Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Muffie's take on things and Saturday Fun, Memories...

I think Muffie misses Delle, he snuggled under her black dress here on my bed...I had washed the dress when I saw it left in the laundry room, it had looked so pitiful left all alone and unwashed crumpled up by it's lonesome in an insignificant little laundry basket. It looked so sad! So I washed it and had it hanging in my room on a dresser drawer handle. Dh had placed the dress on the bed so Muffie playfully snuggled under it. So cute...(I think Muffie is wondering where Mar Mar and Delle are) Mar and Delle are in China teaching English this month, we miss them dearly and our mommy, daddy and sister prayers are as you can imagine...strong and feeling at this time.

Last weekend, Li Li, Dh and I went to Midtown and had a ball. Becs wasn't feeling so great so she was home watching a Hallmark movie.

Here is a colorful collection from our outing in Midtown I will share here...

The Hobbit Cafe! Dh.

The restaurant is situated in an old house amidst trees...so neat.

Li Li, this pic isn't the greatest of her we all agree but her eyes are so sparkly here, we were all having so much fun!


This was soooooo good! A black bean burger, so flaky, a lot like i make at home. Those fries....Bravissimo! Can I say an Italian word for French fries? But they were just that good! ; ) I'm being silly...

Me, love this black cotton skirt with a simple t belted. This skirt is great for sitting down on a picnic blanket at the outdoor theatre. Cool and flowie, stains? No worries there with a dark color.

Then off we go in the traffic to the outdoor theatre! beep beep! Hubs is a pro...he's a city guy originally and knows it like the back of his hand.

To town!!!

We love the look of the old Sears store. I'm thinking from the 40s? It's still open and one day I would like to go inside.

The museum district..love this old Methodist church. Several beautiful churches here.

See this statue? My dad climbed up to the top with his college buddies with a ladder. There assignment? To do a plaster of paris of the horse. Enough said on that... : ) But let's say the police back then all gathered around most amused.

The beautiful fountain at the turn around...The doc who delivered Mar Mar? His office overlooked this fountain. I still remember the dark blue velvet curtains with dingle balls on them. : ) Kind of foo-foo? (too foo-foo?)

Yay! The Miller! This is such a neat outdoor theatre. We're Heeeere!!!! A great place to just go and sit or roll down the hill if you get the druthers...A great place to walk doggies and all that good stuff. Pretty and green, very near the museums. My mother attended art school in the surrounding area.

Huge fans up above at the Miller...

The sides by the covered seating...Yes it really IS outdoors!

It was great, no sitting on the ground this time. We were able to sit under the pavilion in real seats! We saw the musical "Yankee Doodle Dandee" and may I say it was EXCELLENT. The quality and props were unbelievable...The end reminded me of a Turner Classics commercial with the wonderful effects as they showed many different musical characters..one by one... quietly, silently and almost ghostly walking and gingerly dancing around on stage as they showed how many musicals were influenced by George Cohan. Beautiful.

Ticker tape at intermission... So great.

The theatre and zoo is by the medical center, a city within a city; throughout the musical you could hear lifeflight helicopters more than several times landing and taking off. Clearly a matter for prayers when I hear that. My midwife who delivered Becs had been a lifeflight nurse at one time.

After the musical I tried to catch a shot of the beautiful buildings nearby lit up with changing glowing colors.

We stopped on the way home for ice cream. Me? Iced tea fit the bill. Dh was in quite a comedian mood so he definitely kept us entertained. : )

Then home sweet home under the stars with the cowboys. The Forest Cathedral. : ) It's great to be home under the stars again.

The next morning...Little Muffie? Here he is safe and sound on Hubby's shoe during home church. Isn't this sweet?

He's thinking....

"Come on home Mar-Mar, Come on home...Delle...We miss you so...."

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