Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Sweet Girls & Fur Angels

This is Rebecca and one of our little kittens, Mo-Mo in a quiet contemplative mood...We remember animals were in the stable that Holy Night when our Savior was born...

Esther, quietly watching the Christmas happenings....Esther is such a sweet girl, sometimes she grunts like a little piggy and we affectionately call her "Esther the pig" : ) Our daughter, Delle had seven kidney stones and was in the ER, when Delle came home Esther never left her side for over a week.

Mo-Mo....Aha! She discovers "light"!

Below we have big sister, Li-Li, our oldest, with babynsister, Becs, our youngest, using her artistic photography skills to capture this sweet moment...Mo-Mo fell asleep on the lights for an hour or so...She loved the warmth.
This is sweet little Giuseppe, he is an older gentleman and a sweetheart. We found him quite lost one day....Perhaps he found us? We love him. He is a blessing and his sweet little face will convict us if we get into a funk of sorts... : )

Evening time here...Time to wind down now...

We have more sweet pets too, but this will do for now?  They are our fur angels and I guess there are certain days you could call me, Doctor Doolittle or perhaps St. Francis of the countryside?  Whether you see me as either it doesn't quite matter...I know what a joy these fur babies bring as I'm sure you would probably agree. : )  They are gifts to our little family from God.

Sleepy time....  Howdy & Mo-Mo the two kitten babies. Isn't this sweet the way Howdy takes care of his sister, Mo-Mo?  Howdy is our shy little kitten guy... unless he is with Mo-Mo of course. : )  What a sweet little bond.

I love quiet time in these quiet days before Christmas....He is the Prince of Peace. I want to be still and relish that Peace.  Jesus, our Savior.

Love, Amelia

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