Saturday, May 14, 2016

Precious Pics and 'A Child is Waiting' (1963)

A sweet pic from a few years ago of little Esther and Rebecca one morning.  Quiet time.  Is this not the most precious thing?   I miss little Esther and called Muffie, Esther the other morning. 

Guisseppe.  He is our elder dog at this time...he is almost totally blind, and this angel is needing much care these days.  

I thought some may enjoy seeing a sampling of our fur angels here:
Blog of Dec. 2012

May the Father be with you and minister to you all....   ~ Amelia at the Forest Cathedral  

ChildWaitingPoster.jpgP.S.  You may enjoy this movie:   A Child is Waiting (1963)  This movie has made an impression on my heart, although there are some light curse words in two instances. (God's name is not used in vain).  

It is unusual for me to recommend a movie with any cursing at all but this movie is very real and the couple of words said in anger, once (damn-it and hell) are what we may hear an uncle say at a holiday table.  One instance is where Burt Lancaster, the kind doctor is challenging a most arrogant, Dr. Lombardy.  (Lombardy deserves it by the way).  

These children are so very precious.  Burt Lancaster had a child that was mentally disabled thus this movie was very dear to his heart.  These movies from the early 60s such as To Kill a Mockingbird send an important social justice message.  ...A Christ-like message for all to take notice.  You can see many clips online of this poignant movie.


Barbara said...

"Fur angels" -- what a sweet way to describe them!

I continue to enjoy your blog posts.

Amelia said...

Thank you so much Barbara! : )