Monday, March 9, 2020

Peace Be With You...

The other early evening I walked into our master bathroom and I heard the most beautiful song on khcb, our traditional Christian radio station, it was as if Christ was giving me soothing refreshment to my soul, it was an ethereal feeling.  I was almost stunned and stopped in my tracks.  I closed my eyes and just received the refreshment.

Later the announcer made an announcement of the song and specific artist on the variety cd.  I now have the cd, Scripture Lullabies, Hidden in my Heart Volume I  to play in my kitchen..I also play it on my channel master on youtube on television and it goes from one song to another.  There are several volumes, this is the first.

I just wanted to share the Beauty and Peace with you all.

This second selection is just gorgeous, remember when you were a child and there was a special movie on around Easter time?  Or just something that struck your soul...a miracle of sorts?  This music is the kind of music that would describe that feeling or moment...  Enjoy.  I like the ten hour version but there is also a single selection by Samuel Barber on youtube as well.  

I have the above playing now as I type...

Closing with some special recent photos here.

Cardinals are very special to me, they are God's messengers and comfort.  Here is one I spotted through my back screen porch perched on a bird feeder I made with a dollar tree cup and saucer on a metal hook-hanger also from dollar tree.

This is Liesl yesterday evening, she is the sweetest, most affectionate and loyal dog we've ever seen I think.  Look at the love in her eyes...She had gone from one home to another and my daughter had her but the surroundings were not large enough so we are so very, very blessed to have this most precious fur-angel here...  And she is that, a fur-angel.

Wherever we are, she is there. Whether it's on a walk or a precious heartbeat at our feet in the living room, her sweet little head resting on our knee looking up at us...She is there.  Even if the little Dachshund takes her treat she lets him...Oh if humans would learn to be like Liesl.  (And yes, I give poor Liesl another treat.) 

More photos from yesterday evening and night.  It's hard to capture the peace and solace the forest brings...  Sometimes I stand and just quietly and being very still...Take it all in...

I saw the moon last night as  we sat in the living room watching an old black and white movie.   I couldn't let this pass me by...I grabbed my phone and stepped out quickly to capture the Beauty.

Well, I hope things are going well for you dear ones.   The nutritionist will be sending an email soon to my daughter to let her know if further testing through yet another doctor is necessary at this time for my mother.  We have a very good report on my mother's heart.  She is 90 years old and her heart is in very good shape, the sweet cardiologist with a Christian staff tells my mother...Oh my goodness, you cannot be 90!  You are very unique!   Thanks be to God.   So we'll see how the arteries on her neck are doing and I'm a firm believer in doing things the most natural way possible.

These kinds of things have the ability to be very trying for me emotionally, I've had my feel of bad people in medicine, no, I wasn't always like this, I have good reason to be this way believe me. I know they are not all bad but I have heard some personally, and I know some, some good and some bad.  There are a few angels but many are in the system.

I think all the testing is emotionally trying for my mom too and is even causing her to have faint spells even more.   I pray that the nutritionist-doctor will get down to the bottom of things and that will be that!  *gentle smile*

Prayers are appreciated and special thanks to those of you who have prayed, it blessed my heart and I am grateful. 

I do know many of you have experienced the same or similar and the same moon that shines over me shines over you too.  It's a comfort isn't it?  To know that brothers and sisters all over the world go through these things?   I'm very blessed to have good daughters and a good husband to help me with this situation who aren't wired quite like me; in such a delicate way or who haven't been through things to make them quite like me.  I do know God works things for His good, if we have been through things?  I think it's to help others and to be that understanding one.

God is our refuge.

Thanking God for each one of you!  Your comments are a Blessing to me.  I think God works greatly through blogs, I really do.  

Have a sweet evening, Loves,   ~Amelia in the Forest


Barbara said...

Praying for peace and calm in this matter with your mother's health. Yes, medical professionals can really do a number on us if we are not vigilant.

The bird feeder you made is really clever and cute. We've seen a couple of Cardinals in our Magnolia tree lately. They are such a special treat.

The music I listen to affects me deeply. Wish I had realized that in earlier years. It's just like being wise with the people we spend the most time with -- we are affected and tend to take on their ways.

I have a playlist on my iTunes for Christian praise music and another one I titled "Peace and Calm" made up of instrumental music that soothes my spirit when I need it most (much of that music is the same that's in my Praise playlist, the quieter selections).

Have a calm day and may the answers you need be forthcoming very soon!

Amelia said...

Thank you Barbara, your playlists sound wonderful.

Yes, the medical system has the ability to put people on a carousel ride and we just are not going there but as you said...We must stay vigilant.

Thank you so much for the prayers, I do need definite answers.

I appreciate you.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Praying for you and your whole family. Trust in God always.

God bless.

Amelia said...

Thank you so much Victor. Very precious reminder.

Blessings to you too.

Linda said...

Dear Amelia, isn't it wonderful the ways God will comfort us, whether that be through those beautiful eyes of your 'Liesl', soul stirring music that feels like a hug from God, or just a loving family to understand what we are going through. I love the way you strive to see the way God is loving you each day. The music you shared and your words are truly uplifting and beautiful. I pray your dear mum will get some results soon and loving carers too. Blessings to you ~ Linda

Amelia said...

Thank you so much Linda, I appreciate your encouraging and thoughtful comment and take it close to heart, I also appreciate your prayers very much!

Blessings to you too, Linda! I hope all is well with you.

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