Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mrs. Amelia's Daybook

I thought I would treat myself to a daybook today...These are nice I think.

Outside my window...It's a nice day here, breezy, green, sunny.

I am thinking...That I'm a little worn out today so I will just chill a bit. I'm also thinking and am thankful for some confirmations on simplifying my life in some ways, the Lord showing me quite matter-of-factly one particular way in simplifying some online things. Yay God!  I'm also praying for my oldest daughter that she would have divine guidance.

I am thankful...For a husband who has been faithful and a strong spiritual leader.  We've been married for almost 33 years and we have so much fun, whether it's taking a drive into a little town to pick up a lawn mower or whatever, in our middle years we are having a sweet life together.  Through thick and thin we get each other now more than then, do we always agree? Most of the time, but the key is we have learned how to disagree agreeably for the mostpart when we do disagree. : )  We love our life in the country and I love seeing hubs outside the window when he gets home; gets out of his loafers and throws those old jeans on hopping on his tractor.  That makes me happy.  Thanks be to God for all the great things He has done!  Our four sweet daughters who love Jesus too, that is a big thing to be thankful for! : )

In the kitchen...Right now there is nothing really, just remnants from Memorial Day and a lonely little pan soaking from some scrambled eggs I just made myself.

I am wearing...a white vneck ladies Hanes tshirt top I purchased from walmart.com (I really like those tshirts, you can pair them with skirts too, they also come in scoop neck and those are nice as well).  The price is right at $4. (And it is so nice to be able to order dog food, paper towels, laundry detergent delivered to my door!) I'm also wearing some capris out of a cheerful tiny plaid of peachie pink/white...kind of retro I think.  I purchased those from ebay and they are a blessing!  I have my hair back in a low ponytail. 

I am creating... simple napkins I throw in the wash with my dishtowels, I've noticed the paper napkins are a bit pricey and we go through those like crazy.  I just cut squares out of material remnants I already have...I pink the edges and zig-zag.  Just simple little cloth squares or rectangles, from 6 to 12 inches across, I toss them in a large bowl or basket unfolded for our family to take as needed.  I made a bunch of them so it's cost effective to wash.

I am going...Probably nowhere today, but later this eve perhaps a datenight with my husband!

I am learning... To trust the Lord more and more.  To simplify by giving even more clothing to bless others, especially when I like other things I have better.

Around the house... Delle and Becs are cleaning the above ground pool. Marianna and Lea are getting loose ends tied up in their business deals, Mar also rejoicing over a scholarship for court reporting...and a small matter smoothed over for her court reporting class by the Dean of students. (talk about favor from the Lord!) PTL  The wash is going, black berries are being picked throughout the day.  We have a new little adopted doglet Mar brought home, this poor baby girl puppy dog was dumped in a neighborhood and we will take care of her.  We are still thanking God  for Sweetie and the most precious reminder of God's Healing Power even in what some would consider small. 

I am pondering...  Churches. Churches.  *sigh* We visited a church Sunday and the music hurt my ears, the preacher used a pg13 movie to illustrate part of his sermon : ( and worship leaders were wearing jean type pants including the pastor's wife.  I looked at the sweet older, elderly ladies who've attended the church for years and their sweet dresses...I thought to myself sadly...These sweet people deserve so much better, just so very much better.  On the other hand we can go to churches where they dress nice, respectfully and the music doesn't hurt my ears but people won't talk much.... 

A favorite quote for today...
"Much of what is sacred is hidden in the ordinary, everyday moments of our lives.  To see something of the sacred in those moments takes slowing down so we can live our lives more reflectively."     Ken Gire

One of my favorite things...Old retro homes, old things like old WWII USO centers....I try to imagine what went on there...the parties, the entertainment.  Settings from "It's a Wonderful Life" and WWII soldiers.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Grocery store, more gentle decluttering.  What books to start on next.  Listening to the Lord...taking care of, treating our new doglet...taking Becs to drive and enjoying our buddy times.

A peek into my Sunday...

Oh George...I just love that old house...
 ~It's a Wonderful Life

Me, after church service we traveled to USO-town and ate, then we crossed the street to this wonderful old home.   I love this place...It's a huge woodframe home with many original furnishings scattered here and there. 
Hubs and I spying a green material couch I would love to have...It's simple and has pretty lines. The kitchen not only has one porcelain rolling cart like the one my mom gave me...but three of them!  The great room in the back with the green couch and piano is huge-huge-huge!  It's almost ballroom sized...tall french doors open to other rooms, including that kitchen.  And from the massive tall ceiling hangs one single huge ..tiffany style lamp. It's not tiny pieces of glass but one solid piece with swirls of color in it...Simple design but lovely.  This is a homie place...Just like what we see in old 40s movies but my suspicions are this home is much older from seeing the iron beds and the old ticking mattresses. 

 This is just the side of the old home...

Me again in front of the dark mysterious underground cellar, concrete steps lead down below...Soooo neat.

I have other pics of this place too that I'll have to share another day.

I hope you all are having a nice week, thanks for joining me in day to day life here.

I used prompts from The Simple Woman's Daybook it looks like a nice opportunity for fun and fellowship.: )

Thanks so much to all who read here, you are a blessing to me.    Love,  ~Amelia


Cinnamon said...

It's always fun to peek into a life. Thank you for sharing.

Love the old house. So neat all the things you can find in them!

Our home was built in the late 1897. It's very old. It looks it too! haha!

When we moved into our old house the basement was filled with those old blue canning jars. After a good washing they were ready to use. So pretty.


Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

I enjoy reading your daybook entry, Mrs. Amelia.

We attended a church for a bit that wore very casual clothes. I grew up with the Pastor and the Pastor's wife. They told me I was over dressed all the time. So, much so she bought me sweat pants! (giggle) can you see me wearing sweat pants? (heehee!)

I adore old homes! Such lovely pictures of you in front of them too!

What a lovely blessing you sent forth in your words toward your husband! Sweet.

Will you be posting a picture of you new little dog?