Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good Friday Through Now...

Oh I feel like a pretty theme should be playing...the theme to Anne of Green Gables...

Well friends, it's been a slow run so to speak...Good Friday the Lord sent us a surprise though. : ) Hubby and I arrived at the property to see our good friend, David there starting on the slab. Oh my, talk about a lovely Good Friday gift from God!

Through rainy days and stormy days, physical and spiritual alike the slab has been poured...I'm a little battle weary but I am trying to fixate on the Lord Jesus and hang on to Him for strength. It almost reminds me of the same battle I faced in the mind and soul when deciding to homeschool.

Here are some photos to share with you on our slab.

As we entered the property this particular day, I felt as though the trees beaconed to me...Literally it seemed the trees were waving us in as they swayed in the breeze...

This is smiling David. What a great help he is and a fellow follower of Christ. My hubby had taken this particular day from work, so he didn't have time for his typical work clothes.

At a distance, from my view... I have a little picnic table I sit at, I've been reading To Kill a Mockingbird and Reminisce magazines... I read little snippets of them at a time, just taking my time and enjoying them.

David and hubby, David sharing on how things are being done.

Hubby and David on another fine day, you can see things picking up...

David's workmen there helping with this operation... David made it a point to let us know the other men were also Christians.

And of course you'll see David and his great crew helping.

And a video from Monday...The slab is poured, just look at all the concrete trucks coming in!
I wasn't able to be there so hubby took this great video..You'll see our friend, Joe, we call him Joe-Joe. My hubby calls him.... "JOE-JO-O-O-E!" (as only guys can do) ; )

Joe and his wife are old friends of ours. We used to attend church together, they brought me a beautiful layette and house plant when I had our first baby over 27 years ago. It's amazing how friends and people will come in and out of our lives...Some float to the top as the real thing and others sadly seem to whither away... Life is funny like that...Sometimes people sadly discard others, that is always very hard for me to understand, but then again...Sometimes when we look back in retrospect it's God's protection many times.

I hope you are all doing well, the battle of the thoughts have been intense lately. I think any decision we make that is a huge blessing in our lives is a battle of sorts. Excitement and fears....I feel myself almost thinking... But Lord, there are giants and grasshoppers there! Once again, I think about the decision to homeschool 20 years ago and the birth center decision, they were not easy decisions. I had to hang on to the Lord totally.

Oh me oh my, this last child in the woods is going to look back and think...What was the question?

(Last child is smiling)

Prayers are appreciated. I do hope to update sooner, the problem is with obtaining pics. I'll be so feeling a blog filled with feelings and emotions and pics. I don't have my own camera so you can imagine sharing a camera with four daughters and a husband.

I hope you all are doing well, prayers are always, always appreciated. Thank you so much for taking the time to come by!



Jane B. Gaddy said...

You little precious one! This is so exciting, but I understand your feelings... "The battle of thoughts have been intense lately..." You said it so poignantly. You know, God wants us to have the good and perfect gifts, for he alone gives those, but the Enemy of our souls seeks to have first dibs on the frontal lobe of our brains. You have a wonderful support group... your godly husband and four daughters. Press on!

Amelia, thank you for reading my stuff. Pray for me if you have a moment. I'm writing life story for an Englishman. (I have several blogs from the manuscript, which you may have seen.) The way it came about is amazing. He needs Christian influence in his life and he's seeking that. His life has been so complicated, but the Lord is revealing himself to "Gibbo" in remarkable ways.

I'll be anxious to watch as "Green Gables" go up! I could be just a tad jealous of you sitting amongst the trees at your little picnic table, reading "To Kill A Mockingbird."

The Lord bless you and give you lots of strength and energy.

In His love...

Amelia said...

Dear Jane,

Thank you so much, you are a blessing to me! This comment had put such a smile on my face that day. My prayers are with you and I look forward to your updates too! : )

Love, ~Amelia