Monday, October 9, 2017

A Really, Really Good Short and a Sick Little Dog. Do you Like Fake Church?

The Crumbling of the Church  (If a tacky ad starts, please skip after seconds, I'm so sorry.)

Good Morning, I was thinking of the above video.  I have posted the greatness before and thought I would post it again.  I'll let it speak for itself.  It really tells the tale in my opinion and is pretty much how I feel on things.  The reason why I bring this kind of thing up is because it's important to me. I can't stand fake religiosity whether it's liberal or conservative.  Both stink. 

I've seen some messed up actions and thinkin', and as a young biracial pastor once said at the old downtown Methodist;  I've seen some... jacked up stuff.

I remember it like it was yesterday...The adorable young preacher named Terrence asked:

"Who likes fake church?  Who likes jacked up church?  Raise your hand if you like fake church."  

He had everyone repeat after him as he said...."Say it with me... J-a-ck-ed. Up."  He then explained that in his day it means: Messed up.

Marianna and I were up in the balcony that Sunday and almost could not contain ourselves we were laughing so hard.  You know how it is?   Something can be so hilarious because it's so true!  

I hope those of us who claim Christ *are* the church at every angle.  : )  And if you do not claim Christ I hope we can still be friends and that I will exhibit Christ-likeness. : )


I'm taking care of a sick little dog right now so please pray for me, pray for my husband and our little Guiseppe.

Guiseppe is our precious little elderly dog, almost completely blind, an angel, a little heartbeat at our feet.  He's especially close to Jem, the highlight of this little guy's day is laying next to Jem on the couch in the evenings, putting his head on Jem's lap.

As I type, he is resting on my lap, he's a sweet little angel.  

God, give us the wisdom to care for him at this time.

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Photo by Robert Stock

Take care all, may we be that Christ.  Let us not grow weary.  It's tough out there I know.

Hope everyone is having a nice week so far.      ~Amelia

"Some people think they are all that and a bag of chips."


Linda said...

Dearest Amelia, I will definitely pray for you and your family and your little Giuseppe! This is such a lovely and thought-provoking post! And you are such a wonderful lady. I smiled at the very last quote. I don't even think that I am "all that", never mind the bag of chips. LOL! It is sad that some church goers only "warm the pew", and some that don't even attend church do more than those who do, but I always try to leave the judgments to God, as I know He is righteous and just and it is beautiful to know that when we call upon Him, we never get a busy signal. Love and warm hugs to you, my cherished friend.

Amelia said...

Hi Linda, You are so thoughtful and your comment means the world as well as your prayers for our little Giuseppe. Linda, today he is doing so much better, it is like a miracle. We were so frightened because the symptoms were just so bad. Please keep praying for him Linda, your prayers are coveted. : )

It is so very true, we never get a busy signal with God. Oh how true it is...God has recently been showing me how He hears every little prayer and it truly is a beautiful thing! Lately it has been to the point where I have to just stop and praise Him for the great answers and encouragements.

I'm so glad you got a kick out of that little quote! I will always remember that day Terrence said that and if you could see the old beautiful church in person (I have blogged about it) it makes even more of a statement. That old church is something I miss, right now it's at a crossroads it seems. Breaks my heart.

You are loved, and you are so appreciated. Thank you for that encouraging comment, it warms the heart. ((((supertight hugs))))

Abbi said...

That is a great video. No, I do not like fake church!

I hope your little Giuseppe continues to heal. I really like his name.

Amelia said...

Helloooo Abbi! Yes, isn't that video great? I can't post it enough!

I'm glad you don't like fake church either! : ) May we *be* the real Church with a capital 'C'.

Giuseppe seems to be doing better and we are in awe.

So glad you stopped by Abbi, I had fun reading your comment.

Blessings to you!

Barbara said...

"Giuseppe" -- what an adorable name for your precious [elderly] pup. I'm so sorry he's not feeling well.

Amelia said...

Thank you Barbara, he's doing better now thank God. We were really concerned. He's a sweet little thing and is starting to get his bark back.