Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Wonderment of Ordinary Days...

Took this shot of Michelle the other morning..I rather like shots like this, they are candid and capture real life.  Like the flurry of all four of our daughters in the kitchen or Rebecca running to the car...That's what life is made of, not posed.  I hope our life is not posed!  Far too many posers these days in life wouldn't you agree?

Nothing wrong with posed shots, don't get me wrong but to me?  The real life shots are much more interesting, capturing Gifts.  Gifts.  The morning sun on hair, the enchanting young lady gracefully running towards the woods in ballet flats to the car as she cradles a book over her head to protect from the mist...fanciful.

These are some very candid shots from the other morning...Michelle grabbing some breakfast before leaving for her nanny job, the morning light was pretty upon her hair...Just her agility of balancing on the arm of the couch...neat. So Michelle.

Do you remember what I had written a couple of blogs ago on Rebecca's sweet concerns about not being able to afford any Christmas gifts for us?  It reminded me of Chrstina Rossetti's poem, 'What Shall I Give Him'... I encouraged Rebecca to make some little thoughtful love-filled gifts if she so desired from things we already had here...we as a family love Rebecca...We don't need a gift. Rebecca is our gift, we are each others' Gifts!  Jesus wouldn't want her to feel like that either, Baby Jesus was lain on hay in a manger.  Sometimes...oh sometimes it makes me sad what Christmas has turned into.  I love it but not the bondage the world has made it into in these days we now live.

Below is what she put together and I thought they were the sweetest things ever!  She made one little animal for each of us, the menagerie here is of some of our fur angels!...She made them from a soft yarn and vintage rhinestone eyes with vintage pearls.  Years ago our family, pioneers in a small waterfront town had a souvenier shop at their resort, my mom and a grandmother would make beautiful costume jewelry that was carefully placed in a showcase...It was classic 1950s all the way. The business had been established in 1920. Once in a blue moon someone of the older generation will wistfully tell of a wonderful place they would visit on the weekends...Yes, it was our family resort.  It was written in the city paper that the entire place should have been encased in glass and placed in the Smithsonian. They were right.

Rebecca's Menagerie..I am saving them safely in a crisp white box cozy in the pretty green, soft tissue paper for next Christmas....Marianna and I found a small natural-looking little tree at Dollar General on clearance for around a dollar and next year we will hang them on their own special little tree in our kitchen. These things make us happy, down to the pretty green tissue. Do you see the one with the yellow eyes on the right?  That is "Howdy" our male kitty..he has yellow eyes, he is an infp personality like me. : )

So today I am sipping on pecan coffee, yes I treated myself to a fine cup o' coffee of the most delicious variety...It's bright and sunny outside and I'm praying for the folks up north with the freezing weather they are suffering through.  I pray for them and the poor animals up there.  God help them, and God give people wisdom and mercy on their animals and any poor little strays or farm animals.

I'm listening to a new cd I just purchased and we are enjoying it: for a Rainy Day I have been intrigued by Erik Satie's Gymnopedie. I found this cd that not only opens with all three movements but continues with a good sampling of other beautiful music by other composers and pieces including Claire de' Lune.  Such pretty music...

Tonight for supper?  I'm not sure yet, I found a couple of heads of cauliflower that have been trimmed.  Marianna picked them up at a tiny town small grocery on clearance, so proud of my girls finding these deals on foods for our home...I may slice the cauliflower in thick slices and bake them with olive oil, it is delicious like that.  They are called, Cauliflower Steaks.  I make it with a vegan brown gravy and mashed potatoes and green veggie.  It's delicous.  

Guisseppe is doing well, his eye is still healing.  He did bump into a chair yesterday and re-injured it a bit, it scared me.  I will be so very thankful when all stitches and plastics are removed from this baby's eye. 

Well that concludes my blog for today. ; )  I enjoy writing and I think it's nice for everyone to glean and see into each others' homes here on God's green-earth.

Take care All, God bless all who read here, I appreciate you!

Thanks for sharing coffee with me here at the Forest Cathedral.   Love, Amelia

All that some people know about God is what they see in our lives.   Millie Stamm


Lea said...

Been catching up a little here... it's been really nice to read your thoughts and things you've been sharing here. I love your caring heart, Mom. I love you.

Amelia said...

Awww.... Thank you Lea. Your comment means the world to me.
Love you, xxxooo ~Mom : )

Barbara said...

This is such a beautiful blog post (as yours always are). I am interested in the Cauliflower Steak. I've never heard of preparing it that way. I have copied it down for future use. Blessings to you.

Amelia said...

Hey there Barbara! Thank you so much Barbara, I really appreciate your kind encouragement, so glad you were blessed.

I do think you'll like the cauliflower steaks (sometimes pieces)! lol

I use the vegan gravy mix from vitacost, it's gluten free too. Or you can make your own with brown rice flour and onion. Actually the cauliflower can stand on it's own-pretty much.: ) I like to round it out for supper etc. with the gravy for a main dish.

Abbi said...

Your pictures are pretty!
What fun little animals Rebecca made!

Amelia said...

Thank you Abbi! The little animals really are sweet. : ) Thanks so much for the follow too! Bless you!