Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Journey, An Update for Future Generations

As some of you may know two of our daughters flew into China to teach English to highschoolers there...It's been a strange week or two as you may imagine.

Day before yesterday was the dreaded airport day. A very emotional day. I know this; I was not alone in my feelings from hearing about other parents, and spouses as well. The airport scene was interesting...I have a chipper shell of sorts -at times...Maybe I'm delirious who knows? I'm also exhausted emotionally. I hear of another mom realizing the temporary absence from her two young people as she bought only one bag of bread buns instead of two at the store chatting with the understanding lady next to her on the bakery aisle of this most shocking change in her household... I can see myself doing the same! : )

Things like this immobilize me at times, all the packing and preparing etc. Fear of the unknown. Some of you get me on these times I feel an instinct to freeze. I must freeze and pray. My energies are poured into prayers at times like this. Sometimes I'm not that strong...I can be a real case. I'm cautious by nature but my trust in God is childlike and that carries me through life. It does. The older I get the more I need Christ's strength. Many things at play here of course.

A song that keeps before me is "How Beautiful" by Twila Paris. You can see it on my Pinterest if you wish under favorite music. It so adequately frames the entire scenario here. Perfect. God has allowed it to play over the radio that day too....He sure knows what He is doing.

As my husband and I left the airport yesterday, we looked at each other...We agree... This is what it's all about. Other things said too I'll try to share at another time.


Yesterday morning the phone rings...
Ring-a-dinga ...... Ring -a -dinga.....

It's my dad!

Me: Hey Daddy.

Daddy: Hey, I can't get in touch with your mom.

Me: She's okay, I talked to her yesterday evening. Do you have her number right? (He can't see well)

Daddy: Oh Okay. Tell her to call me. How are the GIRLS? I'm trying to track their plane route!

It was so cute, he used to love-love-love to fly. Really love to fly, it was his hobby and he was what you could call a gifted pilot. He was also a practical joker in his flying as well. (another blog) He was also asked to do a secret mission in the 60s back when which he refused. (yet another blog!).

It was a special blessing this particular morning. He amazed me. My dad is 82 and you don't know how refreshing it is for me to hear him talking about the different flight routes to China and the special names for the routes. He tells me how the norm is to stop in Hawaii for fuel. Visions of the 60s and my handsome daddy. So very Americana. So thankful my dad is still sharp as a tack.

He tells me he's firing his yardman because he's a nut. (an understatement).

He tells me he's upset about Judge Roberts. (me too!) We ALL are! And we agree on Herman Caine being OUTSTANDING on Hannity the other day.

He tells me before he hangs up:
Hey, say the Psalms 91 for those girls.

Yes Daddy I will. Always.


Following are some pics I will share with you that tell the mood:

A beautiful old church on the way home from the airport in Midtown. This is right smack dab in an affluent part of the city. Beautiful grounds surrounded by trees. This was taken in a moving car.

One of my favorite skirts I've made, a go-to skirt for sure. I pair it with a black belted t. Works great for days like this.

The sky fit the mood. (I reiterate, these are all taken as we were moving in the car)

A sight for sore eyes... Our little friend above.

The moooooon..... As said by Donna Reed to Jimmy Stewart...

Had to get out and get this shot while dh was filling up so you could see how large the moon really was.

The moon over our home as we pull up...lovely reflection in the pond.

That day:

Before we left...Noticing the cross.

Mar telling Muffie goodbye...She rescued him from a busy street several years ago...He is our smallest wee lil doglet baby. He was so nervous upon seeing the suitcases (he knows what suitcases mean) and became ill that day. These animals are very sensitive little creatures from God.

The aftermath of packing and weighing etc. Even my little Victorian lady looks a little woeful here...

Our girls. Becs. Li Li, Delle & Mar - A recent shot. Pray for our girls, Mar & Delle in China, Li Li and Becs are holding down the fort.

And that's the wrap til the next update...

Love to All, ~amelia

P.S. Dh told Byron that the girls were leaving to teach overseas for a bit. He says if they pull any funny business with our girls over there he'd go get'em. Byron's a tough senior soldier from the 60s. I believe him. : )

P.S.S. We watched "Pride of the Marines" with John Garfield. Oh what a fantastic old 40s movie! You must see it! They show a beautiful scene of his fiance praying. Hope to put a blog up on thats-italian soon about it... Great-great patriotic WWII movie.


Mary said...

I taught English when we were stationed in Korea. It was fun. I wish them well.

Jane B. Gaddy said...

Dear Amelia,
I had to come over and get my fix! I have been negligent of my dear friend lately and I have missed you and Marianna. Have been steeped in ISAAC'S HOUSE book signings and doing a bit of traveling to get that done, another trip to Mississippi coming up in August. I know you are so proud of your girls. Can't wait to hear what they will accomplish in China. While your corner of the world seems empty, just think of the blessing you have planted on the other side of the world, for they are their Mama extended and they will take all the great things you've taught them. The Lord is good that way! And so many other ways. "Whom have I in heaven but thee and there is none upon earth that I desire besides thee"—I think that's how it goes. Love that. I was so happy to read your words tonight. They always bless me. Know that you are loved from afar, here in Trinity, FLA, USA. Take care and God bless you, my dear friend. Jane BG

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

OH this was such a blessing to read as well! I am glad you shared how the day went. You captured the emotions so vividly.

I love the cross.Thank the Lord. He goes with us. I know they will have such a great time teaching English and oh the pictures and stories of precious people they will see and meet.

How sweet of your Daddy to track the flight. We have "Eye to the Sky" moments all the time here too! Being a pilot, (once a pilot always a pilot) it sure doesn't surprise me that he would do that! I know it touched you to know he was thinking of them.

I am going to pray for you to have an extra special dose of peace. And, an abundance of joy with the girls who are busy at home.


Amelia said...

Hi Ellie!

Thank you! : ) Amelia

Amelia said...


Thanks so much for coming by friend! You are quite a busy gal with your book signings? You live quite an eventful life! : )

Thanks so much for taking the time to come on over to say hello. I think of you often!

God bless you too Jane, and thanks again for coming by.

Oh, yes btw...It is so true. I have thought of that very thing you shared. Our children are part of us and spreading the fruit so to speak!

So many reports I'm receiving already. The children tell Mar that she is pretty like a movie star and her eyes are big! *smile*

So darling...

Until the next time, I know you too are spreading Christ with your end of the country! That is great!

Hugs! Amelia

Amelia said...

Oh Carmen, Thanks so much for those prayers! I covet them!

Love to you, will be writing I hope soon, ~Mrs. Amelia