Thursday, December 6, 2012

So Pretty Here in the Autumn. Touching Bases this Wonderful Christmas Season

The long shadows of Autumn....Hubs and I love to take a late afternoon evening walk.  The doglet?  That is little Muffie, he is a darling and he thinks he is ten feet tall when it comes to protecting our family. : )   Now really Ms. Amelia? Tennis shoes with your skirt?  Oh dahlin, anything goes here.  And I think it's neat. Why not?  You have to do what you have to do-s.

Have a sweet December day everyone.  I'm listening to instrumental Christmas music, the tree is outside ready to be put up. Mar-Mar had to ride home with it IN her car!!!  HA!  I think that is SO funny!  She said she just made the most of it and turned up the Christmas music!  The grocery store now has a policy of not putting trees on top of cars.  Oh well.

It's been so very hectic lately, Becs had her beautful homeschool graduation party, twinkle lights hanging from trees, homemade Italian food and the works.  It was soooo sweet. So Rebecca.  We decided to wait until autumn to provide that fanciful atmosphere. : )

Michelle was in the ER and that has thrown a huge nervousness in our home. She had 7. Yes 7 kidney stones, one blocking so if any of you are familiar with kidney stones you know the ordeal.  Oh my, I sat in that ER with fever myself watching our daughter suffer.  Horrible and I pray this never happens again.  The one blocking has passed and we are treating her for the rest so prayerfull they will dissolve.  Thanks be to God.

Love to All,  Whoever may come across this page.  Jesus is our Savior and Lord. May we worship Him and remember His humble, so sweet. amelia

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