Thursday, February 2, 2017

PEACE, PICS, PETS, THOUGHTS and Us HUMANS at Home in the Forest

We do not need to search for heaven, over here or over there, in order to find our eternal Father.  In fact, we do not even need to speak out loud, for though we speak in the smallest whisper or the most fleeting thought, he is close enough to hear us.   -Teresa of Avila

I'm plodding along, trying to simplify and declutter.  In this way I can *see* a bit better!  The less I have to deal with the more I can *see* to minister to others whether it be an encouraging note or perhaps designing a simple Little Dress for Africa.   Here in the U.S. most of us with sense are rejoicing despite some most strange liberal and hostile activity. 

I for one think President Trump is doing an outstanding job and am so proud of his decisions of late.  I thank God for him, and I think it's God's grace and mercy that he is our President.


...I will tell everyday life with photos...

Going to Smalltown is a peaceful thing in the evening or anytime... Every day yields a different personality as the sky tells its story and shares its mood.

Jem and I eat at a cozy little restaurant for dinner situated in an old lumber warehouse as only Smalltown can do.  Smalltown in the rain.  Neat.

 At home.  You remember our resident new mommy, Gracie, our rescue hound?  She was near death last year at this time.  She is quite a personality now, all seventy pounds.  She is here with her new baby-kitty that she cares for, Elbee our now junior kitty, also recently rescued from the country road. Elbee is a white kitty as you may or may not see and he blends into the white quilt so you have to look closely, quietly so as to not scare them.. ; )

This expression is *so* Gracie...I see that glamorous Maybelline look, Gracie...You are quite glamorous, dear one.
I always say:  Ask the animals and they will teach you.    -Job

Evening walks in the Forest.

 The trees say:  See the art in me...  (from a Jars of Clay song)

 This photo reminds me of an old mysterious black and white movie, something perhaps like, 'Rebecca'  (1940) with Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine.

 As you may know Jem and I take little rides on occasion as we get the druthers.  Downtown, Midtown.  Just the cadence of those two words makes me want to do a dance. : )  Jem and I were born blocks away, delivered by the same doctor. 

Jem takes me to another part of town on the outskirts of town where his cousin lived.  His cousin's story is a neat one.  An anesthesiologist now.  The city is a dog lover's haven, I love that about it.

 I thought this photo should be in a book, something like the Humans of New York..Yes, something like that.  I think it speaks multitudes.  I was only able to quickly get a shot of half of it, in entirety it said Jesus Christ on both sides of the fence.  I love the older homes, they have the neat wooden porches and stuff.  I wonder what stories they could tell?

We get back to the country...and are glad; it's a bit like taking a deep relaxing breath.

Long evening shadows...

Reflection.  What do we reflect?  I hope we are kind and keep our plumb lines to God straight.

 Last but not least, Becs was in the kitchen cooking one of her healthy soups, and I thought this design on her cut cabbage was beautiful.  You can't improve on God's design. 

I'll close, friends.  A lot of quiet pondering going on here.  I found my cousin on facebook by her nickname of all things.  She resembles me.  Mar messaged her and enjoyed a brief message exchange, she was friendly enough, a self-proclaimed character.  I haven't heard from her though even though she shared she was always sad that she had not much family.  I do know now that my Uncle Wesley supported her even as a young man at 23 when he died after her mother and his divorce back then in the early 40s. I know that Uncle Wesley in his cowboy mode, not only slept under the stars on the West mansion grounds along side his friend, the black Cowboy Will but he attended Georgetown as well as Rice. My cousin told Mar her grandma would tell her, "He was a handsome rascal!" she wrote, lol with a heart emoticon. 

It's eerie the similarities...She is a conservative politically, also an only child, a fellow patriot like me but she claims Judaism as her faith, quotes the new testament as well as old and is interested in animal rescue and their well being. She majored in Art History.  She likes to write.  It came out that she loves and misses the country but lives in Uptown; she loved to ride horses she shared, as Mar shared Uncle Wesley had a beloved horse, Punkin'.

I am keeping things in God's hands since I have not heard from her, it is surprising since I know so much about her father besides the obvious.  We pray that God would open the proper doors if any and that's plenty enough for me.    For years I have tried to find her, now I have, I have done my part.  What happens next is completely up to God and there is such great peace in that. 

Why are you not on facebook Amelia?  ...Far too many bad witches (as Dorothy said).   My daughter, Mar tells me, Facebook would not be a good place for you.   ...And I believe her.

Closing with this old song I heard a radio speaker share most recently.  When in highschool I would listen to Carly Simon over and over again, just loved her. 

To promote her 1995 album 'Letters Never Sent', Carly surprised travelers through Grand Central Station with this unannounced concert. 

She is very tall, isn't she?   It always interests me as an artist, the various builds of people! : )

I hope everyone is doing well.  It's a foggy day here in the Forest.

Signing off for now,     Amelia

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Linda said...

Amelia, how lovely to see your post! Your photos are beautiful! And if looks as if we have a few things in common. I also love to declutter, it feels good and clears my heart and mind. And I also found a cousin a couple of weeks ago, and as a result, I have her and her three siblings now on my friend's list on Facebook! I had been looking for my cousins for many years and was able to finally locate some. These cousins live in Nova Scotia and I live in Quebec, so we are on different sides of Canada...and have never met! Our relation is via our respective fathers were brothers, both deceased. I think the internet is great to enable us to find good things and to locate family and friends. Your posts always brighten my day, dear Amelia. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

Amanda said...

Always so nice to come visit you Amelia! All the photos are your Forest Cathedral are quite dreamy.

Amelia said...

Hello Linda! Wow, that is wonderful that you were able to locate your long-lost cousins! You are so correct, the internet is a fantastic blessing in the way of locating people. I'm so glad my posts here brighten your day, I always enjoy your posts as well, they are so uplifting, touching and fun too. : )

Blessings to you dear Linda, your comments are so appreciated! Thank you for stopping by for a visit I always enjoy them!

Amelia said...

Hello There Amanda!

I am so glad to hear you liked the photos and enjoyed your visit here, I remembered always loving your photos as well. You are a blessing Amanda. : ) I hope all is well with you!

R's Rue said...


Amelia said...

Thank you so much Regine for taking the time to stop by and encourage! : )

Blessings to you!