Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Two Weddings, Not Entering Heelotville

Well after my last blog, some may wonder...

What did your daughters do for wedding dresses you may ask?  What kind of weddings does your family do?   Well, we try to keep it sensible.  Probably to a more extravagant person, they may think they are very simple.  Perhaps to a family on a very limited budget it may seem very nice.

So far, two of our four daughters are married so here goes.

One thing we did to try to save money and keep things sensible is order the wedding dresses online.  We found lovely dresses overseas.  Didn't that scare you Mrs. Amelia?  There was definitely some trepidation I must tell you!  Haha, especially the first one!  But for the price we really could not go wrong.  We found a vendor with very, very good reviews and rating.  The vendor answered our questions within 12 hours and answered them well.  The vendor had detailed instructions on how to measure for the wedding dress.  They even gave us a choice between a lace-up back or buttons.  They recommended lace up back because that was easier to fit but we wanted buttons, we also asked the vendor if we could 'up' the neckline an inch so it would not be low cut.  The dress later arrived in a plastic bag and ....  It fit!  It even had french seams!

The one thing we did tweak on Michelle's was the sleeves.  She wanted the sleeves to be a teensy bit more fitted.  We found a precious sewist in uso-town who fixed that problem very, very reasonably.  I also had the sewist hem my dress.  I could have tried to do all of this myself, I do sew simply with a Walmart simple Brothers machine that I adore and depend on, and I sew by hand, but with delicate fabrics requiring special machinery to get that handkerchief hem....I wasn't equipped to do that unless I sewed it all by hand, the simplicity of someone else doing that for me was wonderful and with the french seams?  I don't think I could have attempted to keep the french seams.

The flowers were done by a precious master florist right here in our little smalltown.  A hidden gem.  A young doc friend of the girls, also a prodigy with his violin, played that violin and it was gorgeous. The cathedral organist was included, a wowee winning combination. The church was a beautiful, an over one-hundred year-old Wesleyan cathedral in downtown where my parents were married but in the chapel back then.  The grand cathedral  has beautiful stained glass windows with Jesus and His little lambs.  Around five years ago, they had a pastor there that I loved, we would sit up in the balcony across from the stained glass window with Jesus with the little lambs...The place just had the breath of the Holy Spirit that whispered to my soul.  The first time we attended, my husband and I both had tears running down our faces up there in that balcony.  Unfortunately some different progressive thinking hit the place, a different, more progressive in a not-such a-good-way thinking pastor and I'm grieved about that major.  We can't support that.  (another blog).  Please pray about that with me would you?  I am counting on God to restore that beautiful place.

We live in the forest but like to step in our Jetson mobile of sorts and go to downtown every now and then.  Memories of me as a happy child with my parents are there in the zoo and museum district, also where both my husband and I were born.  I guess I'm very sentimental and eclectic...  The forest and artsy classic downtown.  The suburbs?  ...Not so much, not a fan of the busy system of cookie-cutterism.  Haha.  I've lived there too, and yes there were good points but I missed my forest peace and simplicity.

We had the reception in the reception hall at the church.  Why not?  *big smile*  It was rather neat, dark teal heavy vintage curtains hung as a backdrop that gave it that vintage vibe we so love. The hall also offered low reset lighting and parquet floor so what was there not to like?  For our family it worked nicely.  We kept the food to finger foods (good, heavy finger foods) we didn't want to make people hangry so to speak!  lol  We had the hors d'ouevres catered from a Mediterranean place in downtown we love.  Lot's of hummus in large cabbage leaf flowers, olives, many cheeses, pita chips, a variety of little mediterranean dainties, fruits etc.  We served iced tea and coffee.  On the invitations it was printed, "Cake and hors d'oeuvre reception to follow ceremony."  This way, no one expected a seated full dinner.  The wedding was an afternoon wedding at three.  The lady who made the beautiful tiered wedding cake made the most delicious Italian cream cake with a chocolate layer under the white icing!  We had so many compliments!  For music we had a piano player play background music to give things a relaxing vibe.  We used burgundy table cloths with short stacks of  old vintage Grace Livingston Hill books placed artfully with a vase of fresh simple fresh flowers  atop of  each.  The bride and her sisters and special friends worked hard I must say on this.  We would hire that out if we did that again.  Way too much ironing for them. The tablecloths were from...ebay of course!  Great value there for the sturdy tablecloths too.  We didn't have a ton of tables, just enough for people to land and visit with each other if they wanted to.

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You can see where some of our thoughts were running here on my HEELOT entry that may give you some laughs!  Probably because it's the truth!   lol

In our family we try very hard NOT to be a HEELOT!   lol

To save on trauma or money on tuxes when Marianna got married 2 years later?  My husband and groom had the epiphany to buy matching  black suits from J.C. Penneys on sale, much, much more economical and and looked  stunning on my husband, groomsmen and ushers.  White dress shirts, white handkerchief squares and matching ties purchased online.  My son in love wore his own suit in grey.

So, when Marianna got married, we took the same path.  We ordered her dress from the exact same vendor.  She also took her dress to a sewist to have it taken in, and the day before she even decided to make it sleeveless so Marianna did that herself by hand!  The dress was made with excellent construction and once again, french seams.  The venue was a lovely glass conservatory, part of a  historical museum in Galveston from the Victorian age.  More of a garden feel this time.  The food was once again, heavy finger foods from our own provider, iced tea and coffee, and we used the same lady to bake the same exact cake.   We picked some of our beautiful favorites from 'To Kill a Mockingbird"  instrumentals as the bridesmaids and myself were coming down the aisle.  Congregational hymns were sung before the ceremony started.  A professional young musician friend played violin as a gift. We were to have a trio to play old time 40s background music such as Nat King Cole selections but the wedding had been canceled because of Hurricane Harvey so was postponed one week.  So we forfeited the trio and played Nat King Cole and other old charming classic cds overhead for background.  The conservatory was so loud with visiting no one heard anyhow so there ya go.  The guests seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.  After the ceremony, before the reception, the guests were able to browse the historical museum as the conservatory chairs for the ceremony were being set to the side. The museum in the huge old Victorian home actually at one time was an orphanage for Christian and Jewish children long ago.  Very beautiful grounds.

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When I was looking up past entries finding pics and such I came across  this quote.  I know it's a  bit off-topic but in lieu of this day and age of churchdom, it can be quite fitting depending on what we are personally dealing with or have dealt with.  The one thing I try to get over to people that have  been hurt by churches though...It's not Jesus who hurt you, it was some manmade thing or person who hurt you.  It's not Jesus who did that and  trust me, it grieves His heart too.

'When any church will inscribe over its altar as its sole qualification for membership the Savior's condensed statement of the substance of both the law and the Gospel, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and thy neighbor as thyself” that church will I join with all my heart and soul.' 

 -President Lincoln

 And one of my favorite all time favorite quotes!

"Too many people are buying things they can't afford, with money that they don't have... to impress people that they don't like!"   

-Will Smith


Need encouragement avoiding the Heelot syndrome?  May I suggest my blogging friend, Mrs. Sharon White's delightful book?   An Old Fashioned Budget.   I've enjoyed all of Mrs. Sharon White's books, they just bring a song to my heart.  It's like having a sweet neighbor to have coffee with. 


I hope you all are doing well, I try to keep up with others' blogs as I am able and I do enjoy them.  

Please pray for me right now and our family, my mom is being taken to the nutritionist and cardiologist by my daughter and it is entailing a lot.  Way more then we bargained for.  Lot's of pressure going on of various degrees.   Our heads are spinning.   Prayers please!

What a Friend we have in Jesus is what comes to mind,  

Love to you all,    ~Amelia in the Forest 


R's Rue said...


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Praying for you and your whole family right now. Trust in God.

God bless.

Sandi said...

Beautiful wedding photos!

I am sorry to hear about the changes at the church you love. Praying for righteousness to return. Also praying for your mom. My mom fell yesterday, finally said she would go see a doctor today (it wasn't a bad fall, more of a slide, and she does not trust doctors). I was not worried until she agreed to see a doctor, so I knew she was hurting. It was just a sprain!

Amelia said...

Thank you R's Rue. You are a blessing and inspiration. <3

Amelia said...

Victor, Your comment means the world and I have revisited in my mind the comforting - "Trust God" reminder. Thank you so much for your prayers, your prayers are coveted.

Amelia said...

Hi Sandi, Thank you for the prayers for that church I described, I too am praying for restoration, I know that God can and is able as we persevere in our prayers, I still tune in on our local t.v. awaiting the change. They were one of the first churches to ever have a televised service on t.v. It was a very unique church, Bible studies plus that oldtime, beautifully asthetic Holy Ghost feel. There is something very special about it.

Oh I'm so sorry your mom fell, that's scary! I'm always warning my mom about cords on the floor, my dogs, my cats, bumps, steps etc. Thank God your mom has a sprain and that is all. That was a relief I'm sure, I'm rejoicing with you on that! : )

Thank you for prayers for my mom and our family. I so covet your prayers.

sharon said...

I just came across your blog. The weddings were beautiful! Sending prayers for your mom and family.

Amelia said...

Hello Sharon! What a delight to meet you. : )

I enjoy meeting new blogging friends and are so happy you came by!

Thank you so much for the compliment and also for your prayers.

Blessings! ...And please come by again! : )

Barbara said...

Once again you have written a beautiful post. I enjoyed so much the descriptions of the girls' weddings.

And their gowns! Modest and feminine, elegant, beautiful.

Praying for the situation with your mother. Wisdom for what is needed and what is not.

Amelia said...

Hello Dear Barbara, So glad to hear you enjoyed the post. : ) Thank you so much, isn't this a great time that we live in with online ordering and just all the possibilities?

Thank you so very much for your prayers and understanding on my mom, I know you know exactly how these situations may be for all and at every angle.

Marianna said...

Yay for eBay dressss! God really helped us find beautiful dresses that were also budget friendly! I still chuckle when I remember how I had expedited the shipping and it showed up with purple ink all over the sash area — horror! To my relief, it had been disappearing ink that was used to guide the beadwork; because we had expedited it, it hadn’t had time to disappear yet. Lol! I really ended up loving my dress though — especially after I chopped off the sleeves! 😁

So true abt not going into debt to impress others. It is so freeing to be secure in ourselves enough to do only the best that we can afford.

And also true abt not confusing Jesus and church attendees!!

Amelia said...

Yes Marianna! I am sooo glad you brought that up about the purple ink! Wow, now that was a bit stressful...Until it disappeared! ROFL The poor company had shipped so quickly the disappearing ink to mark the beading hadn't had time to disappear yet! Oh. My. Goodness. My advice is do not order expedited so the company will have plenty of time to compose your dress! *chuckles*

Both of your dresses were gorgeous and both weddings were just so special and unique I think. Hopefully people were blessed and you girls had good memories of a lovely, classy ceremony that glorified God. : )

It's so true, we must be a first class version of ourselves and try not to worry about what others may think. We don't want to follow that old naked 'emperor' do we? *big smile*

Yep, there are nominal church-goers and then there is the Church and of course...Jesus. People may let us down but Jesus will never let us down. And thank God for those who serve the Lord and know Him so personally that their behavior and sweet spirit is unmistakable. May we be that one, that if someone were to say, we did something or said something wrong...People should say, 'Oh no, that is not like her, she would never act like that or say that!'.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog today.

God bless.

Amelia said...

My pleasure.


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