Friday, August 4, 2017

EDITED. A Worth Hearing Sermon and Thoughts - A Remembrance

Hello Dear Ones,

Thank you so much for the sweet and loving comments concerning my father.  I cannot tell you how much it blesses my heart.  

That's what it's all about isn't it?

I always think of what the Bible says about Love.  ...For without Love we are clanging symbols.  For me?  When I read blogs whose author writes of our Lord and then the author actually takes the time to comment and to care... That's what it's all about.  It's about loving not only in Word and words but in deed too.  I do believe there is a Remnant scattered throughout the world who are true blue.

Without one the other just isn't worth much is it?   Some ask me what Christian faith I am...I usually will thoughtfully say, I am a Christian, a follower of Christ.  I guess you could call me vertically straight up. Juris Naturalist.  Straight up to Christ.   Christ is my standard and plumb line.

Jem and I love to listen together in the car to a good sermon from on Sundays.  We have found doing this to be at present one of the best churches ever. 

Here is an excellent one that really hits the nail on the head by Zac Poonen. 

Here is the sermon, I think you too will enjoy it, it's an excellent sermon and that is why I'm taking the time to post it! : )

  I'll call it A Worth Hearing Sermon by Zac Poonen. 

EDIT 8.5.17    The reason that I enjoyed this sermon so very much is because Zac covered both problems in various churches and groups, both liberal and conservative.   We are veteran homeschoolers and have sat in and participated in teachings on a Godly Home.   Having said that, it is about the heart only!   We have visited churches seeking fellowship with other homeschoolers and because I have mascara and a hint of pink lipstick on, my daughters wear knee length skirts instead of ankle, we are in a way froze out.  And that is okay although I know it makes Christ weep, it becomes obvious God would not want us in that place.  We have visited other places where they are so very mod and aligned with the emerging culture that they have forgotten truth and perhaps they label me as 'rigid' because I love being a stay at home mom.  We also do not think it necessary  to be in a church several times a week as that tends to fragment the family and gives a false insurance policy instead of personal relationship with Christ.  Being in church three times a week does not guarantee a strong Christian. 

Enjoy!  I'm thinking many of you will say, wow, Amen to certain elements in that sermon!

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I loved this photo by Robert Stock.  It shows such love and contentment.  A rare thing these days as I'm sure you would agree.  This photo reminded me of my dad when he was a little boy with blonde wavy hair and his love for animals.  This dog looks like our dog named Minnie Pearl who my dad would bring to work with him.  One day Minnie Pearl ran into the street and was hit by a car.  My dad ran out into the road sitting down in the road, holding her and crying.  His friend, Harlan, a very sweet friend, a war vet guided traffic around my dad and Minnie Pearl.

Minnie had been a stray who my dad doctored up and he loved her with all his heart.  This photo really looks like the both of them!  I've never noticed this photo ever.  It must be for me today.  Perhaps that is my dad now with Minnie Pearl.

A middle aged invalid man I visit with at the nursing home tells me he was left for dead in a car accident (the accident is why he is in the home).  He shared that upon entering Heaven all of his precious dogs he had ever owned came to greet him.  Then he shared that he awoke to paramedics doing what they were supposed to do on this green earth to bring him back.  It's an account I won't forget. 

Many a day I look into the sweet creature's faces here at the Forest and they minister to me greatly.  Never underestimate or scoff at what our Father uses.  

"Ask the animals and they will teach you."   Job 12:7

For a wonderfully sweet and meaningful little book may I recommend:  Lessons from Lucy About Loving God
 by Wendy Murray Zoba, Illustrated by Carla Sonheim

The other week after Daddy died I went outside to the fig trees. (every Italian family has them!)  And it was so comforting to gather the figs and recite the complete Lord's prayer.  Many have forgotten there is such strength in our Lord's Prayer aside from our private conversations with God.  I just kept repeating the prayer over and over outloud, just me the birds and the trees under the beautiful clouds.  ...It gave me such comfort.  There is something about our Lord's Prayer. 
"My heart has heard You say, 'Come and talk with Me.'  And my heart responds, 'Lord I am coming."   Psalms 27:8
Good evening, loves,  blessings to you,   Amelia in the Forest
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Barbara said...

Your love for animals is a continual balm for reading, soothing rugged thoughts and putting mental woes back into a healthy perspective.

Amelia said...

Thank you Barbara so much.