Tuesday, May 31, 2016

'The Crumbling of the Church' ...Wow.

Much worth the listen and look, a bit over 4 minutes:

A Christian missionary was able to meet Ghandi...He asked Ghandi:  "Mr. Ghandi,  though you quote the words of Christ often, why does it appear that you so adamantly reject becoming His follower?"

Ghandi:  "Oh, I don't reject your Christ, I love your Christ, it's just that so many of you Christians are so unlike your Christ..."

No set of programs, no set of rituals can replace the Love of Christ...

True love is two pillars, Grace and Truth.

(as the video refers to)
Truth alone makes a person legalistic and self-righteous; conversely, grace alone becomes deception and moral compromise and anyone who disagrees with you is being judgemental and hateful.

Edit: 6.7.16  It's interesting, *real* Phariseeism can masquerade either in long skirts or faded jeans, both can be just as filled with pride and exclusion.  It can masquerade as tolerant or relevant calling *others* 'Pharisees' because the other party calls things out, out of a heart of grief.  They perhaps make fun of modesty, calling and labeling others rigid etc.  It can also masquerade as straight and narrow, perhaps calling names, labeling, sizing up and such with no love for others.  Oh how tricky the enemy is!   

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Here is the sermon Jem and I listened to on our way to "our Church in the park" last Sunday:

 A Bride Worthy of Christ’s Attention by Carter Conlon

Topic: Bride Of Christ

Description: Can you say that your life, devotion to God, love for His word and your kindness to other people has caught the eye of Jesus? Can you say you've been honest with God and you are dedicated to His purposes? In this last hour of time, let the Church of Jesus Christ cry out for boldness and ask God to do something so sovereign that everyone will see His mercy through our lives. We must cry out to God and ask Him to increase our testimony so it can be a virtuous bride who brings glory to the name of Jesus.


 Goodnight Loves,    ~Amelia in the Forest

Can you say that your life, devotion to God, love for His word and your kindness to other people has caught the eye of Jesus?   
 ~Carter Conlon


Lea said...

That is an excellent video... what a great reminder. So true. And I need to finish that Carter Conlon sermon... I started it but have yet to finish. Thank you for sharing... such hardcore truths rarely expressed these days.

Amelia said...

Thank you Lea. The video and sermon are refreshing aren't they? So glad you are enjoying them too!

Marianna said...

Many people call you "legalistic" even if you are not imposing your convictions on anyone else; it's just the simple "no, thank you" that offends enough to get that label so many times. But I really like the Carter Conlen quote, because if we've "caught the eye of Jesus," then we're doing a-okay! More than okay, we are blessed indeed! Great post! I'll have to bookmark that sermon on my phone to listen to on my way to work.

The Saxophone Player's Wife said...

I am so grateful for the ministry of Carter Conlon and Times Square Church. SO graeful for David WIlkerson, and the solid foundation of preaching the Word that he established there. Praise the Lord for His obedient servants.