Thursday, October 19, 2017

Autumn Days, a Skeletal Escape and Total Randomness Fun

A Morning here at the Forest Cathedral. 

Do you see Howdy?   A shy ginger man.

Sometimes Jem and I like to go for an outing, a day-date of sorts.

The Museum District is a Good Place for an Outing.

Let's eat food first... 

A simple lunch.  The real genuine, delightful hole in the wall original restaurant, the area is an eclectic mix of old but posh, strange but charming, both cottages and large estates.  This little place is known for it's tamales.  The original owner, Mr. Walter Berryhill sold the tamales in this area from a little street car, the old street cart is there on display.  

 Love this old tile where our little outside table is.

   Jem reads a text from the girls...Marianna tells us we are acting like old retired people.  We stuff ourselves. I had the most delicious, chubbiest spinach and corn tamales ever..

So now what do you want to do?  Let's just drive around and see....

These guys must be escapees from the Rice University lab.  Is this display not great?  The skeletons are seeking refuge here.

The skeletons will have a nice view.

We pass the lovely fountains and onto the other side...

The hospital where Marianna was born in the distance.

Sam Houston Statue.  I remember this museum area from when I was a little girl...Deep thoughts and contemplations here since I recently lost my dad as many of you know.

...My dad and his friends climbed this statue one night in his college days, the task given was to take a plaster mold of a part of the horse.  The story goes that the police were amused and actually stood and watched.  Oh the stories I have..

Yes, those young men were full of "honesty and goodness"...their task was not detoured. eh hem.

...Fascinating area 

Well I guess it's time to go home to the Forest?  

I do hope you enjoyed the sampling of randomness and fun. : )

So do you like simple outings too?

Back home....And to all a good night...
Mo-Mo and Howdy.  Sister, brother peacefully sleeping while their naughty mi-mi and po-po are away..

*a smile*            ~Amelia

P.S.   Thank you for prayers for our little Giuseppe, he is truly a little miracle.

May the Lord of Peace Himself give you Peace at all times and in every way.  The Lord be with all of you.     2 Thessalonions 3:16


Linda said...

Dearest Amelia, the monkeys made me laugh and the cats made me smile. I love all your photos! I also love those old tiles...the colours, too! I am so glad to see your post, my cherished friend. And the skeletons are very cool as well, I thoroughly enjoyed this! Thank you so much for sharing.

Marianna said...

The monkeys made me laugh, too! Hilarious! You are queen of GIFs! :D What a delightful and fun post -- simple outings really are the best. I enjoy them, too! It amazes me how rich you can feel when enjoying the simple things in life with someone you love. There truly is nothing like it. Thank you for the little "tour" of Houston.. it is a city that really does have its own charm and beauty (parts of it). I miss the skeletons this year (they certainly will have a nice view, lol!), and the tamale description made my mouth water a bit. ;) Thanks for little me "share" my cup of coffee with you over a "visit" this morning! <3

Amelia said...

Hello Linda! So glad you were able to come over and have a good chuckle. : D You are a blessing Linda. Hugs coming your way!

Amelia said...

Marianna! So fun! Yes, the skeleton brigade is back again! Yabba dabba doo! And do you think those monkeys escaped from the hospital? ; ) Ha ha! ...Or maybe it is dad's and my reflection! lol

So glad you were able to come have some coffee with me! xo mom

Barbara said...

I have to say that I'm not a fan of the skeletons the stores pull out at Halloween. They are everywhere.

HOWEVER, the skeletons you posted at the fence are funny. So I make an exception for them!

Yes, I enjoyed this post! Thank you for the entertainment.

P.S. Love Chariots of Fire movie.

Amelia said...

Hi Barbara, Yes, I know what ya mean on the skeleton thing but I too think this is just so bizarre and hilarious! They seem to be putting the little fellows out every year now and I captured a couple more shots the other day that shows how many are actually there! It's crazy!

I too love Chariots of Fire movie, such a wonderful movie. I was expecting our oldest, Lea, when it came out and I'll never forget watching it in a theater with an elderly neighbor. The music is also so beautiful... Definitely a family favorite of ours.