Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Salt of the Earth

You know you're near a rural area, or what once was one when you pull up to the vet's parking lot ...and you see this beautiful sampling of God's creatures waiting for X-rays to be developed...

Yesterday morning started out like the day before...beautiful sunshine.  It's the kind of sunshine day that is made of the stuff my wee little girl years were made of...the times when our sidewalk to the steel garage was dyed pink with large white stones set in...Very 50ish.  My mother's flower beds, a mimosa tree...Days of me and mama going to the Dairy Palms, a little drive in place for maybe an ice cream soda or something like that...Never could get the name of that little drive-in as a little girl.  But these days remind me of those days.  Yes, those days.  Those days of the early 60s...

Yesterday as I was saying, Michelle and I pull up to the old shopping center where our beloved vet resides...The storefront looks much like the early 60s by the way...There are painted doggies and kitties in the window, remember how stores used to do that?

I'm holding our little Guisseppe in my arms in a polka-dot fleece blanket, his eye still in stitches as they are trying their darndest to save his eye.  Enter Michelle and I.  I see an older cowboy sitting in the chair, black western shirt on, jeans, boots, cowboy hat in hand.

"Is that your horse out there?"

"Yep, and I've got 16 more back home"

"That is sooo cool!"

I'm shocked at myself. I sure was chipper and awfully inquisitive in my little infp introvert self with those extrovert tendencies jumping up and down saying Let me out!  Let me out!  You know you are a showboat, come on gal!  Yeah...some of that's true it is.  Days of ballet and solos...days of modeling a coat set and hat worthy of Shirley Temple at a Kodel fashion show as a little girl with full little legs ...No Twiggy here.. No sirrie bobbie.  ...And if I allow my infp personality to move into full force, ...the whirlpool of thoughts of this moment..I would tell you about the king and queen from the play at the modeling gig in downtown, The Emperor's New Clothes, the play would intersperse between the little models years ago...I remember being on the huge stage-elevator as we went down to the dressing rooms, the king and queen actor and actress in all of their beautiful and ornate finery, incredibly realistic costumes that looked like they stepped out of a Rennaisance painting..they with their cosmetically made up faces, kindly looking down upon me taking rather good care of the little brunette girl... me.  Amelia from Seabrook.  My smalltown newspaper put a little photo of me in the paper back then...I was called:  Little Miss Amelia. I half laugh with affection back then...It was sweet.  ...Well, you just experienced a run-on thought from the infp girl, Amelia, also the last child in the woods.  ; )  It's the way my mind a Russian doll, one inside thought that leads to another...Did you know C. S. Lewis was the infp personality type too?  The various types of personalities are so interesting I think...I better stop before my thoughts go elsewhere once again.
loading ...   -Robert Stock

Back to yesterday...God is moving as we are in that waiting room, I just had the best time with that cowboy.  He at one time was a redhead I could tell, his voice like Burl Ives.  This guy was a classic, this man was also a fixture of the entire area; I find out he's probably worth quite a bit, he tells of his acres (I immediately recognize it as a well developed high dollar area)...He tells me he worked on the historical ranch near us when he was young, the very ranch our property runs to the back of...He tells me he knows Cody, our local cowboy here.  Yep, Cody has been on our property on his horse looking for his cow...I ran out in my calico skirt one summer day...

 Who are you?!

Poor Cody took it in stride just saying.. I'm Cody.  I felt ashamed, but he scared me!  My girls were horrified at me being horrified...yeah...   What is a mom supposed to do when a cowboy riding his horse tromps through our property?

The older cowboy tells me Cody is a great guy, he's ran horses all the way to Oklahoma.  He tells me Dr. H, our vet was a rodeo clown, and clowned all the way through vet school... Yeah I say....I know a young man like that too.  He always wanted to be a rodeo clown, loves being a rodeo clown but has had to quit to be an eye surgeon..guys like that have to save their hands don't ya know..   Ya know?  I think all of these guys are the salt of the earth..   

Rodeos? I'm not so sure about them anymore anyhow if you think about the humanity of it ... That's another blog.

The older cowboy tells me... Well if you see Cody, you just tell him, Buddy Heartly said Hey...I was even more intrigued...the last name is the name an exit from a local freeway.  If you were to see him, you would not think much.  The salt of the earth.  Usually the Salt of the Earth is like that...we don't notice at first.  It doesn't come with glitz and glamor and is sometimes overlooked.

These people are the salt of the earth...

Am I?

I hope so at least to others like Buddy.  He was to me.  The vets at this clinic are the same...Vets who want to help, who love animals, no white coats...This clinic has all the heavenly signs of creative the place... I so admire these folks. Salt of the Earth.

The vet's office was amused with the laughter and conversation of the hysterical woman who yelled at poor Cody.. and so was I. Amused.  I think even Guisseppe our little dog was amused as well as Michelle...

On the way out?  I ask...

Where's the ladies room?  

Oh I'm sorry, you can't use the ladies room...Dr. H is in there looking at the X-rays...

The salt of the earth.

So. Great.

Those are the sunshiny days of life...may we be the salt of the earth... Yeah.. let's loosen up and say no to stuff that doesn't matter.  If we say no to stuff that doesn't matter we'll have time to mosie and notice.  If we loosen our desires for material things, new, latest clothes etc. then what is inside is what will show...I'm learning the more simple my life, the more I can be who I really am, who God wants me to be even more.

Let's be the salt of the earth.  Be Jesus on to others... with interest and a loving heart for others...Sometimes it's hard, maybe we are needing interest too...Just give when ya see, see and give, give and *see*.   You say you are not a sensitive person?  Pray to be sensitive with the eyes of Christ...

Pray for Guisseppe please, his eye needs healing.  I'm praying and treating, treating and praying.

Thanks!   -Amelia that little Seabrook girl...

Thanks so much for reading here...the musings of Amelia, sometimes encouragements, sometimes thoughts, sometimes sharings...I sure hope you enjoy and are blessed.  The same moon that is shining on me, why it shines on you too.

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