Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Here Ye Here Ye!!!!

Last week we were paralyzed with wedding planning, on an ongoing freight train so to speak!  Wowza.  One afternoon I lay on my bed in the sunlight cherishing the quiet and peace and I hear Delle laughing from the kitchen to her sis..."I heard Dad over the phone at the tux place..He was saying... 'This is RIDICULOUS!'"..  I lay there and smiled hugely.  Oh my.  Yeah...The tuxedo places just ain't what they used to be I tell you, they were overcharging my husband to the tune of $200.00 with no apologies...I think their attitude is what got his goat.  Understandably! 

We all got a real kick out of it, we immediately thought of this clip above!  I don't endorse this movie in entirety but this scene is hilarious to me...It's about how one feels as a wedding approaches.  Truly so. 

But Let me say...We are resting and re-cooping after a lovely wedding that glorified Christ. We are so happy with the wedding in this most beautiful cathedral (1910), it's the kind of church you walk in and your breath is taken away...One guest was heard saying in a hushed tone as the pipe organ played..and our precious friend played violin...This is incredible. 

May God be Glorified.

The freight train has abruptly stopped now.  My head is spinning and ya know?  I'm actually glad to see Christmas catalogs.  It's a sign of normalcy in a way.

Tonight I was able to see the clouds reflect in the pond at sunset, I was able to walk in the cool grass at dusk.  Beautiful. 

Here ye Here ye!  Tally-Ho and Away we Go! Delle and Josh our precious new son in love.

We had so many life-friends there who we love so much like real family and so many distant relatives who behave as a sister and brother to me.  We are so blessed.

More pics to come!

Good eve Loves,  Amelia at the Forest Cathedral.

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Abbi said...

I am so glad the wedding went well! I will be looking forward to more pictures. :-)

Barbara said...

Me, too! I look forward to more wedding pictures! It sounds like it was a complete success.

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

A sweet snap shot!

Cass Griffin said...

You are so blessed. I miss our "conversations" via the blog....I'm finding my way back....
God bless you and your growing family!! <3

Amelia said...

Ms. Cass. How in the world are you doing!!!???? : )

I do hope you will make your way back to blogging, I so miss the meaningful conversations and interactions! Come on back friend!

Love to you! ..And thanks so much for coming by! What a surprise! You blessed my heart!
xo Amelia