch. My husband always chooses something with his favorite gal, Ginger Rogers. And I usually choose something with Gary Cooper, usually Mr. Deeds Goes to Town.

Blessings and hugs,

Amelia said...

Hi Patti! Yes! Aren't icicles the bomb?! I just love them. My daughters and I still use them! I always feel like buying them up whenever I spy them! My mom was a perfectionist and anything she created was so beautiful and soooo perfect as the 'Santa' on my little red jumper that she made. Her drawings and paintings from when she was single are breathtaking.

I also enjoy seeing your old photos too, it's such a different world now isn't it? Remember 'the doll'. It was always such a beautiful thing to receive...The beautiful baby doll.

Well thank you Patti! My photographer daughter, Rebecca, our youngest took the photo of me out on our front porch one afternoon when I had come back from town. You are such an encouragement, we gals need to hear those things sometimes and I appreciate your compliment greatly!

I've never seen the movie with Loretta Young, I will look that one up! I love finding out about new-to-me old movies! Loretta Young is a lovely lady sure enough, just love her facial features and the beauty and graceful way she had of speaking.

I love both Ginger Rogers and Gary Cooper! Ginger Rogers seemed like such a neat, neat person. I just love her personality! Have you seen 'Kitty Foyle'? Aha! Yes! 'Mr. Deeds Goes to Washington'! Hey, now that's a good idea to watch soon! Love that one! Great quotes can be pulled from that movie, I've done a blog on that one. How about 'Meet John Doe'? I have put that one up in past Decembers on my blog, what a great message there also relevant for today, yes, the same message over 2000 years ago as Barbara Stanwyck's character said.

Blessings to you Dear Patti, Your comment is so appreciated, encouraging and helpful in movie choices! xo ~Amelia

Christine said...

I have turned off my TV. Now only watch wholesome movies. Thank you for ALL these wonderful classics.
Per your suggestion, I bought Dolly Parton's two movies - so wonderful! Now those movies are at my grand kids home. They have watched them over and over!

What a beautiful picture of you! Thank you for sharing it!

🎄 Merry Christmas... "see" you next year!

Amelia said...

Christine, Oh that is so wonderful that your family is enjoying the two Dolly Parton movies of her life as a Christian little girl. I think I will watch mine over and over too. : ) Thank you for sharing that with me!

Turning the t.v. off, oh yes and amen. We are very selective on that. :) We watch the news, Donna Reed, Andy Griffith or that type of thing when we do watch regular t.v. One station we do enjoy, is 'Movies!'. We had basic plus cable with Turner Classics old movies but cut the cable. We can buy plenty of old movies for far less then a cable bill. We have a Channel Master dvr device now so we can selectively tape the old 30s-40s movies and play them back minus commercials (no fees, just a tool). Also there is a Light station that Roma Downey has something to do with that we tape from occasionaly, my husband likes GRIT for old cowboy movies. My daughter discovered, the 'Old Movie' app and it pulls many old ones from youtube. Excuse the ramble but I'm trying to spread the word on the old but new Channel Master dvr device. In that way we use the t.v. as a tool.

Thank you for your sweet words on my picture, my sweet youngest, Rebecca (once the little Dolly Parton girl) is a photographer and one tired and trying day...She took me on the front porch and voila. It turned out nicely. A Blessing. God sure knows what He is doing.

Have a safe Christmas and enjoy that great family!

Marianna said...

All of these are wonderful! I recently saw Come to the Stable and it was a really sweet movie. Although I will admit that I thought I was going to see a Christmas movie based on the title and the opening scene, and it wasn’t actually! But nevertheless it was a precious movie and I enjoyed it. I also love the little squirrel one — so sweet and funny!

All of these pics are so precious! So are the captions. I don’t know why Grandpa did some of the things he did... hopefully now all things are clear. I know the holidays are extra difficult when we think about all these things. Praying God gives you peace and comfort this season. ❤️

Amelia said...

Hi Marianna, Yes, isn't 'Come to the Stable' wonderful? The scene where the nun plays a good game of tennis in her habit and after the match the couple finds out her former name and she was once that famous player...She walks away and smiling sweetly, and quietly says, "Yes, once." Wow. What a lesson there.

The holidays yes, yes, it has been a little difficult this time. God is with us, Emmanuel. When I talk to the Father, oh how He gives the Peace and ....The answers in such pointed ways that bring such joy and solace to my heart as only God the Father can give. <3

Thanks for your thoughtful comment Marianna! xo

Sandi said...

It is good to know there are movies like this out there. Even "kids" shows are not always good to watch these days. I feel like I have to wear a strainer over my eyes...ha ha...and keep most things out.

Amelia said...

It's so true Sandi, the modern children's films have so much hidden agenda in them many times, or even the attitudes of the children portrayed are not good examples. Haha, that's funny. Yes, a very good description..A strainer over my eyes. True!