Thursday, September 14, 2017

Going to the Chapel! ...And Pics to Show it Too!

Well, this could be called The Wedding during Harvey but actually it is the wedding postponed one week after Harvey!

Wow.  The night before the wedding, Harvey came rolling in... It was the craziest thing ever.  Obviously the wedding was postponed and the next week worked and fell into place, it was interesting let me say!  : )

The florist was displaced in a hotel in the next town not even knowing if she would return to a home or not, the water from this storm was huge.  She is a precious friend of mine as I had gotten to know her during Michelle's wedding.  God bless you Sylvia.

So at the last minute, the groom's friends in his hometown made the most beautiful bouquets ever!  A precious, precious family.  And get this?   The bride who married the day before at this venue left her flower decorations so we could enjoy them too! 

Here are some pics I hope you will enjoy:

This is Marianna, our daughter and bride.   Rebecca, our youngest daughter and sister of the bride, and Lea driving, our daughter and sister of the bride as well!  Going to the chaaa-pel....!   Michelle was riding in with her husband after being displaced.  She and another bridesmaid were displaced but remembered to grab their bridesmaid dresses and accessories on the way out from being evacuated!  What a story!  It reminds me of the story of my Italian great-grandma fleeing her home in Naples, Italy with her bridal embroidery project in her hand as the volcano erupted! 


After arriving to the venue, Rebecca our artist daughter applies make-up to Marianna in the suite.  The feel of this photo that Rebecca Slater, our precious longtime friend and bridesmaid captured has such an ethereal look and feel I think...
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Sisters!   Baby sister, Rebecca and big sister Marianna.

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My 87 year old mother adjusting Michelle's corset back on the dresses as Michelle adjusts Lea's corset!  Talk about team effort!   Little Emmaline is here too, a little angel.  I recently had the pleasure of playing with this little angel in her playroom at her house, she had me take a 'nap' on the floor.  (so cute).  We also played with her stickers and I was quite honored to have stickers all over my dress, and I mean that.  God's heart is with these little ones.

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Michelle, our married daughter looking on while Lea and Rebecca are adjusting Marianna's veil.

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Pretty and sweet bride, Marianna.  Aren't the bouquets the groom's friends made beautiful?  The family is a large homeschooling family that served on the mission field.  Many of these friends drove far more then several hours away to come to James and Marianna's wedding.

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Isn't the Conservatory pretty?  The glass was shipped in from Europe.  You can see the bridesmaids: longtime friend; Rebecca Slater and sisters; Michelle, Rebecca and Lea.  The bride and groom.  After the ceremony the entire congregation there at the wedding sang:  Great is Thy Faithfulness

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Lea and Rebecca Slater.  Rebecca, now a mommy herself who I used to rock in the church nursery!  Emmaline our sweet flower girl angel is her little girl.  Rebecca took most of these beautiful photos.

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Lea, Marianna and James.  So happy!

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Presenting the bride and groom!  Marianna and James

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Our longtime friend, Cat caught this image on her way back from the wedding.  This tells the tale I think.
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I have more photos too taken by caring friends.  Perhaps I will share more in the future?

Well, everything turned out beautifully, the good Lord sure had His hand in this wedding.

We are resting now, trying to get used to a new-norm after all the whirlwinds.  Even during stressful times God is there working His hardest though we may not realize it at the time.

And by the way, if you would like to see what Harvey was LIKE in our area?  Click HERE 

I was able to see neighbor helping neighbor and it was a beautiful thing, the adversity seemed to bring out the best in people.  I learned that in our county people were told where animals were trapped that people were to cut the locks on the gates and let the creatures go.  I say Bravo on that! You can see in the link, cattle being led to safety.  Our area looked just like that.

In our daughter's subdivision, the levee was breached and people who stayed  behind got sandbags and worked night and day to repair the levee.  These people saved the entire neighborhood from flooding!   

Well I better run dear friends.  I will be fixing a pasta gravy with roasted yellow squash for supper tonight.  I am listening to the old 'Little Women' (1949)  movie, it's a sweet one.

I know that God is faithful. I know that He answers prayers, many times in ways I may not understand.   -Sheila Walsh


Linda said...

Amelia, what gorgeous photos!!! I am so happy everything turned out, dear friend. Love and hugs to you.

Amelia said...

Thank you Linda! : ) Yes, it was so nice in an old fashioned way the way friends pitched in. We knew those who attended really wanted to be there! : )

Hope all is well dear one, love and (((hugs))) Amelia

Barbara said...

All weddings are memorable, but THIS ONE, wow!

Thank you for sharing so many pictures. Your family is beautiful/handsome -- every one of them!

R's Rue said...


Amelia said...

Thank you Barbara! Yes, it was quite the adventure! : )

Amelia said...

Thank you Regine. : )

Abbi said...

The wedding looks lovely! Congratulations on gaining another son-in-law! I love the sweet modest dresses. The bouquet is beautiful!

Amelia said...

Thank you Abbi! Yes, I have another great son-in-law! So glad you like the dresses, I was very happy with them too. I felt so blessed and in awe of the great job the sweet family did on the bouquets and to think they had never done floral work before of this kind!