Friday, July 20, 2012

Amazing Nursing Home Visit and Amazing Friends, Guess Who Came to Dinner?

Yesterday away we went to the nursing home...Neat morning sun over the fields peeping over those beautiful clouds...

My Buddy, is he not a cutie pie? He doesn't see well in one eye, doesn't hear well bless his heart... and whenever I pop in his room in the morning he's making his bed with the one hand he is able to use and he's in a wheelchair. It's convicting to me. So precious.

"Hey Buddy!!!" I say! He looks up and says... "Heeeeayyyyyy!"

We kiss each other on the cheek, "Muah!"

This guy has the sweetest spirit ever...

This is our new friend...He's a minister of the gospel and is just precious. After we sang with the residents and prayed, a sweet lady, the one who prophesied to me one visit thanked our group. Afterwards this darling gentleman turned his wheelchair around and started exhorting and encouraging the other residents....We were in awe. It was such a beautiful thing. He tells them something to the effect of...

"I too have had a stroke, we can keep our eyes on Jesus, we have to press on..."

It was like something you would see in a Hallmark movie.

Bless his heart, he was crying in the photo, he's had cancer and has had a kidney removed...He was so darling. He and I had fun talking politics and Bible stuff. : ) He was so sweet about two of our girls in China too. That is a blessing. He was very interested in their trip.

This is Li-Li and Howard. Remember Howard? He's here and was even joking around a bit. The hospice nurse had just left.

Please pray for all of these residents

A wonderful nursing home visit.


Look Wh0 Came to Dinner!

Dh at the right head of the table and Tim at the other. See the four doglets? They are waiting for some "extras". : )

This is one precious family. They came to visit us before the girls left for China; they had come in from California to visit their grandma. I love this family. It was so great to be able to joke around and laugh-laugh-laugh with friends who are kindred spirits. Becs did manage a family photo shoot for them although it was very wet outside with thunderstorms, the husband is an artist for the Gallo company, just a very kind and humble man. Sheri is so nice and easy to talk with...I laugh at her jokes and she laughs at mine too. : ) She and her boys tell tales of the black hole she calls her sewing and mending pile... I tell her in a secretive whispered voice... "I have a stash and dash room" and she quickly snaps into a similar serious faced mode and whispers quickly like a spy... "I bet you do". ; )

I thought this shot looked so very Italian in a way...Just family. It really felt like family. The Body of Christ. Delle took this pic. We were eating my Grandma Oddo's pasta gravy and the works. The fragrance of my Grandma and Grandpa Oddo's home wafted through our home that night...I think they too would have been laughing with us if they were to be here.


This morning as I was in prayer on the front porch, it was a precious time, the Lord and I. Blue cardinals and the beautiful pink rose bushes Mar planted. Autumn-like breezes ....So the Lord.

And...I was able to talk to our girls in China over the phone! Tears came to my eyes, the first time we had an audible conversation in three weeks. Thank you Jesus.

Thanks so much for prayers, life is so odd but God's not odd, He is faithful. : ) So much to be thankful for. Today has been a sweet day. It's been just Becs and I. She's a little chatter box...a rarity. I have her all to myself today. I cherish it. Major.

Tonight for supper? Pasta gravy is on the menu. Grandma would be proud... I thought of my grandma and grandpa this morning as I prayed and I wondered what in the world they would think on some things....

Love to all, ~Amelia


Unknown said...

It looks like you always have fun whenever you visit nursing homes, Amelia. And I can't blame you. There are lots of things that you can learn by just hanging around with the elderly. Their experiences are enough to teach you a lesson that you could never have in schools.

Vonda @Amber Care

Amelia said...

Thank you so much Vonda for taking the time to stop by and your most encouraging thoughts coming my way! : )

Yes, those saints are such a blessing, I just love sitting with them and hearing their wonderful true to life stories, they are treasures.

Please come by again, your comment is a blessing to me! ~Amelia