Monday, February 20, 2017

Sewing and Designing my Wearable Art. Today. Thoughts.

“I will not buy any more fabric until I use up the stash I have at home,” I said. And then I laughed and laughed...


This is my latest sewing art design, a maxi skirt made with a wonderful cotton fabric called, A Day at the Museum.  I purchased the fabric where else but in the museum district?  I had been admiring it for over a year.  It was purchased from High Fashion Fabrics.  You can order online if you like.  I adore that store...Especially the huge, huge, huge room with retro ballet-pink wooden fixtures (the real deal, older-then-me fixtures I am thinking) in the huge room of totally wonderful and inspiring cotton fabric prints.  There are retro prints, modern prints, you name it.  I spent more on this fabric then I normally do but it was worth it on this.  (What is Christmas money for anyway?)   It took more fabric then usual because the print is one-way. 

 Elbee liked the fabric too.

"I will sit myself here as I enjoy the view," he says.

My pattern, a tried and true:  New Look 6843.

The simple "View 'A'" lengthened to a maxi length and widened waist band. I kept the same width at the bottom of the maxi, shaving off a bit at the sides.  I usually go by the finished measurements if the pattern manufacturer is gracious enough to print them!  : )  Usually they are on the pattern pieces if not on the envelope.  Warning:  The size will usually be two sizes larger then your store bought size, just eat the pride and go with it, right?   ; )

I just love the simplicity of a long maxi or midi A-line skirt with a simple knit top. It reminds me of that Mary Tyler Moore/Rhoda look.  Give me a print skirt with a modest but fitted black or navy knit top and I feel very comfortable.

I've always loved to draw since I was a wee little girl.  Since junior high I have been drawing people, designing clothes on paper, drawing girls in pretty dresses, and then portraits, fashion illustrations in high school. 

We can use our talents in a variety of ways in many seasons of life I have found.  In homeschooling, I had and still have a great time with my art in sewing and designing my own clothing.  My husband reminds me that creativity is of God.  God creates and loves it when we do too.  

There was and is always art of some kind going on in our home ..and musics.  Once in the suburbs a neighbor came over and let's say things were a bit undone....  She just smiled and said when I apologized... "You just have a liberal arts house!"  --  lol! 

Yes, we creative messies do have a knack for being a bit undone...I strive to declutter but many times things evolve into something similar like these guys have...

Einsteins Desk

 Einstein's desk.

Steve Jobs Desk   Steve Job's desk.

Creative clutter is more blessed than tidy idleness.  ; )

I'll close with some photos of our fur angels here at the Forest Cathedral.

Elbee... There you are, you little character....

 Becs captures the moment as well.

This is our precious little Guisseppe.  He is our little elder fur angel and blind.  He is much like a little child to care for... An angel.  The vet's assistant calls him, her baby.

 Muffie this evening, a heartbeat at my feet...

Charlie, his eyelashes are beautiful, and he is quite a character.  Sometimes I call him Carlos, the character from the comedy, My Man Godfrey (1936) since he is so dramatic.

  Gracie.  She loves the tiny bed.  She's quite a character too.

That is a sampling of our fur angels here at the Forest Menagerie that we care for. 

Today I watched   Penny Serenade  (1941)  while getting some things done.

I love this movie...I cried as if it were the first time I watched it...  I really enjoy any movie with Irene Dunne, Cary Grant, and Beulah Bondi in it.  Greatness.  It reminds me of my mom and dad in happy times years ago.  

This evening before dinner, I listened to this song by Fernando Ortega from upstairs, Mar was playing it.  It makes you want to just stop and contemplate life.

An evening walk here...

Sometimes it captures my heart...far away...beyond the sky, beyond all telling, our Father Himself will be our Light...   

Have a great week, loves,     Amelia at the Forest. 


Linda said...

Elbee is adorable, Amelia! And I love all the colours and patterns of the fabrics! I love movies and music from the 30's and 40's, and this is a wonderful movie! I just saw a war movie the other day and although I don't consider myself to be a fan of war movies, this one was very good...the music, everything! It is called The North Star and was done in 1943!

I love the dogs as well, Amelia. Your last photo is a perfect and beautiful ending to this post. Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope you are having a super week! :)

Amelia said...

Hi There Linda! I need to check into that movie you enjoyed the other day! I will have to look into Turner Classics and see if they are playing it soon, if not, maybe the library will have it. Thank you for suggesting it! I also adore the 30s and 40s, movies and music! Have you ever seen the Hollywood Canteen movie? It has all the old USO entertainers entertaining the soldiers back then. It even has Roy Rogers and Trigger, Roy sang and Trigger did a little dance! It's a very happy movie. : )

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the post Linda! Thanks so much for taking the time to come read and enjoy. And may you have a great week too! Blessings! : )

Barbara said...

Your blog post is like a little vacation, so pleasant and so needed. Thank you.

I like your idea of a knit top (modest, of course) with an A-line skirt. Your new skirt is cute.

Amelia said...

Hello Barbara! Oh so good to hear from you! : )

I'm so glad to hear that the post was an encouragement to you, that's what it's all about isn't it? Many times we give and many times we receive right?

Glad you liked the skirt, you may want to give this pattern a try, it's similar to the other one S4661 but has the zipper and button.

You take care now, I hope all is well. Bless you Barbara! <3

Marianna said...

Lovely post! I look forward to doing some sewing over the next few months, hopefully. Maybe I will have a little Elbee helper too. ;) Beautiful pics... I love that Fernando Ortega song too -- always so hopeful and soothing!

Amelia said...

Thank you our dear Marianna, hope you do, *do* some sewing! : ) And I had a little talk with Elbee and he said he would absolutely love-love-love to help you! ; ) *big smile*

xo mom