Thursday, May 27, 2010

All Kinds of Ruckus! : )

"Perhaps the child within her had something to do with this. She was aware of a feeling of kinship with the earth; an illusion of splendour, of fulfilment."

~So Big by Edna Ferber, Pulitzer Prize winning novel from 1924

I have here an original copy from that very year the Lord blessed me with. I found the old, old copy at a very, very reasonable price after being intrigued by the 1953 version movie a few weeks ago.

What can I say but I can't believe how fast this operation has been moving!...One day Hubs and I arrived and there were over a dozen workmen like bees working on the home there...Oh my. Hammers flying, men carrying wood sheets on their backs, men tossing tools back and forth between the first and second floor! Mexican music playing that sounded something like a tuba playing oom-pa-pa and a polka spanish style! It was cute, those men work hard and every now and then they break out into a song together singing with the music... The new tradesman on the job is my husband's friend who officed above him, JT, a Christian. JT came here and learned the English language within two years and now is supervisor. The American success story.

Oh me oh my, it's awfully hard to make any kind of decisions when you tip toe into the house and all the ruckus is going ons....Hammers going, wood being thrown down over head, nails scattered, men peering down through the beams. (A bit scary not to mention unsettling)

And ya know, JT has different has something to do with "code". ; ) He is used to going by code and conventionality in these blasted subdivisions. Code is weird. Code is strange. Conventionality is a pain when I just plain disagree with it. And code was written by a man I say. ; ) They usually see things very black and white, yep, it's that "code" thing. ; )

"Conventionality" will tell JT things like all windows on one wall of the house must be divided, all windows on the other side are undivided so thus we women have two different kinds of windows in a corner room, one divided and one not. Poo-poo-poo. But it is conventional. It is "correct". Oh well, I will not become exasperated on that, it will work.... I suppose (said in a Winnie the Pooh voice)... I will also pray about these little things. I know it's not the most important thing and I try not to ever be picky-Eunice. I have a huge pet peeve with women who over detail everything driving their families nutty. But there is just something about the artist and highly sensitive person in me, that I look at the windows from within, and the conventionality of a builder looks at them from the outside... Such is life dear ones, such is life.

You see, our dearest JT had his men install the windows and my soft hearted hubs just will not tell JT to move the windows around...It's that "code".... It's that conventionality ... I'll be good though and trust and rest and husheth... I know this. God will either change it, change hearts, whether it be mine or someone else. : )

We had a fun time Sunday eve...My baby Rebecca and I, she is now 16 picked blackberries, and Rebecca and Marianna our 24 year old rode on the riding mower...great to see.

I should say here that the area is unique. There are different kinds of people from various walks of life, several urban police, not to mention a retired United States General. All kinds of folks, just all kinds.

In the middle of our mower riding and berry picking, up drives a....mud caked pick-up coming across our property. It's the boys from the family who leases our grass covered property for their cattle.

Out pops 3 big boys. Big boys with shorts coupled with leather cowboy boots. They were spitting a lot ya know. (I'll explain later) ; ) They were sweet I must admit. The biggest boy, Joe, wanted us to hop in the back of their pick-up to go meet their parents. I grinned and told them I didn't think my pinched nerve in my back would like that too much but we would be glad to take our own car down to meet his parents. It was hilarious. You would have to be there, our four daughters were...speechless and amused in a good natured way.

So we eventually end up traveling on down the road, (me in ridiculously baggie drawstring denim capris) to meet their dad. He looked something of a mountain man from the Missouri hills, and for me that's kind of a neat thing, I love those parts of Missourri. He reminded me of a Santa Clause in blue jeans if you will? He had a sweet spirit about him, then the mom came out and as a mom myself I could not help but notice that she smiled so sweetly at our four daughters. Kindness framed the woman's face. The man and his wife are actually well to do from what I've heard and are buying up much of the acreage around the area. Not a curse word was heard from any of them.

"I wonder why they spit so much?"

When we were returning home back to the burbs I asked hubs why the boys spit so very much and how I was so glad they spit out the windows of our home and not on the slab.

Hubs told me the boys had snuff in their mouths...And so did their mom. I laughed and I laughed when I heard that! It just seemed so funny to me!

(big smile)

Here is a movie clip that reminds me very much of our adventures... The Egg and I (1947) with Claudette Colbert and Fred McMurray. Enjoy!

Me, Hubs, Michelle 20, Lea 27, Marianna 24, Rebecca 16 at a recent daytrip, hope to get more country pics up soon. Perhaps I can snatch some from the girls! : )

“By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.” ~Hebrews 11:8

"I can press forward by faith or I can analyze the situation until I am paralyzed by uncertainty."

Wonderful reminders to me at such an uncanny time as only our Lord is caring enough to send at such perfect times. From Family Christian Wisdom Hunter devotionals via email.

Thanks so much dear ones who may read this, please pray. I also pray for all who come across this as well, and thank you so much for the dear comment(s). You don't know what it means to this heart.

You see...I believe God uses His children to speak to us too. : ) Sara Groves said something to this effect...

Some may ask where is God, when we should be asking, where are His children?

Hope to update soon. My two oldest daughters are making cannolis in the kitchen...I need a cannoli I do believe, what a treat indeed. : )

Love to all,
~Amelia ...that Last Child in the Woods.


Cass Griffin said...

So wonderful to hear that there's hammers swinging and wood going up!! Oh my goodness about the mother chewing snuff!!!! Wowzers. :) At least you'll not be at a loss on what to get the family for Christmas? Personalized spitoons. LOL ;)
Hugs and Love to you and the fam. Can't wait to see pics of the "Cathedral" :)

Amelia said...

Thank you so much Casandra! : )

Yes, the snuff thing was just so hilarious to us! Especially when hubs thought the Mrs. had it too! Oh my!!!

It's a very interesting area, there are police there who work in the huge city, dentists, even a retired US Army General. And the mountain man family who probably has more money than anyone! LOL We're scratching our heads on the hundreds of acres the man is buying! What a mystery! And Mr. Black, the old time rancher who sold us our property? His daughter works in NY and flies in on the weekend, that family has tons of acres, probably one of the original families who came to our state in the 1800s...They dig ponds and such like it is a big game. My eyes and ears are quite entertained...Wish you were here, (there) ; )

Scary times but hubs feels this is the way to go...I love the beauty and God's handiwork there...I feel such excitement at time coupled with fear of the unknown, you would never know we lived there for ten years. Your encouragement is hugely appreciated and valued dear one.

Love, Amelia

Jane B. Gaddy said...


I want to see this place one day! Because... when you're writing, I think I'm there. I love that you call it "The Cathedral." The throne! We approach IT with boldness to "find help in the time of need." You appropriately named it!God has blessed you and made you to "sit in heavenly places in Christ Jesus." You are richly blessed with the most beautiful family. From the looks on the faces... a "grace-filled" bunch! Bless you all!

Amelia said...

Awww.... Jane! So good to see you here! How in the world are you?

I'll be so glad to post pic soon, so hoping to snatch some up from those gals. ; )

Thank you so much Jane, and thank you so much for the godly encouragment. So glad you are there too not only in the physical realm through writing but in the spiritual realm a well through prayers and encouragement. : )

So happy to hear you feel as though you are really there, I try to just talk here as if I'm sitting over coffee or tea with friends. I'm trusting God to send brothers and sisters in Christ as yourself to come along side. What a blessing!

Thank you so much Jane, yes, we all love Jesus. He is truly our All, our Sustenance as I know you too feel.

So glad to have friends here on blogspot who also love Jesus our precious Savior too..In these days we are living in, it's not taken for granted.

Love, ~Amelia

Unknown said...

Oh! I've been laughing and giggling!!! My Babe wants to know what's so funny - he chuckled to at the snuff - Oh me ( I've secretly desired to have such 'original stock' type neighbors! ) I love Ma and Pa Kettle, the Egg and I is hilarious!!!

And the conventional building stuff - I just reminded myself from time to time, "it can't be perfect - that's only for Heaven - if I were buying an neat old farmhouse there'd be things I'd have to make do about, at least I won't have to deal with old-house upkeep - I'll have a fresh new house to keep : )"

Gail said...

It's GREAT to see an update on the cathedral! And even though the windows weren't done the way you'd like, I'm sure you'll fill the house with love and details that YOU love! As you said, "It can't be perfect"...I've had to settle for not having the room placement of my add on the way I drew it 'cuz our man didn't give my idea the time of day; he was so mean. But I am thrilled with all the light coming in the windows, and the fact that it loks pretty in here. Not exactly "me", but pretty. We're actually considering selling or renting it out once we get the older part fixed up and cleaned up. (SO much to talk about, my friend!) I will check on your blogspot again soon! Invisible hugs to you from me!

Gail said...

Woops!As Eva said, It can't be perfect! Oh, and we have "code" here, too. So much of the old part of our house is not in code. Bye now!