Sunday, December 8, 2019

It's a Wonderful Life Facts! Christmas Art Skirt and a New Fur Angel!

It's a Wonderful Life is one of my very, very favorite movies and I just thought these two videos were so interesting on facts about the movie...  George Bailey reminds me of my husband.  My husband is a real estate broker (and musician!) and our real estate office is in an old convent where the nuns used to live very similar to the styles of homes or buildings you see in this movie.  Hubs has helped people his entire career, putting people before money.  You should see him with renters, he comes home and we confer, humanity wins every time let me tell you and God wins ultimately no matter what the cost or loss.  It's all about honoring God and living with no regrets. There have been lean times for us too, I remember collecting change around the house putting it all in a fruitcake tin to buy my girls ballet shoes.  Thus being said, we are on the side of mercy, we understand how things can be for people, and never want to be the oppressor.

You will learn about Jimmy Stewart after he served in WWII also, how he wasn't sure if he would be able to act anymore as he once did...And also that Frank Capra wanted George Bailey to be praying the Our Father at the end of the movie.

I love hearing about Frank Capra because he reminds me so very much of my Italian Grandpa.  My Grandpa Oddo was from the same village, Bisaquino, Sicily.  In one of the biographies on Capra, the Oddo family is mentioned.

This is a very early drawing I had done of my Grandpa, Vincent Oddo as a young single man, an opera singer in New York.  He was discovered singing as a young man, an immigrant hanging his laundry out to dry, a lady from the opera was walking by and heard his beautiful voice.  My Grandpa Oddo was one of the most precious, sweetest men alive.  He later moved to the south as his mother had arrived from Italy here and he met my grandma,from Naples, Italay, she was from New Orleans and had moved to Texas with her family.  They were sooo proud to become American citizens! 

 My grandpa and I shared birthdays many times, our birthdays were within a day of each other.  This is me and Grandpa one year when I was a very little girl.   My grandpa and grandma lived on the bay because Grandpa loved the water, he became a shrimper, he and grandma owned a fishing camp so he became much of what I would consider a Great Caruso on the Bay!  He was a quiet and sensitive man.  Meekness is valued in the Bible and I think people forget that many times. 


One of my Favorite Art Skirts for Christmas!  It's hard to get a decent angle but this will have to do.

Cute 60s art dogs!   Dauchshounds and Poodles!!!!  Is this not reminiscent of some of our childhoods?

I love the print, it's a good cotton print.  How could I resist?  It's a maxi wrap skirt I made last year. (McCalls 5430 lengthened to maxi)  So fun to wear and I receive many compliments on it.  Looks good with black leggings, black boots or low heel black baby dolls.  I love black knit tops, and I love black turtlenecks for cool weather.  Most of mine are from, the old White Stag or Time and Tru brand.

Identifying Our Style Helps Simplify.   
It's not that I'm being a fashion guru trust me.  But anything that helps us have a carefree spirit and simplifies our life is a beautiful thing in my book.

   It's nice to somewhat identify and simplify our styles, I'm even going with the natural wave-loose curl in my hair these days, going with more of a Victorian look, pulling my hair back gently allowing waves to tossle down.  I'm avoiding the straightening iron these days.
It's kind of fun and it's easy, it helps me to simplify...and it's different.    Two bobby pins criss-crossed for crown, and two bobby pins crossed for next pull back down below ears and near nape of neck.
This day in particular it's a bit messy, but that's part of it!  *big smile* I know by looking here, it's certainly not perfect, but I dislike perfectionism and wanted to just throw it up and take a quick shot. 

The reason I post things like this is I just want to encourage others to have fun with what you wear, and enjoy yourself.  Be a first class version of yourself!  : )

A Funny Little Story I thought of.   (Isn't that what blogging should be?)
  I recall when I was younger I specialized in fashion illustration, my fashion designs were 40s and also Laura Ashley style before any of that was even in vogue.  In highschool my drawings would be in the school showcase, a big long glass display cabinet in the hall to display interesting art of the week or month.  One day one of my friends and I in art class were assigned to go hang the new drawings in the showcase so we unlocked the long lengthy glass cabinet and we stepped inside, closing the  glass doors.  We posed like mannequins to see if passerbys would notice.  Just innocent fun, I still smile and laugh even thinking about that day.  It was me and a girl names Marilyn.  I wonder what happened to Marilyn?

Do you ever think about random classmates?  What happened to them?  I do and it's usually a signal to pray for that person I have found.

Black and white photography above both by Robert Stock.

A New Edition!

Speaking of cute little dogs, Dauchshounds in particular....

Our New Edition!   Is this not the cutest little fella?   He was cruelly dumped for some reason (how could there be any?!) in our area and he eluded folks for days and days.  I texted our daughters driving here at different times on Thanksgiving to keep their eyes open for the little fella.  Well, Joycie and Pete came to the door with a blanket holding the little fella!!!   The little dog had ran under a barbed wire fence and Pete grabbed him up quickly.  He is soooo thin bless his heart.  I just cannot imagine what he went through, it breaks my heart but he is in good hands now, and I pray God's healing hands upon this little fur baby. EDIT 12.10.19   Jem and I took him to the vet this morning and he just seems to have a bit of a cold and congestion, everything else tested free and clear!  PTL.   Our vet is one of those people who you can sense is a Christian by his actions.  I want to be like that always!!! 

The kicker?   I asked Joycie if they had received my text concerning this little dog to be watching out for it.   She said, No, we never received it!   The other girls who received the text didn't see the little dog, Joycie who never saw the text spied the little dog!   

So this precious little fella is our newest fur angel!

Our sweet vet will be taking a good look at him so we can take the utmost care of this little Gift.  : )

EDIT  12.13.19   Little fella is doing great, just a little cold from being out in the elements so long.


I'll start to close with this favorite little poem: 

What Shall I Give Him by Christina Rossetti

What can I give Him,
   Poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd
   I would bring a lamb,
If I were a Wise Man
   I would do my part,—
Yet what I can I give Him,
   Give my heart

I see this poem under several names, I see it as a part of a longer poem also very beautiful by Christina Rossetti.  My little girls had this poem in their Bob Jones University homeschool curriculum and it was so sweet to see them recite this poem using their little hands to illustrate the meaning.

Good memories...There is nooooo money that can buy that!

I saw this quote and thought it was hilariously wonderful!  Sometimes in the Holy Christmas season or anytime it is a bit much when we see the out-there commercials for cars, jewelry and such or folks who just seem so plain wrapped up in all of that.  They have completely lost touch it seems. But we don't have to, do we.  *big smile* 

...Some people want a cottage in a village away from those people!

Good evening, Loves,  

Taken last year at my daughter's baby shower.

~Amelia in the Forest... She married a music man...(Tiny Dancer) and that guy who lassoed the moon  (It's a Wonderful Life)   ....both rolled into one great guy always morphing into an even greater guy as he is in his 60s now.

As God's chosen people...clothe yourselves with...kindness   Colossians 3:12

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love.  Romans 12:10

Be kind.  Be so kind and thoughtful that others may ask or wonder...

"I wonder where he or she attends church?"    

I've seen some that I think...Oh dear me, I would not want to get near the church that person attends.
But many times I've asked people that very question as I've noticed their beautiful Holy Ghost smiles and loving, polite ways.

I want to be the latter!  


Michelle said...

Love, love seeing the old photos and painting of your grandpa! So neat and such sweet memories that you have from him. ❤️

Such a funny story about the showcase window! 😆

I'm so glad Marianna and James were able to rescue that little doggy! He's so precious! And I'm sure so very grateful he's in a wonderful home now. It was so sad seeing how thin he was. He's already looking SO much better.

I love the Christina Rosetti poem. I remember reciting that at the nursing home as a little girl!

Barbara said...

Much to think about here. I'll address the matters that come to mind:

1) I love posts about hair styles. Even at my age. Yours is lovely, feminine, soft.

2) the skirt fabric is wonderful!!! such a nostalgic and fun print!!!

3) welcome to your new lil' fur baby. Yours is the best home for one so precious and needy.

4) the quote about the big house.... and the cabin .... so funny. Yes, lead me to that cabin!

5) I'll close out this comment with a re-quoting of what you said (because it's worth repeating!!): "...anything that helps us have a carefree spirit and simplifies our life is a beautiful thing..."

Blessings to you, dear Amelia.

Marianna said...

There's a lot to comment on here, so I'm sure I'll forget things... but I do love the skirt and hair ideas are always great! I enjoy my hair straight these days for the most part, but curly hair is always fun and nice, too. The skirt is so adorable and retro! I bet you didn't know you'd have a dachshund last year when you made that skirt! ;)

The mannequin story is a fun one. I love the pic of great-grandpa -- it's such a reflection of his personhood from all I know of and remember him to be. Your art is beautiful. I've always thought you should take up drawing again.

I remember that sweet poem and learning it in kindergarten! I've always loved it; its so sweet and simple and beautiful. It's the heart of Christmas.

So glad the little slinky dog found his forever home with y'all! I know he is super happy there and is getting the absolute best of care.

You and dad are a great pair and so glad y'all are enjoying each other! Great pic of y'all. :)

Still have not listened to the Wonderful Life facts, but I will have to bookmark them to listen to while I do housework. I've really enjoyed Jennifer Scott the past couple of days as background, but wonderful life factoids would be Christmasy.

Amelia said...

Oh I remember you reciting that at the nursing home! You were so shy but recited the poem so cute of your own will! Very sweet.

One thing about any practical joke or anything I did in school, Grandpa would always think it was funny since he was a practical joker. *big smile*

That little doggy is soooo sweet and a Godsend, of course Liesl understands that she is still special too, I had to assure her of that, and Gracie thinks the doggy is her baby! Coffee and Muffie just loves life but needed some extra pets too. Dr. Hester said little 'Peanut' looked quite at home and loved in my arms. A blessing.

Amelia said...

Aw Barbara, Such a sweet comment, I'm so glad you liked the hair-do entry. It's soooooo difficult getting photos to look right online. Gah! lol

You are really sweet to expound on the blog points Barbara and to see the humor too, thank you sooo much. I wasn't planning on this blog being so long, and had even shortened it. (horrors) I appreciate you appreciating what I wrote and taking an interest.

Merry Christmas Barbara, I appreciate you Barbara!

Amelia said...

Marianna, That is so true, I had no idea I would have a little Dauchshound this year! He is truly a Christmas Gift!

So glad you liked the sketch of Grandpa Oddo, he was one precious man, he was the most modest men I ever knew, he had a heart of gold. Seconds before he passed away he was smiling as if he saw someone he knew...

The Wonderful Life facts are very interesting, things I've never heard of before. I had no idea that Jimmy Stewart had been traumatized from WWII, we never hear that. Also that Frank Capra wanted Jimmy Stewart to be saying The Our Father at the end...I think you'll enjoy both videos, especially knowing the story behind the Capra family and knowing that great Italian spirit of Grandpa and Grandma Oddo and how proud they were to be Americans.

Little Mama Mia said...

I love the pics of Grandpa Oddo - both the one you drew and the one with you and Grandpa Oddo and you as a little girl. How very precious. I very vividly remember seeing the drawing of him hanging at their home - right above the counter where the food was served. As a little girl, I remember wondering who that was supposed to be - I did't realize it was Grandpa Oddo as a young man. How awesome that you took the time as a young girl to draw that. What a great job you did. And what precious memories I know you hold with him like the one in the pic. So, so sweet and priceless.

Y'all's new little slinky dog is sooo cute! I'm so grateful that he landed a home with y'all - that's hitting the doggy jackpot! LOL! I know he is VERY well LOVED. So glad the vet said he is doing okay. God bless y'all for caring for all of the little fur angels he has entrusted you with.

Such sweet words about Dad... you've both set a good example for all of us. It is a blessing to see - especially for all of us girls who benefit from the strength and stability of parents who truly love each other!

Great hair style and adorable fabric print!

Love you, Mom!!

Amelia said...

Awwwww thank you Lea, That is so funny that you never realized who the sketch was of when you were little. * smile * Oh to step into the mind of a child! *big smile*

I hope we will always be that stability, we've seen good and bad times but have knocked the sharp edges off tumbling in God's rock tumbler through the year melding making something much more smooth! lol We both love Jesus and want to do what is right, I think we both have a healthy fear of God and we love our kids! : )

So glad you like my maxi skirt, ..and hair style too! I'm trying to just go with my hair,and what it wants to do, the more simple the better and the more I stay away from a heated straightener the better off my baby fine hair will be. I enjoy maxi skirts...For me, they work so well!

Love you too dear Lea! Thanks so much for your sweet comment, comments are precious to me. ~Mom

Sandi said...

"Do you ever think about random classmates? What happened to them? I do and it's usually a signal to pray for that person I have found."

Yes yes yes.

I have to say, I smiled a bit at the little photo of the cabin and how some people want to get away from them.... 😊

Amelia said...

Yes, many times I'll have someone on my heart as the Holy Spirit places them there and later I find out why... Once I ran into a young guy when I was young and had been praying for him as he had been layed upon my heart strongly, an astronaut's son I went to school with and had gotten mixed up in drugs badly. He was at a Keith Green Christian concert we attended, he was just starting to get into a Christian walk and was with a group of young men from what looked to be a Christian home for young men. It was so great, they put their arms around him and he was still in his hippy clothes that night.

Thank you for the sweet comments Sandi. : )