Thursday, May 7, 2015

Smile Into the Fear

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Sharing a video this morning of a most beautiful song that Jem, (hubs) and I have grown rather fond of lately, we listen to this song in the car on our dates, the words are so exact and encouraging to my heart...    Brave.

You want to run away and you say it can't be so...When you stand up and open your hand...

In the face of what I don't understand...

a reason to be brave..

We love music, I've played in the past, and Jem is a musician besides being a real estate broker in oldtown...  In our home, music is a big deal.

This is such a great season of life.  Life!   But then when I see my dad and how his health is going...his choices...   I must face what I don't understand.  ... A reason to be brave.  Hold on ...Time carries on...

I hope you too are blessed by this fantastic's an old one but just as new to my heart today.

I love the symphony in this video, it gives me such a rush.  ....The female musician with the big blonde curly hair is so great.  I'm wearing my hair big and curly these days.   Putting on my Stevie Nicks. : )   I like it, it's natural and it's me I'm finding... It's a nice feeling I do believe.

The composer in the video..He is composing with such fervor, such preciseness...such care.   He reminds me of our Father, the Director of our Lives.  The musicians watch His every move...  His every quake and expression.  

Heard an interview of Josh Groban the other afternoon, did you know he was bullied in school?  He seemed quite humble actually in this interview, I'm glad I was able to see and hear it, he was not mister perfect at all, just a nice guy attractive in his imperfections and realness.

The other morning I was praying, so worn out from a long wearing drive to visit my father in rehab.  I was sitting on the Father's lap so to speak and He reminded me of the little, sweet books I would read when I was a wee little girl as an only child, my quiet life, listening to the birds outside of my bedroom...the beautiful watercolor paintings in the books...and the Father reminded me...

You are still that Child to me...   I see it all....   I will take care of things.   Don't you worry.  
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Oh those words have helped me immensely!


People will always let us down but the Father won't.

In the meantime, I am enjoying planning this wonderful wedding for our daughter and *adorable* son-in-love.    Wow.  What a blessing this crossing of paths is.

I've always remembered the scripture in Isaiah that says in (my words)   The people will stand back and say:

"Look what God has done!"

And truly when I see these two young lives meeting, I say... Look what God has done!

I read this quote this morning on my kitchen flip calendar:

"Every day we live is a priceless gift of God, loaded with possibilities to learn something new, to gain fresh insights."
   ~Dale Evans Rogers

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So many insights, everyday is loaded with them.  : )

God will whisper if we will listen and *hear*...   Isn't that right?

Have a sweet day Loves,    ~Amelia, the veteran homeschool mom, getting to know myself and God even more so in my 50s.   The Last Child in the Woods...


Unknown said...

Hello Dear Amelia!
I just had to pop in and check on you and I loved reading this post. I can't wait to listen to the Josh Grobin song you posted, and I had no idea he was bullied. He has always seemed very humble to me, and oh, so talented! I wanted to let you know that I have moved my blog back to blogger and just did my first post there today, for Mother's Day. I hope you'll pop in for a visit! I will probably be doing quite a bit more blogging and would love to connect with you more often. Love and (((hugs))), dear friend!

Amelia said...

Oh how great to see one of my precious xanga sister-friend-sweethearts here to visit!

I so miss those xanga days full of fellowship. : )

I have visited and followed your blog... you will see my comment. I so enjoyed it!

So glad you took the time to let me know you are back in town so to speak...

xo amelia

Unknown said...

I have missed those days too, Amelia. It saddens me how difficult it is to get bloggers to engage with one another now.
I just found this comment! I'm re-learning blogger and I'm just a tad bit slow. I'm so glad we are still in touch, dear friend!
(((Hugs))) and love to you! I found your comment on my post and I was so excited to hear from you. I did reply to it. I am finding a newly ignited joy in blogging again. I love it and I'm hoping to make some friends in the blogging world again. <3
blessings to you, Amelia!

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

OH, I like Josh's songs! I use to have his songs connected to my blog but some how all the music from my blog disappeared.

I am hoping your father is doing better. Has he been doing well being in rehab and just in general with being sick?

I am excited that you are getting a great son-in-love! So sweet that she found a Godly man! They look so adorable together.

I bet pinterest has been a source of wedding ideas lately!

Amelia said...

Jana, Yes, it saddens me too. What has happend to all of us? Has fb taken over to that extent that people will not take the time to stop by a blog from time to time? It blows my mind what people are attracted to. It reminds me of junior high so many times!

love to you dear friend, amelia

Amelia said...

Hi Carmen,

Oh please pray for my dad, he took another fall last week. Michelle and Josh went to visit him yesterday, he was funny and humorous but Michelle relays, weary, down and out not to mention under the unfluence of pain meds, and vulnerable to a staff that may not be so great there. He's a chipper kind of guy but she could tell...

Yes, our new son-in-love is a huge encouragement! : )

love to you.

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Oh, I am so sorry, Mrs. Amelia. I will certainly pray for him. Another fall? oh my. Please keep me updated on him.