Friday, December 7, 2012

Our Junior Kitten Ellie & The New Babies ; )

(above) This is Ellie, our daughters rescued her from a country road. She is so sweet and has grown into a big girl now since this picture was taken the beginning of fall. 

And these two are our newest additions. Aren't they darling?  Meet Howdy and Mo-Mo. : )  They are affectionately called the 'bad little babies' because the little animated brother and sister are into everything!  They are bigger now but still very much kittens. We were just saying that the Chipmunk Christmas song could be them singing, quite a cute brother and sister duo.

 Marilla our rescued once-kitten is the proud mama.  Marilla is a good mommy to the kittens too.  Soooo sweet.

I thought I'd share our newest little additions. God's little creatures.... We love them. 

Have a sweet day in Jesus to All!  I hope you are enjoying lots of Christmas music.    ~amelia


Mary said...

Oh, they sure are precious.

Amelia said...

Thank you Elllie!