Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hurry and Wait?

Here is hubby on his great find and deal on this John Deere mower, "Old Yeller" at our property....We also have a very, very old 40s tractor we affectionately have named "Alvin" from Sargent Alvin York if you look at the below entry pics. You can see the lumber waiting to frame the slab, prayerfully this Saturday!

This is our daughter, Michelle, 20. She came with us this most gorgeous sunny Sunday! My other three daughters were just plumb tuckered out from a wedding two of them were in...Michelle dons her famous pink polka-dot boots! Mine are black with multi-colored dots. You can see Esther our adorable li'l party poodle here. Green Acres is the place to be!

Well it looks like this may be the week that David our sweet foundation man will be able to frame the slab. We are so blessed to have found a Christian foundation man and framer as well... They have been so kind to help us find wood etc. A couple of weeks ago when David delivered the wood it was a dark, dark blustery stormy day, almost surreal as he and my husband climbed aboard his truck feverishly trying to unload the lumber before the storm hit. I stood there thinking....Oh my, this would happen to us, a major storm rolling in! The sky was the color of ink behind the bright green trees in bloom.

As they threw the last bit of lumber off the truck, Sam jumped off and David got in the truck and drove off as we all waved, the storm immediately rocked and rolled on in and rain came down...Our four doglets and I were in a tizzy but at the same time I was slightly amused...It was the kind of feeling I had when I was in labor with my baby Rebecca, and as I looked down as I hung on to the chief midwife, I noticed her socked feet... with several holes in her socks! I could see her bright red toenail showing through the sock! lol I thought it was a bit of a George Bailey moment when he said, "Leave it to me to have an angel without wings!" I thought, "Leave it to me to have a midwife delivering my baby with holes in her socks!" lol I can't complain though, that team of midwives saved my baby's life because if you read the previous entry you will see I had gone into premature labor and it was the midwives the Lord led me to visit during that fourth month of pregnancy who caught the premature labor and saved my baby's life.

This homestead is almost like expecting not to mention labor in a way. I'll be posting about it all as developments occur. We are prayerfully awaiting the framing of the slab this week. Hope to have some pics.

Right now, our daughter, Marianna, 24 is teaching "Vessels of Honor" here in our home. A lovely group of young ladies come in to our home and Marianna teaches them Bible and a homemaking skill. Today she will be teaching the young ladies how to make newspaper peet pots and how to plant seedlings in them. I have basil seeds saved up.

Tonight for supper will be Chicken Enchilada Soup, as my handy-dandy crockpot is put to work.

I sit here in the quiet of my room, thanking God for His many blessings. The birds singing here in the suburbs....Young women being taught the Bible right here in our home. My little doglets at my side here. Sweetness.

If you run across this most personal blog of mine I trust you will pray for our family as we journey back to our home in the country as we live day to day unto the Lord.


Jane B. Gaddy said...

Amelia, this is so precious. You write like I want to live, just up close and comfortable in the arms of the Savior. You and your daughters are beautiful, and when I saw Michelle in her little pink polka dot wellies, I just had to write a word and say thanks for sharing your heart and "sweetness." Journal on, my dear sister.


Amelia said...

Thank you so much Jane. Thank you so much for your treasured words. They were right on time... A true gift from the Lord this Sunday.